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Tuesday Links: Poe or No Edition

  • Brianna Wu, game developer and non-shutting-up woman has been the recipient of several death threats, but this may be the most the bizarre one. I hope Brianna stays safe. I shudder thinking what these high-profile #GamerGate detractors must go through.
  • Our own Barry Freed sent me this link. My Poe radar is completely broken; GamerGate’ll do that to you, but…this woman thinks that dinosaurs never existed.
  • N_B wants to you read this blog entry titled “A Non-PC View on Architecture?” Well, he’s a polar bear; there’s no accounting for his taste.
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  • hylen

    Fix that third link.

    • hylen

      Also: First!!

      • tsam

        It worked fine for me and HOLY MOTHER OF SNAKE SHIT that’s an awesome rant.

        I’m guessing Poe on that one. Grammar, spelling, knowledge of stuff:

        Nothing about dinosaurs is suitable for children, from their total lack of family values through to their non-existence from any serious scientific point of view.

        I give it a 9.6. More points for unleashing the caps lock and MOAR PUNCTUASHUN!!!!!

        • Hogan

          It works, but it’s the same as the second link. There is no link to the architecture piece.

          And yes, the dinosaur thing is genius. Darwin proved they don’t exist!

        • msobel

          On the plus side, the 214 signers of the petition would keep T. Rex fed all afternoon.

      • tsam

        Now I see that link two is also link 3.

        • wca

          To be fair, an awful lot of buildings I have to go in feel like they were designed in the Jurassic. Or, at the very least, they were designed for creatures other than humans.

          • Hogan

            How long have you been living in R’lyeh?

            • wca

              Measureless eons.

              • Lee Rudolph

                However, it’s only just recently gotten broadband.

                • Malaclypse

                  With strange aeons even Comcast may die.

                • Hogan

                  Don’t taunt me like that.

          • The Museum of Jurassic Architecture.

  • Hogan

    OK, since bspencer is clearly keeping her son from jumping into a wood chipper or something, I think this is what she meant to link to.

    • tsam

      Heh. The other common taters are using this guy for a chew toy.

      • brownian

        Well, there is that one guy (he helpfully put “Alpha” in his ‘nym) pushing the standard MRA koolaid.

      • Viewed from inside the profession, that post has as little to do with the reality of architectural love lives as…well, every other piece of MRA bullshit….

        • tsam

          I talk to architects almost daily. I have yet to encounter a single one that acts like one of these MRA shits. Typically, they’re very professional since there are quite a few women in the field or working in their offices. I don’t believe I’ve met one that is on the hunt for a “young, hot wife”.

          • I am an asshole, but at least I am not an MRA asshole….

          • UncleEbeneezer

            Semi-OT but…I met an architect a couple weeks ago and when I told him that my friend (also an architect) was about to move to China for a job. His response was something like “Oh China is great. They’re not afraid of growth. Unlike here in Los Angeles where nobody can build a damn thing because of all the ridiculous regulations.” I changed the subject and did my best to avoid any talk of politics going forward.

        • Pat

          Doesn’t it also count for pretty much every other profession, except for professional assholes?

  • Sorry for all the lonked links, everybody. I think we’re all fixed now.

    • brownian

      I think we’re all fixed now.

      Oh, it’ll take more than a corrected link to fix all the problems with me.

      But thanks for the effort nonetheless.

      • Pat

        I know a good vet who can fix certain problems…

    • I just wish to point out that the word “lonked” is a remnant of the deceased 3Bulls-o-sphere….

  • Warren Terra

    Recently my sister foolishly gave my two youngest some dinosaurs toys for Christmas. After telling her to get out of my house I burnt the dinosaurs. My children were delighted because they know that dinosaurs are evil. I am fortunate that my family has been very supportive, and has disowned my children’s former aunt.

    Tell me this isn’t a joke.

