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Erik Visits an American Grave (IX)



Now this is a grave you can set your watch to.

That’s right, this is the grave of Johnny Unitas, 9th round pick out of Louisville, Baltimore Colts legend, 10 time Pro Bowl selection, 3 time NFL MVP, 5 time first team All-Pro, and 1979 Hall of Fame inductee. He was also an extra in the film Runaway Bride.

Johnny Unitas is buried in Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Timonium, Maryland.

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    Question: how did Unitas dodge the draft? I mean, if Presley got drafted how did he avoid it?

    • rea

      I don’t know for sure, but I would speculate that it has something to do with first going to college, then marrying and having kids before he graduated.

    • Emily68

      I think NFL teams back in those days all had somebody on the payroll whose job it was to keep the players from being drafted–get them into the National Guard, keep a list of doctors who’d sign off on a knee injury, etc.

  • gusmpls

    I actually didn’t know Unitas was dead.

    • Thlayli

      There was a big controversy stemming from it. The Colts’ quarterback at the time, Peyton Manning, wanted to wear black high-tops in the next game as a tribute. The league wouldn’t let him, because the Colts uniform has white shoes.

      I was hoping Manning would do it anyway and pay the fine, but he backed down.

  • I had a Unitas as a student once when I was a T-38 instructor.

    I asked him about Johnny and he said they were indeed related. It’s not that common of a last name.

  • Pseudonym

    As a Baltimore Colt, does he also count as an entry in your dead horses in American history series?

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