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“Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Have a Sense of Humor About Themselves…”


In context of this, it’s really worth watching the whole clip, but especially at the 8:50 point:

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  • Mudge

    Althouse seems quite impressed with herself and I guess it must be nice to have a slave-troll like Meade to defend her virtue, but I cannot remember her saying anything remotely interesting in all of her self proclaimed 7 years of political commentary. Maybe now she will be able to spend less time obsessing about links and comments. As a UW graduate, she is an embarrassment. She and Reynolds should be embarrassments to the academic legal community (I defer to Campos).

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      She did get a guest gig writing op-eds for the New York Times, which still amazes me.

      • Scott Lemieux

        And I could never decided which was worse — her completely inept attempts to defend the new Harry Blackmun Sam Alito, or the one with no content whatsoever. I guess the latter; trying to defend the GOP party line she’s merely dull and uninformed, but when she tries to be funny hide the kids.

      • Mudge

        And Ross Douthat, David Brooks, Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman still have gigs there. Strange she couldn’t crack that stellar lineup.

    • Warren Terra

      What’s William “Colonel Mustard” Jacobsen? Chopped Liver?

  • John Protevi

    Man, that Robert Wright is one cruel bastard, leading that poor soul on like that. Someone with a heart would have ended the thing early for her sake. But not him.

    • witless chum

      His facial expressions are really classic ‘I’m on a bus with a crazy person talking to me, where is my stop? Oh, the Illuminati now? Oh boy. Maybe I should just walk an extra mile or two.’

    • Winebox Annie 4evah

      He gave Kaus the same treatment during his Senate run. It’s a real skill to give someone just enough rope to hang from and then participate in the execution!

    • Barry

      Actually, I took him to be a POS ‘both sides do it’ maggot.

      • commie atheist

        Oh, absolutely not. His disgust with Althouse is very skillfully hidden, but it’s there.

        • commie atheist

          Also, he takes a few subtle jabs at her that she totally and completely misses.

        • Uncle Ebeneezer

          I wouldn’t say disgust. Bob has a soft spot for contrarians. He used to work at The New Republic and pal’d around with Kinsley and Kaus who are both still good friends. When BHTV started it was just him debating Mickey which I think was attractive to Bob because they had an Odd Couple chemistry but also offered a pretty weak opponent. Mickey would usually talk in circles while Bob tried to point out all the apparent contradictions but Mickey would just be oblivious to it. Now that Mickey has left BHTV, Althouse is the obvious replacement. A sloppy, inconsistent (and even dishonest) thinker but someone that Bob seems to like as a person even though he usually seems to find her positions almost as ridiculous as we do. But he definitely likes having her on. A couple years ago, he used to tape monologues where he would solicit ideas and improvements from the regular commenters. Many of us begged him to stop inviting Althouse on, but he would always defend her as “interesting.” I think he probably enjoys the page-hits that her little fandom brings. Her fans come onto BH and complain that it is this ridiculous left-wing echo-chamber, that needs to have more conservative viewpoints represented (you know the same complaint wingnuts make on pretty much every site.) And Bob would take them seriously and essentially bend over backwards to try to appease them. Again, it’s that New Republic fetish for compromise and accommodation. He will strenuously disagree with conservatives and offer pretty excellent liberal rebuttals, but where most of us have that ability to at some point realize that wingnuts are incapable of honest debate and simply choose to walk away, he gets sucked back in.

          • Fascinating. Here’s the thing about this style of discussion/reportage. Liberals are committed to acting as though there can be good faith counter part discussions with conservatives. Conservatives are committed to destroying all alternative forms of information and discussion. So liberals will bring on an endless stream of right wing commenters, hatchet men, paid propagandists, and contortionists and let them shit all over every discussion and smile and even pay these guys for the pleasure of their company. While the right goes out and hires someone to play the liberal and get his/her teeth kicked in on an irregular basis.

            To the extent there was any kind of real liberal/progressive media it should really spend all its time and energy talking to the left and expanding discussion leftwards and either ignoring or pillorying the right. We have zero to learn from these people that they aren’t giving away for free (i.e. their strategies) and as for everything else–from policy to morality? We have no need for their input anymore.

