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Donald Trump’s Race-Baiting of the Hour


What a guy:

NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin Nykea Aldridge was fatally shot Friday pushing a child in a stroller in a Chicago.

Less than 24 hours later, Donald Trump said her death was evidence that African-Americans will vote for him in November.

As always, there are ways in which Trump’s bluntness is relatively unusual. But the underlying idea — African-Americans will leave the DEMOCRAT PARTY PLANTATION because BLACK-ON-BLACK VIOLENCE is not exactly rare in Republican circles.

In other Trump news, this picture of the doctor who wandered out of a Paul Thomas Anderson movie to to take 5 minutes writing up a report declaring Trump the healthiest presidential candidate in the history of history itself is the sole redeeming factor of his campaign:


Above: the Cuervo Gold, the fine Colombian, make tonight a wonderful thing

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  • DW

    I was thinking more Wes Anderson than Paul Thomas Anderson; you just know that this guy is Royal Tenenbaum’s personal physician.

    • keta

      I was thinking more Peter Sellers as Dr. Pratt from The Wrong Box.

      • sparks

        I can see that doctor absentmindedly looking for paperwork and pulling a kitten out of a drawer.

    • Maybe Poul Anderson ?

    • jeer9

      The Dude, if he’d been able to get through medical school.

      “I’m just tryin to pay the bills, man. Trump’s a dick, yeah, I get that, but he’s regular, he doesn’t stiff me like he does his other contractors, and sometimes for his yearly check-ups he doesn’t even bother to come in which is kinda sweet. My office can’t discriminate just ’cause he’s a fascist pig, Walter. That’s what the Hippo… the Hippo … whatever’s all about.”

      • Exactly this. I looked at it and thought, “the Dude abides”.

        • daves09

          Look at the thumbs. The secrets in the his hands.
          Trump said *find me the doc. with the tiniest hands in NY, because,you know, small.

        • William Berry

          I can see this.

          My first thought was the older Eric Roberts.

      • efgoldman

        The Dude, if he’d been able to get through medical school.

        He did get thru med school. This one.

      • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

        Seems fitting that the Rodney Dangerfield presidential candidate would use Dr. Dude.

    • Just_Dropping_By

      Dammit, I came here to say, “You mean, Wes Anderson, right?” Oh well, at least someone covered that.

    • Sly
      • You got it. My first thought was the Dude but then I was thinking which doctor in which ST series was it?

    • apogean

      This is clearly an image of Brent Spiner’s Dr. Brakish Okun from Independence Day

      • Zackly!

        Hey, did someone mention Brent Spiner? His ex-wife types:

        CHRONOLOGY of Gail Chord’s life:

        +Gabrielle Chana is Gail Chord’s pen name. Loree McBride is the wife of the Jesuit clone of actor Brent Spiner. The real Brent Spiner has had no willing and knowing sex with this publicist and has never, ever desired her. While Brent desired Gail every day (1990 to now), Jesuits stole Brent’s semen and then used this semen to impregnate (or implant it into) Loree without sex. From 1992 to now, Loree threatens death to Gail if Brent won’t cooperate with her desire for publicity as Brent’s sexual partner, if Brent won’t play her game.

        via Wonkette. Haven’t read it all (& it’s long) but it may get even better.

        • Halloween Jack

          Brent Spiner has never even met this woman. You could consider her to be the most extreme of the “Spiner Femmes”, i.e. the female fans of Brent Spiner that were mentioned in the docco Trekkies, but even the Spiner Femme who was interviewed for the film never took it beyond gazing in the general direction of Spiner’s house to center herself or something like that. Something tells me that the closest that Gail has to a relationship with Spiner is a restraining order taken out by him.

      • Oh god, yes, that’s the one exactly. For some reason I’d thought it was his ST:TNG Dr. Noonien Soong but it just didn’t feel right.

    • LosGatosCA

      The one that gets Trump his YOOGE Viagra pills.

