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Racial Thursdays



Look, the Army boys just need a little time to blow off some stress by indulging in open racism….

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  • Shakezula

    I’m sure it’s great for the morale of any white supremacists in the unit, and that’s all that really counts, right?

    • It’s not like they are going to be fighting any white people. Isn’t the purpose of brown and black people in the military to teach good whites how to hate the enemy? How can the soldiers know what to do at Abu Ghraib if they don’t practice somewhere beforehand?

      • Shakezula

        Per South Park they may also be strapped to tanks and so on to protect valuable military equipment from damage.

      • saminmpls

        Perhaps but there were at least six guys on my high school sportsball teams that would have made the transition from hazing kids in the locker room to torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib without requiring this sort of motivation.

        The article mentions that the “unit has a bad habit of sweeping things under the rug.” The first thing that came to my mind was DADT and how officers and NCOs who have a hostile attitude to gays and lesbians reacted under DADT. If the mid-level officers and NCOs have a hostile attitude towards policies that push them to hand out an administrative punishment or court-martial to a soldier for something that the officer perceives to be P.C. nonsense, it is more likely to get covered up.

        I’m mentioning DADT here specifically because Cohen’s investigation in 2000 determined that the anti-gay harassment component was largely not being observed.

    • DrDick

      Hey, everybody knows that the real victims of racism are working class white people!

      • Whatever. The truly real victims of racism are rich white people.

  • JMP

    But hey, the black and brown soldiers could call the white soldiers “honkey” or “cracker”, so the treatment was really equal!

    The sad thing is, I’d be surprised if dome bigot hasn’t defended this shit with that very argument.

    • Lord Jesus Perm

      And why oh why isn’t there a WHITE History Month?

      • KmCO

        AND WHAT ABOUT WHITE GENOCIDE???????!!!!!!11

      • rea

        Hell, it’s been a White History Millennium.

      • There are eleven of them.

    • SatanicPanic

      In its majestic equality, the platoon allows white and brown alike to insult each other

  • Uh, trigger warning, bro.

    • No.

      • Actually, I think that’s Philip in an upcoming episode of The Americans.

        • sharonT


      • Vance Maverick

        The image is a bit indigestible.

        • matt w

          Yeah, I was going to make a crack about making me look at Richard Cohen’s smug mug, but that picture is authentically disturbing.

          • You can take comfort in the fact that I am subjecting my students to it on Thursday. As well as multiple lynching photos.

            • DrDick

              That’s harsh. I only inflict 19th century racist cartoons and Stepin Fetchit on my students.

            • KadeKo

              Simply because I’m not going to Google “blackface”, I’m asking you:

              Is that Al Jolson?

              BTW, I a white suburban dweeb who doesn’t have kids to worry about being taught RacismIsOver by some college course. But I have nephews and nieces, and I went to college during the ascendancy and senile debilitiation of Saint Ronnie (two nearly-concurrent eras, if you ask me).

              So good on ya if you’re going to show students blackface and lynching photos.

              • postmodulator

                Simply because I’m not going to Google “blackface”,

                I have a curious nature and it renders my search history into something that will almost certainly one day become People’s Exhibit C for a crime I didn’t commit. Example: two days ago I spent twenty minutes looking up how you cook meth.

                • In the 2021 season of The Wire they will be dealing with a gang that uses burner smartphones.

                • KadeKo

                  I’m not worried about someone accusing me of wanting to go in blackface. In this era I just don’t want to contribute one click to making “blackface” something popular on the internet, because I don’t think there’s a lot of musing over it the way we are here. Part of me wonders “When did the Oklahoma frat boys stop looking up blackface for a Halloween costume?”

                  That said, I love me some TVTropes, and have been a big fan of “American Dad”. So the slightest effort brought me to these links:

                  Blackface isn’t funny, jokes about blackface are funny, to paraphrase Roger Ebert.

                  (This is oddly reminiscent of the way that “being drunk” was acceptable humor for many years (see almost anything with Foster Brooks), and now the only way to do it without cringin is to do it meta, as in Archer and Arrested Development.)

                  And here’s our image in a socially-acceptable (for me at least) place to read about offensive things without perpetuating them.

              • Pseudonym
  • Tsotate

    “tacitly encouraged “Racial Thursdays” as a way to build morale and camaraderie”

    I think this is what is traditionally described as “doing it wrong.”

    • CaptBackslap – YOLO Edition

      I’m guessing it was an attempt to reverse-engineer the sort of camaraderie that sometimes results in guys using slurs on each other (e.g.,”who gave this bastard a green card?”). But, um, causation doesn’t work like that.

      • matt w

        It kind of seems to me as though the simpler explanation is that it was a successful attempt to be racist as hell.

  • efgoldman

    Damn. in 1969, when I did my active service, anybody who even suggested such a thing would have been brought into the company commander’s office toot sweet.
    I can’t believe how much this country has both progressed and regressed in my lifetime.

    • Chet Manly

      Well, in my experience this is a pretty extreme outlier. I’m 40, every working day of my adult life has been on a military base, and this story surprised the hell out of me.

      There’s still plenty of the quiet, “Trayvon was a thug” kind of racism around, but this kind of thing would have been really unusual 20 years ago let alone today.

      • Hasn’t the percentage of black soldiers dropped significantly in the last 15 years or so? Might there be units that ten years ago might have been 30% people of color but today other than a few Latinos are now all non-Hispanic white?

  • Jackov

    Overreaction to what appears to be a single bad apple soldier torturer platoon leader.
    Racial hazing – Thursdays edition – is ‘absolutely not connected‘ to previous incidents of racial hazing by the same platoon. You people are playing the race card hate our men in uniform jumping to a faulty conclusion.

    • Lurker

      It seems that the rational thing to do would be to disband the platoon and send its men to different units. A platoon is small enough a formation for this to be a minir administrative matter.

      The real culprits here are the platoon commander and sergeant. The commander, though an inexperienced lieutenant, shoukd know better than allow such “traditions” to continue. And the platoon sergeant is the one man who could gave made this stop.

  • SgtGymBunny

    Maybe they balanced Racial Thursdays with Nice Compliment Wednesdays… No??? Well, that’s what they shoulda done.

  • JR in WV

    Which Republican presidential candidate is that a photo of? It isn’t Scott Walker, his face is too thin … how about Huckabee?

    I need to go back to sleep~!

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