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A Word for Student Activist Groups


This little piece on the United Students Against Sweatshops chapter at the University of Washington reminded of the importance of these student groups in fostering young activists against the systems of exploitation that dominate our world today. There are fewer groups like this on college campuses than you’d think–I’ve seen not one iota of left activism at URI in my 3+ years there and while something could be happening that I don’t know about, I’ve not seen a flyer, chalking, or any other evidence. Yet these groups really can spawn lifelong commitment to positive change. The group I was involved at the University of Tennessee back in the 90s today consists of union organizers, community organizers, and whatever it is that I do. These groups are really important and deserve our attention and support when we can give it.

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  • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

    Considering that groups like the college Republicans exist almost everywhere and have not become any less awful since Karl Rove was spreading their manure, these groups are doubly important.

  • Jackov

    I would assume the lack of campus activism is, in part, related to the rise in the cost of attendance. If a third of the undergraduates are working 15+ hours per week there is less time for meaningful involvement.

    • Nah, I don’t think that has too much to do with it. I think most kids don’t see any of this as relevant to their lives, even if they aren’t working.

  • Marek


  • hylen

    . . . and whatever it is that I do.

    LOL. Something involving dead horses, no?

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