  • Cheerful

    Amazing the extent to which Republicans refuse to grapple with the idea that one of the factors involved in black on black violence is terrible policing. And terrible policing has been a bipartisan project for many years. It’s only recent that the Democrats, more than the Republicans, have taken it on as an issue. I don’t recall Bush’s Department of Justice investigating and then suing local police departments, but perhaps I missed an example along the way.

    • ThrottleJockey

      And terrible policing has been a bipartisan project for many years.

      Word to the mother.

      But in Chicago its been strictly Democratic.

      • PhoenixRising

        How familiar are you with Illinois Republicans?

        It’s easy to say ‘Democrats run Chicago’. What’s a bit more complicated to speculate about is, how would a majority-minority city with virtually all of the state’s poor people in it be policed if it were run by a party that is openly racist?

        I mean, recognizing (as we must) that in order for that counterfactual to occur, the criminalization of poverty and melanin would have to be stepped up to make the electorate in Cook County substantially whiter than it is now?

        • I hate Illinois Republicans.

        • ThrottleJockey

          How familiar are you with the Illinois State House and Michael Madigan?

          You might make this argument in, say, NY where the GOP is a bit more powerful, but IL Dems have been running IL, especially Chicago, for the better part of 2 decades.

          Neither can you make this argument in, say, California, where the Dems have run the show since Pete Wilson left town.

          To fix the problem we have to recognize the bipartisan nature of it. It ain’t gonna fix itself.

          • Halloween Jack

            I know Illinois politics pretty well, and PhoenixRising has the better sense of it–if it was all down to the Democrat-controlled state legislature, then it wouldn’t matter if the governor was Bruce Rauner, Rod Blagojevich, or John Cusack. Instead, we have a state that is being methodically run into the ground by Rauner, who literally does not seem to care about anything but tax cuts, at the expense of having a state that works.

      • JL

        That seems pretty accurate from what I can tell, if only because Republicans don’t have a lot of political power there. Look at Rahm, and various mayors before him.

        Edited to add: I wonder what the party breakdown of actual Chicago cops is? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out either that they were mostly Dems or mostly GOP.

        • wjts

          Exceedingly anecdotal evidence suggests the latter.

    • ThrottleJockey

      You can say this for Trump, at least he’s timely. The ChiTrib had an interesting report on the last 6 years of police shootings. The money quote, to my mind, is provided the FOP. Finally they admit they shoot first and ask questions later:

      “As a police officer, you don’t wait for the shot to come in your direction,” Dean Angelo Sr., president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, told the Tribune recently about the database findings. “You might not get a chance to return fire.”

      But to borrow a phrase from my brotha, we might have to “interrogate” the extent to which racism drives police shootings vs simple indifference or, perhaps, even simple police strategy because white officers are less likely to be involved in shootings than black or Latino officers:

      No officer has fired at citizens more during the time period examined by the Tribune than Tracey Williams, an African-American tactical [plain clothes] officer with nearly a decade on the job.

      Over five years, Williams fired her gun five different times in various neighborhoods throughout the city…Each time, she fired at a black male.

      [Ontario] Billups, 30, was sitting in an idling minivan with two friends in the 8100 block of South Ashland Avenue when Williams and her partner pulled up in an unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe, according to IPRA records.

      In a statement she later gave to investigators, Williams said the car looked suspicious so she shined a spotlight into the van and ordered the occupants to show their hands. She was running up to the passenger side of the vehicle with her gun drawn when she said she saw Billups with a “dark object” in his hand.

      “He turns,” Williams said. “As he’s turning towards me quickly his hand is coming out quickly with this dark object. I immediately fire a shot.”

      Billups was shot once in the chest and died. The dark object turned out to be a bag of marijuana. Even though Billups was unarmed, Williams defended her use of force in her interview with IPRA investigators.

      “His actions led to my actions,” she said. “He put me in that position.”