    • Warren Terra

      Specifically, I am reminded of one of Molly Ivin’s John Henry Faulk stories from Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She:

      During preparation for the trial Nizer kept pushing Faulk for proof that he’d done something actively anti-communist. It was fine that he was such a patriot he’d enlisted in the merchant marine at the start of World War II, then managed to get a job overseas with the Red Cross, and finally finagled his way into the Army despite being one-eyed. But what had he done against communists? Faulk launched into a splendid extemporaneous tale of finding his dear old crippled grandmother one day reading the Daily Worker. No sooner had he said “But Granny, that’s a communist newspaper!” than the oil lamp in the tar-paper shack tumped over, setting the place ablaze. Faulk grabbed her wheelchair and started toward the porch and safety, but “as I wheeled her out, I looked down and saw that Daily Worker in her lap, realized she was just a communist pawn, and was so filled with loathing I turned her chair and pushed the old lady back into the flames!” Nizer listened to this entire faradiddle without expression and then snapped, “We can’t use it.”

      • keta

        That’s a splendid bit.

        I think dino-phobic mom is a send-up, too. Too well written to be in earnest and, “their total lack of family values” screams satire.

        • calling all toasters

          Still, someone should forward it to Bobby Jindal’s office. The “smart Republican” will be adding this to his stump speech soon.

          • Pat

            Like christwire.

        • ChrisTS

          Indeed, don’t we have evidence that dinosaurs were very attentive parents? (If they existed, I mean.)

          • Hogan

            What part of “oviparity” do you not understand?

            • ChrisTS

              Hey, just because it’s hard-wired doesn’t make it less sincere.

          • There are documentaries.

    • calling all toasters

      It’s a joke. In another video she says that throwing a leather jacket out a window and seeing in fall to earth proves there were no flying dinosaurs.

      If that doesn’t convince you, this should: Heavy Metal and Dinosaurs.

      • NBarnes

        Poor T-Rex can shred, but he doesn’t have the arms to shred.

  • Malaclypse

    Different but overlapping genre with the sort of sad white dude who is a gamergater, and response.

    • matt w

      I don’t think you can claim the mantle of old-school sci-fi fandom and be all like “Real right-wing men went into hard science because we wanted to know how the doors in Star Trek work and SJWs went into soft science which isn’t real science because they were just interested in culture!” For one thing, the fact that he says that SJWs now understand how culture works kind of undermines his “not real science” point. For another thing, what kind of science does he think that the Foundation trilogy was about? Hell, does he really think Roddenberry was more interested in the doors than in the cultures?

      • Malaclypse

        I’d tell you to go over and look at Vox Day’s blog, but I don’t hate anybody badly enough to tell them that.

        • ChrisTS

          You are a kind person.

          This whole ‘take it BAAAACK’ thing – in politics, gaming, sci-fi – it’s just pitiful. For Christ’s sake, did the guy completely miss LeGuin?

          • Ahuitzotl

            clearly, yes

          • Gabriel Ratchet

            Or Mary Shelley, come to that …

      • Besides, everyone knows that the doors worked by having two stagehands pull them apart at the appropriate time….

        • weirdnoise

          Part of the Federation full-employment plan, no doubt.

          • wca

            Redshirts had to have something to do when they weren’t getting killed by strange monsters.

            • Jordan

              They waited around getting coffee while the microwave Box gave them the answer.

          • Door Moochers….

        • ChrisTS

          And, frequently, doing it so badly one could see the wobble. Perhaps that was only the first season – low budget?

      • runsinbackground

        I also noticed that he claimed that “hard-SF” engineer-types were influenced by myths “steered by guys like [John W.] Campbell”, which considering the fact that he was a lifelong defender of slavery, opponent of research connecting tobacco use to cancer, and devotee of crackpot pseudoscientific schemes such as the Dean drive and the Hieronomous machine, sort of explains some things. Anyway, last time I checked Drake, Turtledove, Card, and even Niven were still getting work, so his point is stupid.

        • ChrisTS

          The whole mixing of “I understand myths and culture’ with ‘but I’m really only interested in engineering’ is rather odd.

          • matt w

            Well, now that I think of it, the disdain for social science is of a piece with the love for Campbell–he (and Campbell) aren’t interested in accurate understanding of culture and history.

        • Gabriel Ratchet

          Campbell was an early proponent of Dianetics as well, so we can at least partially blame him for Scientology as well.

