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The Most Dominant Performance in NFL History


Seattle 28
Green Bay 22


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  • thebewilderness

    We were not amused until the onside kick. At that point it did become hilarious.

    • wjts

      Au contraire. The Seattle Seahawks’ Clown-Time Footballing Show was hilarious. The denouement – by contrast – was funny, but it wasn’t ha-ha funny.

      • Kurzleg

        I think you meant that the denouement was tragic. Which it was.

        • wjts

          Almost certainly the nicest embodiment of hubris/nemesis I’ve seen in recent NFL games, yes.

      • thebewilderness

        I was not amused.

        • wjts

          Your comedic sensibilities are sorely lacking.

  • Kurzleg

    Pretty big joke by my Packers. Had Rodgers been healthy, it might have been different. Pretty conservative play calling in the 2nd half didn’t help, though. Nor did not going for it on 4th down at the goal line in the 1st quarter. I can sort of see the argument for the field goals, and if Bostick catches the on-side kick, it’s a moot point. Why Freeman didn’t try for a longer interception return if only to take time off the clock, I have no idea.

    ETA: the safety who wasn’t in the right place on the winning TD is a 3rd stringer. Pretty lame he’s even in the game.

  • calling all toasters

    The most amazing part: Ha Ha Clinton’s Dick should have had 4 interceptions just for playing his position.

    No, wait: the most amazing part was Mike McCarthy.

    • Kurzleg

      Yeah, and then there’s that. And it would have been a pick-six for sure. But the Packers offense did not capitalize on all the great opportunities they were given. That was in part due to conservative play calling and in part due to Rodgers not being able to run. (That first down on the tying drive at the end of the game showed how much room he had to run more or less the entire game.)

    • Kurzleg

      Also, I thought McCarthy and staff had a pretty good game plan on both sides, and the team was clearly ready to play. But the play calling got conservative in the 2nd half, I thought.

  • John Protevi

    No pity from me for a coach who leaves 8 points on the board in the first quarter.

    • Kurzleg

      No shit. That ticked me off too. My only hedge is that with Seattle’s D, points are hard to come by. But I would have preferred he go for it.

      • Scott Lemieux

        My only hedge is that with Seattleā€™s D, points are hard to come by.

        Every time I hear this argument, the less sense it makes to me. If points are hard to come by, doesn’t that make it even more beneficial to go for the TD?

        • wjts

          Maybe if you think of it as a 0% chance to lose 3 points vs. a 45% chance (or worse) to lose seven?

          • Scott Lemieux

            But you’re also sticking Seattle at the 1/2 yard line if you don’t make it, which is why it’s such a no-brainer.

            • wjts

              You are, but given the quality of Seattle’s defense, “take the money and run” doesn’t strike me as indefensible.

            • LosGatosCA

              On the first 4th down it was their 2nd trip inside the red zone. McCarthy may have been thinking more of the emotional downside than anything else.

              You (not McCarthy) may be thinking I’ll be down here 6 times during the game, I can expect to score 4 times and 2 other times I turn it over on downs then I’ll have 28 points instead of 18. The problem is that if the first two times are the empty ones, the next 4 may never materialize. Playing from behind is different than playing from ahead. The team may feel more psychological pressure if they experience the failures first.

              Keeping the crowd quiet may be more valuable in fact than the possibility of the 4 points.

              Just because a quiet road crowd doesn’t show up on a stat sheet doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

              So, if your QB just threw an INT into the end zone on the last possession you might be concerned that avoiding another empty drive is paramount.

              This isn’t blackjack. The next card doesn’t just come to you. A turnover that can be returned, a hold to make a tougher field goal, the psychology of getting a lead vs getting stoned twice are real items to be valued as well.

    • Yeah, that was terrible coaching.

    • compared to a coach that allowed an opposing team to rack up 16 unanswered points?

      So, what successful team are you coaching?

      • Yes, who can criticize a coach unless they too are a successful professional coach!!!

        • wjts

          If you can prove that I’m not Mike Tomlin, I’ll give you a dollar.

          • rhino

            He said successful coach.

            • wjts

              If you’ve won more than two AFC championships and one Super Bowl, then I’ll give you a dollar.

      • ColBatGuano

        The longest drive of those 16 points was 57 yards.

  • Fighting Words

    Enough with the “No. 12” nonsense. That gimmick was old last year.

    • ColBatGuano

      That has been a “gimmick” for 30 years. You’re just now hearing about it.

      • Fighting Words

        Actually, it’s been longer, when Texas A&M did it first…

        • ColBatGuano

          So you’re saying your first complaint was ridiculous?

          • Fighting Words

            Naw, when I wrote the original post, they were interviewing Russell Wilson, who thanked the 12th Man, probably around 12 times (well, it seemed like it). I am just preparing myself for the next two weeks of 12th Man hype.

            Which is kind of weird because (although I don’t have the stats in front of me), it appears that Seattle had a lot more offsides and false start penalties than the Packers did, and good teams (the Packers and Patriots, among others), utilize the silent count so crowd noise is not much of a factor.

            • ColBatGuano

              Yeah, they did jump more than the Packers, but the home field advantage in Seattle is fairly well established.

              • Karate Bearfighter

                It’s the NFL; everyone has a home field advantage. 4 teams had better road than home records this year, and 21 had better home than road records. Seattle went 7-1 at CenturyLink because they have an amazing defense and Marshawn Lynch — the same reason they went 5-3 on the road.

  • yanno what? second guessing the coaching is easy. So you guys, I guess, are on raw short list for GC in row nexr seasons of football?

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