  • timb

    I think he was surprised she just kept going on and on. By the way, I’m no prude, but I would like to know when this alleged “circle jerk” is gonna start so I can be elsewhere. You guys can do whatever you want, but that’s not my thing

    • elm

      Just for the giant cocoon. Apparently, we’re going into our cocoon to have the circle jerk, so if you just stay away from all giant cocoons, you should be OK.

      (Actually, I think that rule is generally applicable…)

      • elm

        Just *look* for the giant cocoon. Sigh. Not enough caffeine, I guess.

    • Uncle Ebeneezer

      Careful, you’re starting to sound like the Heretic. You don’t even want to know the role that the Heretic plays in the Circle Jerk.

      I love when Conservatives point at Liberals and claim that we are the ones that are on constant lookout for heretics. The lack of self-awareness from these people who incessantly use the term RINO to describe anyone to the left of James Inhoffe, is truly rich.

      • timb

        I was listening to Laura Ingraham in the car and she was hectoring some Representative about Boehner. I turned to the local show and the hose and Michael Ledeen were hectoring each other about Boehner.

        The republican base thinks completely alike at all times. After all, who besides them and Dan Abrams, is actually watching the Zimmerman trial?

    • circle of jerks (duo)

    • DrS

      Maybe this is what she was meaning re: “cracker”?

  • witless chum

    That’s a classic. Leaving aside the blogfighty stuff, I love the “tribal” thing about the Madison protesters and Althouse’s honest-looking incomprehension that Wright would come compare the Teahadis to them. I’m not clear how not-white the Wisconsin protesters were, but Althouse clearly has some sort of very strong us/not us reaction to the two groups. Somehow two groups of people can do very similar things and there’s a huge difference between them, but she either doesn’t want to admit that difference is ideology or she honestly doesn’t care about ideology and just sees the Tea Party as her sort and the lefty protestors as not. The Teahadis would never beat drums!

    The clip really reinforces that Althouse does really seem to be who she presents herself as. I get the impression she honestly doesn’t get why liberals can’t stand her and may really believe that Farley doesn’t like her because he’s a Puritan and doesn’t like people who drink wine.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      re: the protestors in WI: there were plenty of people Althouse would have blended in with, had she wanted to. It’s ideology, she won’t admit it, is all

    • Barry

      Witless, do you understand that Ann Althouse is a rather virulent right-winger? Her line about voting for Democrats is like Kaus.

      • witless chum

        Yeah, I know that, but I’m not 100 percent sure that she knows that. Maybe that’s an act, but she comes off as so devoid of self-awareness about a thousand other things, that I almost want to believe that she really thinks in her heart of hearts that she’s a moderate centrist who just happens to agree with the Republicans about everything, but she’s different than them because….hey look Bill Clinton!

        She’s not your standard issue righty, so I’m puzzled. Call me a fan of the grotesque, but I think Judge Thomas is a fascinating dude. Pernicious, but fascinating.

  • Can anyone summarize? That player doesn’t seem to work on my machine…

    • Another Anonymous

      You lucky, lucky man. Live Althouse is proven to kill more brain cells than cheap bourbon.

      • DrDick

        This is exactly why I refuse to watch it.

    • JWR

      Scott S: Same problem here, but here’s what I did.. I clicked over to Blogging Heads TV, where video played, then came back here. All better. HTH.

  • Anonymous

    I love the part where she says the left’s bloggers are all crybabies, then complains that she got called names.

    I also like the part where she starts off by saying she voted for Obama and mostly votes Democratic, but then tries mightily to paint liberals as Alien.

    • Anonymous

      I love the part where she says the left’s bloggers are all crybabies, then complains that she got called names.

      Reminds me of that classic Ann Coulter quote … paraphrasing … “Liberals are [slur], [overgeneralization], [slander], [ad hominem], [etc], [etc], and name-callers.”

      Totally without any self-awareness.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    How did she become known in the first place? So many worthy blogs out there nobody’s heard of, and yet…

    • Royko

      You know, there seems to be an audience for the “liberal” who hates liberals. It’s an audience that seems consumed by a desire to hippy punch, because those hippies, man are they dirty, but I suspect on some level they also get off on having the conservative Id coursing through their veins without wanting to admit it publicly.

