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Today’s Overdetermined Donald Trump Endorsement



Of course:

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan introduced presidential candidate Donald Trump Monday night at First Niagara Center.

It was quite a scene at the foot of Washington Street with Ryan praising Trump for always speaking his mind. Here are a few snippets of Ryan’s intro, with Trump’s Jock Jams entrance and a video.

“We’re all here tonight because we all support Donald Trump.”

“There’s so much that I admire about Mr. Trump but one thing I really admire about him is, you know what, is he’ll say what’s on his mind. And so many times, you’ll see people, a lot of people want to say the same thing. But there’s a big difference: they don’t have the courage to say it. They all think it but they don’t have the courage to say it. And Donald Trump certainly has the courage to say it.”

“This man is one of the greatest businessmen, obviously, that we can ever remember. There’s no question about that.”

It’s also good to know that the Donald is as fact-challenged about football as anything else:

He won championships in New York, the AFC, twice. And he always had these teams that were brutal. They were just good. Great defenses. … You’re going to have a very, very good season this year. You watch. You have a great coach, you really do.”

What? Although, to be Scrupulously Fair, he probably was (after Marvin Lewis) the second or maybe third (after Del Rio) most important coach on a Super Bowl champion once.

This can also serve as a NY primary open thread. The 538 liveblog is really good if you’re into that kind of thing.

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  • Denverite

    What? Although, to be Scrupulously Fair, he probably was (after Marvin Lewis) the second or maybe third (after Del Rio) most important coach on a Super Bowl champion once.

    Also the fourth most successful head coach off of that staff by winning percentage! (Though Mike Smith is the most successful, so this might not be the best indicator of coaching ability.)

    • Scott Lemieux

      I suppose it does speak well of Billick in a way that he presided over a staff that had 3 competentish and 1 competent-plus head coaches on it. On the other hand, the fact that his defensive assistants are more employable says a lot about his limitations.

      • howard

        it would be interesting to dig into what coach had the greatest future coaching talent on his staff: the giants coach i’m just (ahem) young enough not to remember, jim lee howell, for example, had vince lombardi and tom landry as his offensive and defensive coordinators, so a staff would have to go a long way to beat that….

  • cpinva

    “There’s so much that I admire about Mr. Trump but one thing I really admire about him is, you know what, is he’ll say what’s on his mind.”

    yes, yes he will, regardless of how stupid or self-destructive it might be.

    “And Donald Trump certainly has the courage to say it.”

    or maybe, he’s just too stupid to know not to say it. just a possibility.

    • tsam

      Trump’s not stupid. He’s just making it rain wooden nickels and making a bunch of right wing bucketheads feel rich with a fist full of them.

  • sleepyirv

    It was quite a scene at the foot of Washington Street with Ryan praising Trump for always speaking his mind. Here are a few snippets of Ryan’s intro, with Trump’s Jock Jams entrance and a video.

    Not too shabby, Buffalo Bills News. Not too shabby at all.

  • keta

    Trump, by his own admission, wouldn’t be saving America if he’d won the bidding war for ownership of the Buffalo Bills.

    Of course, Trump didn’t really want to own the club anyhow.

  • sharonT

    Oh Rex, my smut talking, toe sucking Rex. How could you?

    • efgoldman

      ‘Fiweuz the Bills’ oner, I’d have fired rexy on the spot, no matter what candidate he endorsed. He’s got enough trouble pretending to coach the football team.

      • sharonT

        True, but not too bad running the Raven’s D

        • Denverite

          Eh. They played a super-easy schedule of offenses. Probably not top ten.

        • efgoldman

          not too bad running the Raven’s D

          As lots of teams have found out, good coordinators (with a couple of HOF leaders on the field) don’t necessarily make good head coaches.

          • CJColucci

            It has probably already been done, but it would be interesting to see some sort of explanation of what the great coordinators who fail at head coaching lack and what the ones who succeed have.

  • Crusty

    I’ve always thought of Trump, Chris Christie, Tony Soprano and Rex Ryan as the four bloated jerks of the New York/New Jersey area, each one trying to be like the next, and all just being fat, obnoxious losers.

    • efgoldman

      all just being fat, obnoxious losers.

      And only one is fictional. You guess which.

