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Wherefore By Their Untruths Ye Shall Know Them


The Tea Partier Maine’s electorate elevated to the governor’s office in of its more dubious judgments has some things to say that are presumably not intended as factual statements:

“Number two, when you talk about workforce development, it really means that the people that — about 47 percent of able-bodied people in the state of Maine don’t work,” LePage said. A woman can then be heard on the recording reacting to that figure, to which LePage reiterated “About 47 percent. It’s really bad.”

I won’t call this a “lie” because I suspect he’s convinced himself that this is actually true.

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  • junker

    Well, it’s possible that at SOME POINT, 47% of able-bodied people in Maine won’t work. We therefore rate this Mostly true.

    • JoyfulA

      That 47% is everyone in Maine under age 15 and over age 70.

    • Night-time is the laziest time.

  • snarkout

    47% is probably an exaggeration, but I bet when you factor in full-time students, retirees, prisoners, illegal aliens bussed in by ACORN to rig Maine’s vote last year, the people who stole LePage’s strawberries, ruthless Islamofascist infiltrators in sleeper cells waiting to be activated, etc. you’re getting pretty close.

    • Bill Murray

      don’t forget the 61.9% of the voters that voted for a different candidate

      • efgoldman

        And this wacko could get re-elected if the Dem candidate and the vanity candidate split the non-wacko vote again.

    • Hogan

      Labor force participation rate in Maine for those over 15 is 65%. I take it that includes the, um, less able-bodied.

    • L2P

      I’m trying to figure out where that figure comes from. How do you possibly get to 47%? Is it that only 47% of Maine residents are full-time workers? Or only 47% are “employees”? (The rest being some mix of independent contractors/self-employed/not working)?

      I’m really curious.

      • If you even ask where this number comes from you are playing in the wrong league.

        • Hogan

          Yeah, it sounds like he got his index cards shuffled. As we all know, that number originally came out of the Heritage Foundation’s collective ass.

          • Hope he was handling them with glives.

            • herr doktor bimler

              Aimai misspelled ‘olives’.

              • Hogan

                I thought she meant gyves. Or maybe greaves.

                • Djur

                  I believe it’s glaives. Heritage Foundationers should be handled via glaives.

              • efgoldman

                That’s because she posted herself, rather than let her autocorrect do it.

              • Tobey

                herr doktor bimler – I’ve been laughing at your joke for about five minutes. Thank you.

      • snarkout

        ACORN had to bus in a lot of illegal aliens to deliver the state to the Kenyan usurper.

      • brad

        Atlantis is off the Maine coast, underwater, and a few years back the seasonal lobster harvesters decided not to go back to their evil Queen and have been living lives of desperate, unemployed, poverty on the beaches and in the coves.
        It’s still dishonest of LePage to count them, tho, as they’re not citizens or legal residents, and aren’t really being given any state aid.

        (Fine, you come up with a better explanation.)

        • Rigby Reardon

          I would totally read that book.

          • Ahuitzotl

            Talk to Steven King (no, the sane one who only writes about monsters)

        • herr doktor bimler

          I blame employers discriminating against the Innsmouth Look.

      • carolannie1949

        47% came from figures that show that portion of Americans who don’t pay FEDERAL INCOME taxes. It has nothing to do with anything except that they are too poor to pay FEDERAL INCOME taxes: retired, old, working families, etc. Then it becomes a magical number, like, oh, we don’t use 90% of our brain, or less than 10% of a cave system has been explored, etc etc. It is a meme

        • Bill Murray

          and was from the height of the downturn, too

    • Jo

      Forget LePage’s strawberries. What about the five pounds of cheese? I bet that was GOVERNMENT cheese, too.

  • Mondfledermaus

    Just keep in mind that Maine was kicked out of Massachusetts for a reason…

    • Warren Terra

      New Hampshire?

    • rea

      Maine was kicked out of Massachusetts for a reason

      So that Missouri could be admitted to the Union as a slave state?

    • Hogan

      The Missouri Compromise: the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Goddamned Mike Matheny.

  • DrS

    What means “able bodied” with respect to work these days? It’s not even close to the #1 critereon to determine employability, even in jobs that have a large physical component.

    As always, those who are unable to secure employment are the ones who are at fault.

    • njorl

      Well, since only 49% of the population are not employed, that leaves 2% of the population as not able bodied. Mainers are a wonder. Even their toddlers and nonagenarians are able bodied.