      Still, yeah, why her? She seems to loony to affect reasonableness, yet too bland to stoke conservative fever dreams. She’s Sarah Palin on Valium (wine?) with the volume turned down to 2.

      • Barry

        “You know, there seems to be an audience for the “liberal” who hates liberals. ”

        What puzzles me is that I’d never heard *anybody* describe Ann Althouse as a liberal, or who even mentioned an attempt by her to claim that she was a liberal.

        • sharculese

          Althouse’s origin story is that she’s a former liberal who became a ‘reasonable moderate’ who only by coincidence agrees completely with the GOP party line, and before she pulled her little Sir Robin act there were a lot of commenters there who seemed to buy into it totally, and would crow about how she pisses off liberals because they can’t stand that she escaped from the plantation.

          • And that’s the significance of her crowing about that weird, made up, aphorism that “conservatives want to convert and leftists want to find heretics.” She sees herself as a welcomed friend to a converting community, excoriated by her former peers who hereticked her right off the plantation. She doesn’t grasp, because as sharculese shows she’s utterly without self awareness or even ordinary awareness, that no one makes fun of her because they think of her as an apostate–they make fun of her because she’s so transparently foolish and incoherent and, where she sides with the right wing, just wrong.

            • commie atheist

              “Where she sides with the right wing” – namely, always and all the time. The comparison with Kaus is apt, as he’s also a “liberal” who happens to agree with rightwingers always and all the time.

  • Shalimar

    But, but, but, but, but, but she blocked comments from all the loser jerks out there like you (and me), whereas you banned and deleted comments from the only person in the world wonderful enough to deserve commenting privileges. Why can’t you see how that makes what you did much worse than what she did?

  • Glad to see that LGM got on the bannedwagon so far ahead of idiots who want to nuke Mecca.

    The best Althouse link:

    One of the main things that draws me to writing about something is the desire to make fun of people who are taking themselves too seriously, like those bloggers who were so dorkily proud to be lunching with Clinton.

    • Trollhattan

      Huh, that’s extra-stretchy, even for Winebox Annie. Now the critical question: were onion rings served at said Clinton lunch?

      • MAJeff

        No, but somebody wore a sweater that didn’t hide the fact she had breasteses.

    • commie atheist

      Damn liberals can’t take a joke. But if they tell a joke about Althouse being a drunkblogger, that’s just being nasty and mean. Deleting Meade’s priceless comments and banning him from LG&M is wrong; but closing off your entire blog to all commenters but Meade is OK. There’s a word for someone who thinks that way, but I can’t think of what it is right now.

  • Nick056

    I kind of like her admission one day, during the Fluke thing, that she tapes Limbaugh and listens to him later. What kind of fanatic actually … tapes Rush Limbaugh? I get listening in the car; I get listening during a ludovico treatment; I don’t get taping him.

    It was then I knew she was deranged.

    • TribalistMeathead

      A Luddite fanatic.

  • sharculese

    Why does she always wear those fucking scarves? Does she think it’s some sort of urban camo that protects her from anyone noticing that she’s super boring?

    • Lee Rudolph

      Perhaps she fancies herself the Isadora Duncan of the blogosphere?

      • Then may we wish upon her an emulation of Sept 14, 1927

    • Bill Murray

      she’s got Reagan neck

      • sharculese

        Damn you, jelly bean flavored wine!

        • Bill Murray

          was that a Bartles and James flavor?

          • wjts

            Boone’s Farm, surely?

            • The Dark Avenger

              Where will you go with your scarves and your miracles?
              Who’s gonna know who you are?
              Drugs and wine and flattering light
              You must try it again till you get it right
              Maybe you’ll end up with someone different every night.

            • DrDick

              Annie Greensprings, I believe.

    • Those scarves are pretty much mandatory in the ‘burbs, especially if you’re wearing a tight top, which why would you not wear a tight top, are you trying to look frumpy?

    • Ronan

      Not that anyone cares, but I have to say I like the scarf. People should wear scarfs more often (and not only in the cold weather, as a good scarf is multi-seasonal)

      • Ronan

        ..the plural of scarf is scarves, I remember

        • Trollhattan

          Not if you’re eating ribs.

          • Ronan

            But it is if you’re eating with company, surely?