      Shorter Billups: The nigga made me do it.

      • mpowell

        If white/black/hispanic officers are all substantially more likely to shoot black people because of stereotypes regarding the likelihood of violence (which in the broadest terms is statistically correct), that’s still racist, right?

        • ThrottleJockey

          Do you really think most black cops are racist against black people? I’ve known several and I don’t think so.

          To my mind indifference, anger management issues, a bully complex, authoritarianism, plain clothes policing, and even cowardice are much bigger issues…in Chicago. In Mississippi racism may be the primary culprit.

          It’s easy to blame racism for bad policing but I’ve thought that was simplistic for decades now.

          I once knew a black cop who bragged about punching a man so hard he broke his own hand. Sadly, he was then policing schools… So, yeah, there’s lots of factors other than racism.

      • Brien Jackson

        It’s really awesome how cops can create dangerous situations and then use your predictable response to some messed up shit to justify killing you.

        • ThrottleJockey

          Yep, that’s a key point. I believe in Chicago that plain clothes officers are responsible for a plurality of shootings.

          Also, regardless of whether someone moves their hands, unless that person is found to have a gun or knife the cop should be held responsible for killing them… Actually people even have the right to carry guns now so even that situation isn’t really justifiable anymore.

  • N__B

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, can you trust a doctor running Windows XP?

    • malraux

      Literally no. As in its a violation of hippa to run XP.

      But to that point, is the Doctor even talking about Trump in this interview not a hippa violation?

      • It’s not a violation if he has Trump’s permission.

        I’m more interested in what’s on the screen. Practices really bad about updating their software, etc. But letting someone take a picture of the files on your screen is unnecessarily dumb.

        • N__B

          We all know what can happen when a picture gets into the wrong hands.

        • Murc

          Those may or may not be files, they might just be shortcuts. I can see a ton of Chrome icons there and unless the dude actually has a need for that many identical instances of Chrome (you can never find Chrome when you’re angry!) they probably all launch different web sites or web apps.

        • malraux

          Does this seem like a guy who got permission to do an interview from trump? Does trump seem like the kind of guy to grant permission for the press to interview his doctor?

          • I should have read the story first. He talks about the wording in a letter that had already been released to the public, so he would not need Trump’s permission.

        • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

          But letting someone take a picture of the files on your screen is unnecessarily dumb.

          From the article:

          After some raised questions online about the security of Bornstein’s older Windows operating system seen in the interview, his wife who works in the office said Windows XP is not used for patient records and “we have no medical records online.

      • PhoenixRising

        Whereas the flatly nutty assertion that Hillary’s health is questionable based on her doctor having committed a HIPAA violation by talking to this mug about it…I just can’t find the words for how crazy the interview is.

        Board of Licensing will want to discuss with Dr. B whether he’d prefer to admit that is a lie or see the other doc’s lawyers in court.

        It’s tough to win a defamation of character case, but one set of facts that I think malpractice insurance won’t cover is asserting that a fellow professional committed a misdemeanor and possibly a couple of federal felonies (HIPAA has some penalties built in, but if her doctor had discussed her medical condition with anyone I think there are other causes of action that carry more serious penalties).

        • Crusty

          Yeah, I saw that and wondered why more wasn’t made of that. Oh really, Dr. B, Hillary’s doctor talks to you about her health and you in turn see fit to disclose what he shouldn’t have disclosed. Really, you lying sack of crap?

    • Murc

      As has been pointed out elsewhere, can you trust a doctor running Windows XP?

      I want to say that’s 7 with an XP skin on it. I work with 7 all day every day and have for a significant part of my professional life. I don’t just mean “my workstation has 7 on it” I mean “I configure hundreds of them.”

      That said, I’m hesitant to render judgment on an out-of-focus photograph. It’s not like I’m trying to diagnose a brain-damaged woman, after all; this is actually a serious issue!

