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Excessive Force on the Border


Terrific reporting from Dara Lind here.

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  • GoDeep

    It was pretty terrifying to read about helicopters chasing border crossers with rifle fire. Seriously WTF.

  • L2P

    I dunno, this seems like pretty mediocre reporting.

    Is use of force up or down since 2005? What about deadly force? How many incidents per agent? Per crosser? Higher or lower than a decade ago? Is it increasing or decreasing? How’s it compare to local law enforcement?

    Blood sells, but it’d be nice to get a little context.

    • Theo

      You’re not falling in line with the narrative, L2P. Do you require reprogramming?

    • rea

      Killing someone other than in response to deadly force is murder, even if you are a LEO.

      • Theo

        Hear, hear!

  • Drew

    I’ve heard horror stories about Canadian border patrol but they’ve been alright in my experience. Last time I drove to Toronto (I used to live in upstate New York, drove to Toronto to see Louis CK) some Canadian dude sitting in a booth listlessly asking a couple questions. Coming back, the fucking American border patrol gave me the third degree. And I’m white! Fucking pacing around my car and acting like an obnoxious alpha male stereotype.

    • Hogan

      I was asked some questions on a train to Montreal. I can read upside down, so I looked at the guy’s printout and saw that the SSN for the Hogan he had on his list wasn’t mine, so I pointed that out (“These are not the Hogans you’re looking for,” I said with a wave of my hand–this very hand) and he let me go.

      • Lee Rudolph

        I can read upside down

        Also a very useful skill in the more common experience of being on one side of a desk where the boss is on the other side with papers spread in front of him.

        After I had to start wearing bifocals, though, it wasn’t feasible—the contortions to get into position were a bit of a tell.

    • I’ve had mixed results on both the Canadian and US side of the crossing. It seems to depend on who you get and what kind of mood their in that day.

      I’ve had the 3rd degree from the Canadians and been waved through by the Americans – and vice versa.

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