        • Halloween Jack

          Usually when this sort of fan cites “engineers” he really means “Heinlein”, and when he talks about “Heinlein” he really means “only up to Starship Troopers“.

    • Cheap Wino

      Jesus, the main commenters (and authors) at that site are like babies. Every critique they offer basically boils down to I just want it my way and I hate you and want you to go away if I can’t get it my way. It’s worse than my just turned 9-year-old.

      So it’s not surprising that I came across something I’ve noticed amongst the sci-fi wars soldiers,an unspoken competition to have read the most difficult books at the youngest age. In another post at the site the author claims to have read The Hobbit in kindergarten and was in his sixth run through of Lord of the Rings by sixth grade. A commenter replies that he read Chronicles of Thomas Covenant in 5th grade.

      How pathetic. Hell, I read Have Spacesuit, Will Travel en utero and was birthed while on page 73 of The Forever War. Eat that you mindless peons.

      For being so smart a lot of these people sure do seem like stunted little children.

      • the author claims to have read The Hobbit in kindergarten and was in his sixth run through of Lord of the Rings by sixth grade

        I don’t think anyone has claimed that Tolkein’s work is particularly demanding, either in its prose style or its charcterisation. Somewhere in “Billion-Year Spree”, Brian Aldiss intersperses excerpts from LOTR and Peake’s “Gormenghast”, the latter to show how unexpected images and sentence structures can keep the readers thinking. One more reason to be grateful to Aldiss.

  • matt w

    That Brianna Wu threat is scary. The guy seems to be mentally ill, which doesn’t make him less of a threat, but the violently delusional often seem to target the objects of the Two-Minute Hate du jour. I guess “Brianna Wu crashed my car” is the new “Jews are controlling me through my fillings.”

    I hope that the authorities take this seriously and that Wu is able to return to a normalish life sometime soon.

    • Hell, what makes it really scary is that the cops never take these things seriously. Eventually, one of the Gators is going to actually kill someone, and the cops will shrug and say, “Magnets, how do they work?”

      I reckon the only way to get cops to care about threats on the Internet is for them to be the ones being threatened. :/

      • Malaclypse

        A possibly happy update.

        • ChrisTS

          That is good. I suspect this also overlaps with /baphomet/ loonies publishing SSNs and credit card numbers, as well as doxxing A judge and several LEOs.

  • so-in-so

    Well, at the least they need to investigate the street racing confession, unless that’s now legal in MA. Then, who street races in their Mom’s Prius? How sad is that!

    Also, this guy actually makes threatening remarks while waving a fake gun, on video and – nothing. Twelve year old black kid carries his fake gun to the park…

    • ChrisTS

      Yup. Also, although Wonkette does not note this, he claims it was his mother’s car, which he did not have permission to drive much less total.

  • Gwen

    Referring to ParkourDude91, the threatening-video-maker: “In the past he referred to himself as a juggalo (an Insane Clown Posse Fan), but these days says he’s a Gamergate supporter.”

    Is it not possible for one to be both a Juggalo and a GamerGate supporter?

    OTOH, most Juggalos I know of are respectable adults. So there’s that.

    (I have to admit that I giggle a little everytime I see that “f*ing magnets, how do they work?” video).

    • I believe that ‘parkour’ is the equivalent of ‘hot supermodel girlfriend’ for under-16s.

  • ChrisTS

    My votes:

    1) Not a Poe, but a disturbed person egged on by others.

    2) Definitely a Poe.

    3) Unclear. Could be garden-variety MRA/PUA (the “cappuchino”is a clue), or could be garden variety dolt.

    • Architects don’t drink cappuccino, but they always set their tea square on the table.

      • Hogan

        Oh you.

      • ChrisTS

        Ta Da! What is a cappuchino? Head of a pair of beige pants?

        • A Beijing mafioso.

          • matt w

            Breakfast cereal for South American monkeys.

            (UPDATE: Aw, shucks, shares an etymology.)

            • A small revolt against small hats.

  • Barry Freed

    Glad to see that crazy link made it to the blog.

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