      • Ken

        So zoom – and enhance! That’s about 80% of CSI work, according to TV.

      • Gee Suss

        I’m with you. This looks like 7 to me.

        • Captain Oblivious

          Would 7 meet HIPPA requirements? My understanding is that practices are supposed to keep their OS security as up-to-date as possible. The official M$ line is that 10 is more secure than 7.

          • Cassiodorus

            I would imagine any OS still currently supported would be sufficient.

          • A system that is still being supported is compliant (provided the user remembers to install the updates, ha ha ha).

          • LosGatosCA

            Go to Arrow Electronics – they will ship you a W7 computer TODAY.

      • Redwood Rhiadra

        *My* Windows 7 box runs with the Windows Classic (i.e. Windows 95) theme. Because I hated the XP “look” and all the ones since.

        And I was really pissed to learn that they’ve ditched the Classic appearance with Win8.

        • N__B

          Someone needs to invent the Win 10 skin that looks like Win 3.0. There’s millions to be made!

          • DW


        • efgoldman

          I was really pissed to learn that they’ve ditched the Classic appearance with Win8.

          Nobody on earth or the near galaxies should be running the abomination Win8. Like them or hate them, there’s a reason Microserf got Win10 out there so fast, and free.

  • FMguru

    Trump’s initial tweet naturally misspelled Wade’s first name.

    And that doctor is totally Dr. Lawrence Jacoby from Twin Peaks (as portrayed by Russ Tamblyn)

  • BGinCHI

    Hold on. Look closely.

    Is that a pen-and-ink drawing of Chuck Norris on his wall?


    • N__B

      More awesome than the flag-decorated cowboy boot?

      • BGinCHI

        Dead heat.

        • PhoenixRising

          Pretty sure the coffee maker of the type that puts aluminum in your morning wake-up is the more significant object, but the Texas style boot is more eye-catching.

    • Redwood Rhiadra

      Yeah, the Chuck Norris drawing drew my eye immediately.

  • In 2020 the Republican presidential nominee will be a Twitterbot that spews out the GOP’s all time favorite fibs.

    • dmsilev

      So, Trump again then?

  • dmsilev

    In fairness to the doctor, I could well believe that Trump is probably in the top decile of Presidential health, since 90 or so percent of all former Presidents are currently dead and available evidence suggests that Trump is likely alive.

    • Hob

      You think you’re kidding, but that was literally the doctor’s excuse for writing what he wrote. He said that the “healthiest president ever elected” line was literally true because most past presidents are now sick or dead. Ha ha, good one, doc! It’s like something I would’ve thought was really clever when I was eight, like one step beyond “I had my fingers crossed.”

      • IS

        Is W sick? And Obama seems pretty healthy. Then again, Real America never "elected" "President" Obama. (Bill) Clinton?

  • Denverite

    Didn’t that dude get killed by the alien in the secret laboratory in Area 51 in Independence Day?

    • brad

      Nah, he was just left in a coma, so he could wake up in time for the sequel election.

  • pianomover

    I’m against the ridicule being heaped on Trumps doctor but I wish someone would straighten those pictures on his wall.

    • N__B

      If he didn’t want to be ridiculed, he should have written a less ridiculous statement on his patient’s health.

      • malraux

        He’s got a perfectly cromulent excuse; he gets anxious under pressure. And trump’s limo was waiting downstairs for him to get it finished.

        • N__B

          It is unfortunate that in a country with such advanced technology we have never found a way by which a piece of paper might be sent from one building to another, perhaps enveloped in another piece of paper for protection, or even a method to send a facsimile of a piece of paper using some form of electromagnetic waves.

          • malraux

            Without reading too much into a short interview, I suspect that this Dr Bornstein is the type to need reminders and hard deadlines to get actual stuff done. If a patient is in front of him, he’ll gladly write a script for whatever.

            • N__B

              I can’t tell if you’re being kind to him or attacking him worse than I am.