  • Joshua

    Even if this were 100% factually correct – that nearly 1/2 of the people who could work in Maine do not – whose fault would it be? Are jobs in Maine widely available across all income groups and education levels? Are employers actively hiring?

  • Warren Terra

    Politifact gives this assertion two thumbs up and a grinning Jiminy Cricket ™.

  • Hogan

    When I was in Maine this summer I didn’t hear anyone calling him Governor LePetomaine. I assume it’s just a matter of time.

  • LeftWingFox

    People desperately trying to believe they live in an Ayn Rand novel, rather than a Steinbeck novel.

    • Hell, life here is starting to look more like a Jack London novel.

    • delurking

      This is certainly true here in Arkansas.

    • Keaaukane

      I like that turn of phrase, and plan to steal it ruthlessly.

      • Looter.

        • Ahuitzotl

          I didnt think he even owned a lute

    • chris

      And if they get their way, we’ll all be living in a Dickens novel.

  • David W.

    It sounds like a remake of the stupid “We are the 53%” line to me, given who said it.

    • DrDick

      I think we just need to conclude that math also has a well known liberal bias.

  • Well, whoopsy daisy this explains a lot:

    conservative Informed Women’s Network…

    Why do I imagine a talking dog lecturing to an audience entirely composed of shrieking, hissing, clawing, scaled dragons? With tea cups in front of them?

    • Oh hell, that was me.

    • MAJeff

      The Ladies Against Women?

    • DrDick

      Actually less terrifying than the reality.

    • herr doktor bimler

      Why do I imagine a talking dog lecturing to an audience entirely composed of shrieking, hissing, clawing, scaled dragons?
      Because you are familiar with Ralph Steadman’s illustrations?

      • Ahuitzotl

        or have access to the late Doctor Thompson’s drug supply

  • Todd

    Was Maine the State where roving bands of black people from the mysterious hinterlands showed up on election day (the primary I think), according to the State Republican Party chairman?

  • Ni Hao Lao Wai

    I’m going to be so excited when Paul LePage wins reelection with 35% of the vote while Eliot Cutler enjoys his narcissistic second run for governor.

  • Davis X. Machina

    Wait till he’s re-elected. Carter and Michaud split the non-Lepage vote, and Landslide LePage gets a second term.

    The cultural divide between the two Democratic* candidates is such that I don’t see a truce and tactical voting of the kind that sent Angus King to DC.

    Elliot Cutler is a party-like-it’s-1992 Concord-Coalition-style my-party-left-me third-way-neoliberal. He’s green enough, and 21st-century enough for the salt-water-Volvos-and-MPBN vote to go to him, including what’s left of the sane, goo-goo Republican vote.

    Michaud is a union member (Paperworkers) but he is also pro-life, has a lifetime 92% NRA rating, and the only Blue Dog Democratic rep left in New England.

    LePage could easily win again with a sub-40% plurality.

    (*Cutler was a Muskie staffer, worked in the Carter White House…)

    • Davis X. Machina

      In other words:

      IGA shoppers go for Michaud.

      Whole Earth and Trader Joe’s shoppers go for Cutler.

      LePage voters are living off the survival bars in their go-bags.

      • PSP

        “Whole Earth and Trader Joe’s shoppers go for Cutler”

        I suspect that would be signifigantly less than 5% of the vote in Maine. Maybe not that much, google indicates one of each store in the state.

    • snarkout

      Except that polling shows Cutler dropping to less than 20% of the vote (with Michaud edging LePage) already. Libby Mitchell was clearly just a terribly weak candidate, and Michaud is not.

      • Davis X. Machina

        That’s before Cutler starts running ads against Michaud — he won’t bother running any against LePage, the man’s self-attacking.

      • Davis X. Machina

        Mitchell was a former state Senate president and state House speaker. Jean Hay Bright, she’s not.

    • efgoldman

      Wait till he’s re-elected.

      I don’t even live there, but I will hold you and Redshirt personally responsible.

  • J R in WV

    How long until Mitt sues this guy for stealing Mitt’s copyrighted 47& datum?

    ‘Cause that’s where this number came from – the secretly taped private fund-raising meeting in a supporter’s living room.

    You can’t just steal a great election-winning factoid like that! You have to pay Willard for it!!

    • UserGoogol

      Mitt Romney didn’t invent the 47% meme, it had been floating around in conservative communities for a while.

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