      • Crusty

        If I were from another planet and you told me about all four of them, in order of the guy’s definitely something out of fiction, perhaps a Tom Wolfe novel, down to real, I’d probably rate them as follows: Trump, the billionaire clown with ridiculous looking hair and a fifth grade vocabulary; the governor who yells at his constituents and blocked traffic to settle a political vendetta; Rex, the overrated and eventually exposed brash, loudmouth coach who is mostly talk; Tony Soprano, the gangster.

        • swaninabox

          I live safe in the knowledge that “Sporanos West Wing: 2016” starring the Trump Campaign has already been pitched to both HBO and Showtime.

          • Ahuitzotl

            AJ ’24

  • AlanInSF

    My knee’s been hurting a little today. Been doing a lot of projects around the house, keep banging into things. I hate that! Was kind of hot here today — too hot for me. How about that Steph Curry fellow, though? Is he something, or what? Thinking of making steaks for dinner tonight, but the wife’s working late. I feel like her employer exploits her, but she doesn’t listen to me. I should probably feed the cat. I think it’s his dinner time. I like beer. But not those fake microbrews that are really Bud and Coors. My car might be overdue for a tuneup. Do cars still need tuneups?

    I can haz Rex Ryan endorsement for President now?

    • MilitantlyAardvark

      Hey, we’ll even send over a complementary Tom Brady jersey and football (slightly deflated!).

  • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

    Random musings on a spring evening:

    1) I know I’m not the first person to say this, but it’s amazing when a person who gets hit in the head for a living DOESN’T endorse T-Rump.

    2) I’ll give T-Rump the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant to say Ryan took the Jets to the AFC title game twice, but lost. Whatever, T-Rump.

    3) Anyways, I held my nose and cast a vote for Hitlery Hildebeast in the NY primary. Will do likewise in November.

  • swaninabox

    Has anyone else seen the 30 for 30 on Netflix about the United States Football league and how Trump destroyed it?

    Worth it for the parts where Burt Reynolds talks (entirely true) shit about Trump alone.

    • Scott Lemieux

      It’s great. I should do a separate post on it.

  • Manju

    The 30 for 30 for the ’85 Bears is like the greatest Love Story starring someone named Ryan since the one about the guy who invented the internet.

    Mike Singletary is like Ali. Ditka is reduced to a supporting actor.

    I understand he’s a big Trump supporter so this comment is totally relevant.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      which he is a big Trump supporter? I’m hoping Ditka

      • It’s Ditka.

      • Manju

        Yeah, Ditka really gets taken down a few notches in the film…at least to those (like me) who did not know of Buddy Ryan’s role and who imagined Ditka to be an Autocrat.

        Ditka was not even allowed to attend the Defenses’ meetings, and got kicked out once. Ryan got carried off the field after the Super Bowl and the only reason they lifted Ditka up too was because the didn’t want him to have a fit.

        To his credit, Ditka doesn’t fight this narrative. But how can the White Working Class take him seriously now?

  • Alexander OConnor

    If anything distills what is evil, terrible, and wrong in the USA more than the Con servative republican party it is the NFL.

  • CrunchyFrog

    So what happens when a white head coach in the modern NFL (in which the majority of players are black) openly endorses the closest thing in recent decades to an openly Jim Crow candidate for President? Guess what Buffalo fans, you’re about to find out!!! Guessing something between 2-14 and 4-12.

    You’ll notice that the game in which Tom Brady took a record number of hits occurred not long after he oops-didn’t-mean-to endorsed The Donald.

    • efgoldman

      Guessing something between 2-14 and 4-12.

      I wouldn’t have expected much more than that from Sexy Rexy;s boys anyway.

      • Denverite

        Oh please please please please let the Tyrod to Denver rumors be true.

        • kped

          why would buffalo do that?? Do they have another option at QB?

          • ColBatGuano

            Seriously, why would Buffalo even think about this trade unless they were getting Von Miller and all of Denver’s 1st round picks for the next decade? This sounds like those trades the NY media used to come up with for the Yankees where they would trade dirty jock straps for the Cy Young winner.

            • Ah the ol’ “The Mariners are OBLIGATED to trade Felix Hernandez to the Yankees” line. Good times.

              • kped

                Has that been replaced with the Nationals are obligated to trade Bryce Harper to the Yankees yet? If not yet, it will be soon.

              • Crusty

                We get Griffey and Bonds. Now that’s an outfield!

            • kped

              Their QB depth chart is:

              Taylor….EJ Manuel….Me?