              • malraux

                I’ll just say that I suspect there’s a reason he’s working as a primary care doctor as opposed to a proper GI specialist.

            • Captain Oblivious

              If a wealthy bad-tempered patient is in front of him, he’ll gladly write a script for whatever.


              • Captain Oblivious

                Adding, 70-year-olds can be really healthy without ever seeing a doctor at all, or very rarely. I know lots of them. Trump might be physically just fine for all we know.

                But there’s been a lot of chatter on the innertubes about his mental state, and speculation that he’s addicted to diet pills, in which case, he would need a Dr Feelgood to write him the scripts.

                Not saying this goofball is doing it, because I don’t know, and the diet pill thing is all speculation anyway, but hypothetically, if Trump were addicted to diet pills, and some doctor were writing scripts for him, and if Trump knew this was illegal as hell, Trump would have this doctor by the balls and could get him to sign anything.

                • With Trump, anything is possible. Including that he consults real competent ones, who are sadly unwilling to perjure themselves and risk disbarment by signing phony medical reports.

          • You must remember that Trump doesn’t/can’t use a computer.

            • pianomover

              I’ve had several socially inept and inappropriate doctors including the one who performed a 14 hour surgery on my daughters spine. Leave him alone.

              • Captain Oblivious

                Did they sign obviously fake letters making patently ridiculous claims about the health of a major party presidential candidate?

    • Ahenobarbus

      Is that a sketch of himself on the wall?

      • Redwood Rhiadra

        Looks like Chuck Norris to me…

  • What part of all Trump’s medical tests are positive don’t you understand?

    • N__B

      Who got him pregnant?

    • starbuckle

      It seems that something overlooked in Trump’s medical report is the claim that his PSA number comes in at “very low” .15! Is that believable? Is that even possible in a 70 year old man?

      • WG in Big D

        If he has been prophlacticly castrated; I think the answer would be yes.

        • WG in Big D

          After all, they had to get the model for The Emperor Has No Balls from somewhere. My guess is it wasn’t only his hands they cast at Madame Tussuads…

  • Ransom Stoddard

    Note the utter absurdity of Trump’s claim: not merely that African-Americans should vote for him because of “black on black crime”, but that they will actually vote for him because of it. Given that multiple recent polls are showing Trump receiving less than 2% of the black vote, this is a demonstrably nonsensical claim.

    • Ask Me Gently

      2%? That seems absurdly high.

      • efgoldman

        2%? That seems absurdly high

        Probably less than the MOE.

    • Technically, he said that 95% of black people will vote to reëlect him in 2020, because he will have been sooooo good (bigly!) for African-‘Murkins.

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

    That coffee mug was a last-minute switcheroo for his usual one:


    I’ve thought about getting one, but uh was afraid it’d make me look, well, like ^^ that guy ^^

  • Calming Influence

    I’d be interested to know what Trump’s African American thinks about this tweet.

    “Is he here?” […scans sea of white faces…] “Yeh, there he is!”

  • tsam

    So much DERP. Can’t handle it.

    • N__B

      Go to the Vagenda of Maocide thread. No derp there.

      • tsam

        Exponential DERP. WHAT NOW??

        • ExpatChad

          Log tables.

  • Alex.S

    “Dwyane Wade and Donald Trump speak out on Twitter in wake of the NBA star’s cousin’s fatal shooting.” -AP on twitter.

    Note — the article they link to is entirely about Dwyane Wade, except for a short paragraph at the end that just quotes Trump’s tweets (and doesn’t try to explain them).

  • Alex.S

    Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!

    – Donald Trump

    He may or may not regret that tweet, it is in the past now and will not be discussed in the future. And he expressed condolences later from the campaign’s phone. And he deleted the first tweet that misspelled Dwyane’s name.

    But, as pointed out by Benjy Sarlin on the twitters, Trump wants you to know that Hillary is the real racist. After all, he has previously said “Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.”

