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The Republican Fight Song


Woody Guthrie summed up the 2013 Republican Party without knowing it.

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  • newsouthzach

    Oh? Well, if Democrats are so great, then why did Obama just cave to legislative pressure and agree to remove the Barrycades from all the war memorials as early as tomorrow? Explain that, Mr. Ivory Tower Intellectual!

    • Amok92

      Also the stock for all the companies that make barrycades & barry-cades are going to collapse tomorrow #OBummerBust

  • Hogan

    The House just did the right thing with 3/5ths of the House Republicans. Wait, that reminds me of something . . . .

    • Actually, with less than 2/5 of the Republicans.

      What a gang of assholes they are, really. Just amazing.

      • That will be my last ex cathedra post for a while. (Scutters away blushing while struggling to detach the clerical collar.)

        • You could use “The Least Reverend Lee” as a nym for a while.

      • Hogan

        Drunk math–not my best thing.

    • Craigo

      The House just did the right thing

      My bookmarks must be broken.

      • Craigo

        That might be oblique, so here’s this. I’m sure Malacypse could supply enough quotes for a sequel.

        • Malaclypse

          Jennie’s not even worth bookmarking. Most of mine are the sadly missing Brad Potts.

  • Snuff curry
  • Keaaukane

    Is Jen-Bob a real person, or just something the blog operators made up?

    Cuz he’s so wrong so often, he’s like a pro wrestling bad guy. I’m starting to wonder if reality is fixed.

    • Ken

      As a very wise man once said, reality has a liberal bias.

  • Linnaeus

    His machine kills fascists.

  • Jestak

    That is amazingly spot-on. Of course, Woody was amazing, period.

    • Anna in PDX

      I love “I’m an organized famine”

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