              So yeah…not seeing why they’d trade Taylor (who was very good last year) to Denver.

            • Denverite

              You’re almost certainly right. The theory is that Taylor won’t play for the $2M he’s due in 2016, and rather than pay him the $10M he wants/is worth, Buffalo would deal him for a couple of firsts. But see the first sentence.

              [But I’m not making the [farfetched] rumors up. Denver actually offered more than Buffalo last offseason, but Taylor wanted to start. Kubiak apparently really liked him in Buffalo.]

              • Denverite


                [ETA: To show the rumors are out there, not that they’re true: http://www.inquisitr.com/2973100/nfl-rumors-buffalo-bills-trading-tyrod-taylor-to-denver-broncos/%5D

                • ColBatGuano

                  One thing that really bodes well for the Denver Broncos is the fact that Tyrod Taylor and Gary Kubiak have some history together. Taylor was on the Baltimore Ravens roster when Kubiak was the offensive coordinator under head coach John Harbaugh. That relationship might help convince Taylor to insist that the Buffalo Bills send him to Colorado.

                  Yes, because players have that kind of control of where they get traded.

          • efgoldman

            why would buffalo do that??

            And why would the Broncos want him? Why would anyone?

            • kped

              Ranked 7th overall QBR. 3.3 to 1 QB to Int ratio. Young and cheap. Well worth a try. If they could win with the turd sandwich they played at QB last year, they have a shot with Taylor, who was much better than either Manning or Osweiller.

    • ASV

      Chip Kelly’s not looking so bad anymore, eh, Shady?

  • Joe_JP

    item: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is at the Donald Trump victory celebration after Trump wins the New York Republican primary.

  • Sly

    Looks like Clinton is cleaning up in NY. So I guess the Internet is going to be extra terrible for a while.

    • Philip

      “Rules that have existed for years were a conspiracy created to steal it for Clinton!”

      I’m a Sanders supporter, but I fully expect to be muting an awful lot of Sanders supporters on Twitter this week.

      • Lasker

        Pretty much. I’d probably be less grumpy right now if I had gotten a head start on that a week ago. Oh well. Genuinely surprised by Clinton’s margins. I hadn’t expected Sanders to win, but I did think he would get within single digits.

        • kped

          Polling has been really off this election. I guess you know what that means: We should replace actual voting for polls!

          I guess Clinton will pick up 25-30 delegates. Not a huge change, but every +1 makes the chance of a comeback more remote.

          • Alex.S

            Polling has been relatively good, outside of the Michigan Democratic primary.

            • kped

              Wins have been OK, but margins have been off last I heard. Sanders had over performed a lot (although a lot of that could be just so few polls done in those elections)


              See link for poll performance.

              • Alex.S

                That’s demographic prediction vs results, not polling.

                I don’t have the willpower to look at individual states and make a spreadsheet, but realclearpolitics shows the final average (no weighting) vs results. For the big states that got polled heavily, my eyeball estimate is that they’ve been within +/- 5 points and are 50/50 with who did better.

                • kped

                  Bah, you are right! I butchered that one, just went to the charts this morning when i saw the article and assumed it was based on performance vs real polls! I’ll look up the polls and see whether or not they’ve been accurate overall.

          • Lasker

            The CNN exit polls were way off but pre-election polls in general were good in NY. 538’s average had Clinton at +13.5 which will probably be pretty close to the actual result once everything is counted.

      • Murc

        This is just something we’re going to need to get used to.

        I mean, without approving it in any case, a number of Sanders supporters this year, Clinton supporters in ’08, and Dean supporters in ’04 just got all crazy over being beaten, and they took to the intarwebs and made that crazy known. Those are the three contested primaries that postdate social media and a high degree of internet penetration, so… yeah.

        There’s always crazy. We just have more access to it now.

    • wengler

      It appears that primary voters are committed to nominating the two candidates with the highest negatives.

      • Murc

        Or they have other completely different reasons unrelated to that and many of them have no idea what the relative negatives of their preferred candidate is.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        I suspect most people don’t think about that so much when they vote. & to the extent they do on one side you have people who believe those high negatives are a badge of honor and the other people who figure they come with being on the national stage since 1992

        • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

          If, through some Divine intervention, Sanders managed to win the nomination, the Repukes would have half the country thinking he was Chairman Mao no later than Columbus Day.

          • Murc

            This would happen with any Democratic nominee.

            • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

              Of course, but even more so with the dude who proudly calls himself a socialist.