  • ForkyMcSpoon

    I understand that people like Trump because he doesn’t consult with the professionals and he says what’s on his mind. The fact that what’s on his mind is often to spew lies that are transparent political pandering which is differentiated from normal politicians merely by its ineptitude, not its cynicism and insincerity, is of seemingly no relevance.

    He’s not slick! When he feeds you bullshit, it comes straight from the bull’s anus, it doesn’t get put in a food processor with a few nuggets of truth and then shaped into faux chocolate cake to try to fool you that it’s not shit! Which is so refreshing.

    On the other hand, Trump is a sociopath whose first thought is to use devastating tragedy to praise himself and bolster his electoral chances, in this case and in the cases of Paris and Orlando. And unlike other cynical politicians, his next thought is not that you have to be careful about how you do it because it’s sensitive. Unlike other politicians who may get caught up in the game, his next thought is not that doing so would be ghoulish.

    Other politicians might not be so different in trying to exploit tragedy at times, but Trump is different in that he doesn’t even recognize that there’s anything problematic about it, or even that it’s considered as such by normal people. His lack of empathy is so complete that he can’t even fake it, he often can’t recognize when he needs to fake it, and he usually doesn’t even attempt to fake it, even though doing so would be immensely to his benefit.

    • PhoenixRising

      I’m troubled by how many of the white people I’m related to can relate utterly to the value proposition: He’s honest!

      Because mistaking sociopathic traits for a valuable type of authenticity is tempting to people who think that the problem with Paul Ryan is that he’s too guarded and circuitous in his expressions of sociopathy.

      • ForkyMcSpoon

        I mean, it is true that he says “what’s on his mind.”

        I think there are some troubling implications about why someone would confuse that with honesty.

        • Ask Me Gently

          There was a case a little over a year ago in my parts. A drunken lunatic passenger went off on an Asian taxi driver. Called him various epithets including ‘terrorist’ and damaged his cab. It was all caught on the driver’s security cam. The guy got charged and it made the news.

          My reliably right-wing co-worker’s response: “He was just saying what everyone’s thinking.” This was before the Trump phenomenon really took off.

        • efgoldman

          I think there are some troubling implications about why someone would confuse that with honesty.

          Clearly, he’s honestly saying what’s on his mind.
          That’s the scariest part.

    • Ask Me Gently

      Trump is a fascist, a bigot, a liar, a con man, a monster, a failed businessman, an empty-headed cheeseball.

      • ExpatChad

        Din’t know you could make a cheezeball outa Camemebert!

  • Julia Grey

    Trump wants you to know that Hillary is the real racist. After all, he has previously said “Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.”

    This guy has no notion of how COMMUNITIES work, does he? Clinton has been deeply, personally involved with black causes for decades, ensuring that by now they KNOW her, on the ground and face to face. His charge that “she doesn’t think of them as human beings” is literally laughable to most of that community.

    • efgoldman

      This guy has no notion of how COMMUNITIES work, does he?

      Careful. Once again you’re accusing him of arriving at a stupid conclusion using some sort of rational but wrong thought process.
      I’ve seen nothing of the kind.

  • nemdam

    Anyone care to see the appalling media headlines about this?

    Dwyane Wade and Donald Trump speak out on Twitter in wake of the NBA star's cousin's fatal shooting. https://t.co/og56Rb7fEv— The Associated Press (@AP) August 27, 2016

    Donald Trump cites the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin in an appeal to black voters https://t.co/JUobQJJ46l pic.twitter.com/6nyciGye8N— NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) August 27, 2016

    I could rant for pages about how utterly awful the media has been in the last week and a half, but it would be quickly become redundant. Between the ridiculous stories about the Clinton Foundation, the tsk-tsking of Cliton’s speech, the openness to Trump’s “pivot”, and the indulgence of Clinton’s health conspiracies, the normalization of Trump by the media has become putrid. It’s even worse than Both-Siderism. They are impugning Clinton’s record with falsehoods and swallowing Trump’s new rhetoric with zero critical analysis to the point where I have a hard time saying they are even telling a kernel of truth anymore. I knew the media was as desperate as ever to write a Trump comeback story, but this is even more pathetic than even my very low expectations. It’s possible that I’ve just let the heat of the campaign get to me, but I didn’t think my opinion of mainstream presidential election coverage could get any lower. Yet it has.

