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“With very best wishes. I look forward to seeing you in London! Yours ever Tony Blair.”


Jimmy Carter may have been well to the right of the Democratic majority in Congress and tried to create policy from such an untenable position.

Bill Clinton may have signed NAFTA, created Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and ushered in welfare “reform.”

Barack Obama may not have lived up to the dreams of those naive enough to believe any president could bring in hope and change.

But at least the Democratic Party has never elected someone as antithetical to its core principles as the British Labour Party and Tony Blair, who is a terrible human being.

Tony Blair gave Kazakhstan’s autocratic president advice on how to manage his image after the slaughter of unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.

In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbayev, obtained by The Telegraph, Mr Blair told the Kazakh president that the deaths of 14 protesters “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress” his country had made.

Mr Blair, who is paid millions of pounds a year to give advice to Mr Nazarbayev, goes on to suggest key passages to insert into a speech the president was giving at the University of Cambridge, to defend the action.

Mr Blair is paid through his private consultancy, Tony Blair Associates (TBA), which he set up after leaving Downing Street in 2007. TBA is understood to deploy a number of consultants in key ministries in Kazakhstan.

Human rights activists accuse Mr Blair of acting “disgracefully” in bolstering Mr Nazarbayev’s credibility on the world stage in return for millions of pounds.

The letter was sent in July 2012, ahead of a speech being given later that month by Mr Nazarbayev at the University of Cambridge.

A few months earlier, on December 16 and 17 2011, at least 14 protesters were shot and killed and another 64 wounded by Kazakhstan’s security services in the oil town of Zhanaozen. Other protesters, mainly striking oil workers, were rounded up and allegedly tortured.

Tony Blair is like the love child of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Lanny Davis. Combine neoliberal economic policies, warmongering, and profiting off of advising dictators and you have quite the individual.

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  • BubbaDave

    I think we all need to remember the wisdom of The Doubleclicks’ Oh, Mr. Darcy:

    If you meet a gentleman hailing from England
    Don’t be so impressed; hold on to your heart
    Just because a guy has a British accent
    Does not mean he’s witty or decent or smart.

  • DrS

    He’d still be considered too liberal for the ferguson police department.

    • sleepyirv

      I always considered Tony Blair as trying to out-Clinton Clinton and succeeding.

      • DrDick


    • Phil Perspective

      Can you imagine any supposed “liberal” US musician tweeting that link and calling Clinton a scum on par with what Blair is now? Because Robyn Hitchcock and Johnny Marr RT’d Greenwald’s(yes, him) tweet of the Torygraph story about Blair.

      • Barry Freed

        Glad to hear it, I loves me some Robyn Hitchcock.

    • Marc

      I view a contribution to a charity as rather different than personal enrichment through fees, and I view crony capitalism as different from public relations management for a dictator.

  • DocAmazing

    I guess Labour can’t claim Trevelyan, so they’re doing what they can.

  • Lee Rudolph

    I don’t know if it’s because of something Farley’s done or what, but no matter how many times I refresh the page, in the quotation from Blair that constitutes the title of the post my browser persists in rendering “Hell” as “London”.

    • Warren Terra


  • wengler

    I’m just surprised that Tony Blair beat Lanny Davis in the race to represent Kazakhstan.

  • John Protevi

    the love child of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Lanny Davis

    I don’t mind if at some time in the future you use the words that make up this sentence, but please do not use them in this order or any other order that carries the same meaning and evokes the same mental image. kthxbye

    • elm

      How about, “George W. Bush, child of the Bill Clinton/Lanny Davis love?”

      • John Protevi

        Can’t we have *that* be the love that dare not speak its name?

  • Bruce Vail

    I really think you are giving Bill Clinton short shrift here. The grift ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ has been scouring the world for years in search of criminal governments and worse corporations that will give other peoples’ money to the family’s private charity (themselves).

    • Phil Perspective

      Why? It seems a lot of Democrats either don’t know, or don’t care, and are perfectly willing to elect his wife as president. If you believe all the polls.

    • Warren Terra

      Um the CGI actually does good work, and the money actually doesn’t go to the Clintons (some of it, or money collected alongside of it, has wound up in the pockets of their cronies). The Clintons have used their fame and profile to become massively wealthy, and still moreso to enjoy the perks of wealth by mooching off the truly wealthy, and the CGI is insufferably smug and has been a boon to the Clintons’ networking efforts (if nothing else, it gives them a venue to schmooze with right-wing magnates and third-world dictators they otherwise couldn’t be seen with), but it hasn’t been a con job, nor has it directly lined their pockets.

      • Marc

        Why let facts get in the way of a magnificent “they’re all the same” posture?

  • guthrie

    But you don’t understand, the Reverend Tony is working with despicable people in order to guide their footsteps back onto the path of righteousness. So don’t judge them!

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  • Barry Freed

    Well I guess I’ll be nixing that job application I was working on for a support position at a university with said president’s name.

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  • divadab

    Nice resume, Mr. Blair – war criminal, friend and ally of war criminals, liar in the service of war crimes, and now paid publicist to brutal dictators.

    Methinks Mr. Blair, an avowed “christian”, worships at the altar of the anti-Christ, for who is the father of all lies?

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