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Today’s Overdetermined Donald Trump Endorsement



Of course:

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan introduced presidential candidate Donald Trump Monday night at First Niagara Center.

It was quite a scene at the foot of Washington Street with Ryan praising Trump for always speaking his mind. Here are a few snippets of Ryan’s intro, with Trump’s Jock Jams entrance and a video.

“We’re all here tonight because we all support Donald Trump.”

“There’s so much that I admire about Mr. Trump but one thing I really admire about him is, you know what, is he’ll say what’s on his mind. And so many times, you’ll see people, a lot of people want to say the same thing. But there’s a big difference: they don’t have the courage to say it. They all think it but they don’t have the courage to say it. And Donald Trump certainly has the courage to say it.”

“This man is one of the greatest businessmen, obviously, that we can ever remember. There’s no question about that.”

It’s also good to know that the Donald is as fact-challenged about football as anything else:

He won championships in New York, the AFC, twice. And he always had these teams that were brutal. They were just good. Great defenses. … You’re going to have a very, very good season this year. You watch. You have a great coach, you really do.”

What? Although, to be Scrupulously Fair, he probably was (after Marvin Lewis) the second or maybe third (after Del Rio) most important coach on a Super Bowl champion once.

This can also serve as a NY primary open thread. The 538 liveblog is really good if you’re into that kind of thing.

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