    • efgoldman

      I could rant for pages about how utterly awful the media has been in the last week and a half

      And they have and you’d be correct. But it isn’t the 70s, 80s, or 90s any more. Everything Tangerine Turd says or does is out there on video in thousands of news and social media platforms. The Villagers aren’t the arbiters, editors and filters they used to be; they’ve turned into a circle jerk, writing for each other. I doubt that WaPo or the Grey Lady turns ten votes by now.

      Shorter: relax she’s got this.

      • nemdam

        Oh, totally agree. My rant is absolutely not a suggestion to begin bedwetting. In terms of the election, I’m relaxed. She’s got this. It just troubles me that my level of distrust of NYT, WaPo, and even the AP is sinking this low. It just feels like this is the first step toward living in a Fox News-like bubble.

      • ThrottleJockey

        You’re kidding me right??? The WaPo had been attacking Trump guns blazing for months now. They even have their Right Wingers attacking him. Hell, Hill has Charles Fucking Krauthammer in an ad attacking Trump.

        As far as Hill and the Clinton Global Initiative goes, it’s newsworthy, and indicting. It would be malpractice for them NOT to cover it.

        Character and judgement are important issues. (I myself won’t be voting for Ms. “Bring Them to Heel”.)

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          always knew in the end you’d vote for Trump

  • It is not good for anyone to look so much like my identical twin.

  • “To Whom My Concern”:
    A doctor (admittedly one w/ a website, so she must have an axe to grind) comments on the letter.

    • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

      Really, you’re writing a letter for someone who wants to be President and this is what we get at http://www.haroldbornsteinmd.com, a weird website with a name and links to other services?

      She doesn’t really seem to have a good grasp on how the web works.

      • Turangalila

        Wrong. Look at the pic. That’s not a doc’s website. That’s a holding page for someone who stopped renewing their domain registry.

        Click on it now and it appears some enterprising soul has snapped up the domain name.

        Snarky corrections based on wrongness is a really sad genre.

  • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

    Click on it now and it appears some enterprising soul has snapped up the domain name.

    Wow, that apparently went into effect sometime between 8:25 and 11:02 on August 27th of 2016. When I made my post, it was still the holding page that so perplexed our doctor.

  • Crusty

    Putting aside that the guy seems like a first class dirtbag both because of and independent of his affiliation with Trump, on a more harmless level, Dr. Bornstein represents a certain type of New Yorker that fills me with nostalgia. He’s a New York weirdo. I might see him riding some kind of old bicycle with a basket down lexington avenue as he stops at various stores picking up little things he likes. Some fruit from Likitsakos, ground coffee from Oren’s. Maybe the bicycle with basket has a bell. Someone, somewhere is telling someone that someone rang a bicycle bell at them today and they turned around to see it was an adult male with a ridiculous looking mane of long hair. He goes back to his dump of an office, with an even weirder office administrator who worships the brilliant doctor. The office is in the bottom of a townhouse. Maybe at some point in the 70’s he bought the rest of the townhouse and the whole thing is worth 12 million today. Nonetheless, the entire thing looks like it is owned by a borderline hoarder. Like Trump, he’s got ridiculous looking hair, but nobody in his life tells him how ridiculous it is because everyone in his life is either a lackey or just couldn’t be bothered. Long live the New York weirdo. Stay out of national elections, but stay in New Yorker cartoons and forever in our hearts.

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