              • ColBatGuano

                And has called for a tax increase for almost everyone for his health care plan.

    • Murc

      Looks like Clinton is cleaning up in NY.

      And Kasich is on track to beat Cruz out for second.

      I foresee another small “Kasich for White Knight” boomlet.

      Realistically though, after the past couple weeks of sturm und drang about a contested convention, I think we swing back around to “of course it is going to be Trump.” Something truly spectacular is going to need to happen to involve him not having at least 1100-1150 delegates (and that’s probably a lowball) in June. And that’s probably all he needs; Trump isn’t the most diplomatic guy in the world but he can probably bribe, bully, or browbeat a hundred or so unpledged delegates to his side.

      • wengler

        They’re Republicans. If there’s anything they don’t give a shit about it’s the ‘will of the voters’.

        • Murc

          Which is why Eric Cantor is still in the House of Representatives, because they nullified his primary.

          Oh, wait. No, that didn’t happen at all.

      • skate

        And Kasich beats Trump in New York County. Not that I care for Kasich one iota, but my county done good.

        And I see Richmond County was oh so typically Richmond County.

  • Alex.S

    My biggest selfish worry is that Sanders will buy approximately all of the television ads in California. I don’t know how swing state voters deal with political ads.

    • I expect to see zero presidential primary ads here in the Bay Area this year. I don’t remember seeing any in 2008 either.

  • marduk

    Brady was smart enough to dance away from endorsing Trump.

    Belichick wins again.

  • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

    It should be noted that Sanders is well ahead of T-Rump in terms of popular votes. We’ve been hearing so much about how fabulous the turnout on the GOP side has been. Funny how that changes when a Democratic base state FINALLY gets to weigh in.

    • Murc

      It should be noted that Sanders is well ahead of T-Rump in terms of popular votes.


      They’re… they’re not running against each other. They’re dealing with… almost wholly disjoint electorates.

      Funny how that changes when a Democratic base state FINALLY gets to weigh in.

      … a lot of Democratic base states have weighed in. Illinois. Wisconsin. Michigan. Massachusetts. Oregon. Washington. Nothing on that list has gone Republican since Bush the Elder and with the exception of Mass they’re nearly all essential to our electoral math.

      • Hercules Mulligan

        I suspect– though am not sure– that the point of this comment was not to suggest that the Dem primary was close, but that Sanders had a larger following, and therefore a more consequential campaign for the future, than Trump. That’s a really common argument, and I’ve seen it all over, from 538-types and conventional pundits alike.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          that’s what I got out of it too

      • efgoldman

        with the exception of Mass they’re nearly all essential to our electoral math.

        And MA wouldn’t go for Tailgunner Teddy Cruz or Trump and the opossum in his head if you held guns to all their kids’ heads.

        • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

          My bad if I phrased it sloppily.

          We had been hearing how the GOP turnout has been higher than Democratic turnout in many of the early states and how that must be Bad News For Democrats (TM). Part of my point was that the biggest Democratic base states (NY, Pennsylvania, California) vote late in the process and that you can’t make that comparison until they are heard from. No insult toward Oregon or Wisconsin or any other place was intended.

          • Internet Traditions Awareness Week

            Oops, one final thing….

            The point of the Sanders/T-Rump comparison, which I confess was not fleshed out properly, was that even as his head was handed to him in the Democratic primary, Sanders still received 200,000 more votes than the guy who won the GOP primary in a landslide. Hildebeast by herself received more votes last night than T-Rump, Cruz and Kasich combined. I was only suggesting the DC Press Corpse should back off the “enthusiasm gap” supposedly plaguing Democrats until every state has been given a say in the matter.

  • Barry Freed

    Staten Island takes first prize with 82% voting for Trump in the Republican primary. Don’t ever change Staten Island, you gotta keep making Suffolk County look good by comparison.

  • Rob Patterson

    I realized Rex was probably a Republican last year when, after two egregiously bad coaches’ challenge decisions (one challenge, one failure to challenge) in one game, it came out that Rex had absolutely no plan for dealing with challenges – no assistant coach in the press box charged with making recommendations, no plan at all. He just relied on his own eyes from the sideline and basically half-assed it.

  • brad

    Kasich won my Brooklyn polling district with a (1) vote. The citywide results on the NYT are fun to play with.
    Bernie won with over 70% of over 300 Dem voters.

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