            • commie atheist

              Can one really “scarf” ribs? Maybe if they’re boneless, but…

              • Ronan

                Yeah you’d have to cut the meat from the rib first, or just knatter at it quickly, but then you’d be knattering more than scarfing

      • Malaclypse

        People should wear scarfs more often

        Only if they are from Gallifrey.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, you really expect me to slog through 9 minutes of Althouse’s drunk ravings to find…what?

    • Whoops! That was me, sorry.

      • commie atheist

        Just another excuse to point and laugh. Sometimes that’s the only thing that gets me through the day.

  • cpinva

    cleary LGM will disappear from the intertubes, ms.althouse shan’t be sending any more traffic your way!

    “Perhaps she fancies herself the Isadora Duncan of the blogosphere?”

    that won’t end well.

    • That depends on your perspective…

      • Woodrowfan

        oh, SNAP!

        • Auguste


        • delurking

          This made me LOL.

  • It had been a while since I’d looked at Althouse’s site, but then she was linked by a Glenn Reynolds piece that was discussed here. And it was wonderful. Only bspencer mentioned the great part, wherein Ann considered the possibility that Trayvon Martin had referred George Zimmerman as an “ass cracker“:

    The word “creepy” makes special sense if you reinterpret the “ass” to go with “cracker.” Martin said a man was following him, looking at him. He might have thought Zimmerman was a man out looking for sex and was watching him for that reason. What conversations had Martin had in the past with Jeantel about worries of this kind. She “had to think it might have been a rapist.”

    • I really wish Althouse would stick to mangling midwestern English.

  • advocatethis

    I thought it was revealing that she said that Rob links to her to draw traffic to this blog, suggesting that’s the only reason a blogger would link to another blog. Back in the day when I blogged regularly, it never occurred to me when I linked to another blog or site (and all sites had more traffic than my blog) that one of my goals, or even an unintended beneficial consequence, would be that I could draw traffic from the other site. Maybe I was being naive, but I think she revealed a lot more about her blogging motivations that she intended.

    • sharculese

      There’s a necessary premise for that argument, namely that writer’s who link unfavorably to Althouse know she’s incapable of not responding to any perceived attack on her, but that always seems to go mysteriously unstated…

    • The Internet…how does it work?

  • What I don’t get is the concept of having a comment section only open to one person. Does Meade get to do his own posts on her blog, ever? Or is this just some sort of weird public subordination thing?

    • commie atheist

      She’s probably going for something like this.

  • ChrisTS

    I’m going to stick my neck out, here.

    I dislike this woman (she’s insanely full of herself, for starters), and I cannot figure out what she thinks her politics are.

    On the other hand, I’m not very comfortable with the ‘alcoholic’ meme. I drink; I bet many of us commenting here drink. Why ride on her for something that may not be true (serious drunkard) or something (drinking) to which we generally do not object? Especially given that the mocking of someone who had a real drinking problem would probably offend most of us.

    Rag on the demonstrably true and genuinely objectionable crap she spews. There is plenty of ammunition lying out in plain sight (i.e., her site).

    • commie atheist

      I think that goes directly to the title of this post. She claims that people on the left “don’t have a sense of humor about themselves,” because they get on her case for the way she ridicules people she disagrees with, yet she is infuriated when people make stupid jokes about her (which probably just makes people want to do it more). If she had a serious drinking problem at some point then I would agree with you; but if she’s just (as she maintains) an occasional social drinker who writes as if she’s always half in the tank, and makes no sense most of the time, then who cares? It’s just a joke, and no worse than what she’s dished out herself.

      • ChrisTS

        I understand. But, living with a no-longer-drinking alcoholic makes me a tad sensitive on this. It seems like making fun of a person for being ‘retarded’ – forgetting that there are cognitively challenged real people whose situation is, at least, not a proper subject of mockery.

        Also, in my better moments [however rare and fleeting they may be], I try to resist becoming that which I detest.

        • I’d have to believe there was a pretty great person–great lawyer, great thinker, great human being who was being ruined by the drinking before I’d think it incumbent on me to pity them and, perhaps, to look away. But I don’t think she’s really a stone alcoholic. I think she is just a woman with a slightly slurred affect who writes like she was hit on the head.

          • ChrisTS

            Well, I do ‘pity’ – or, at least, have sympathy – for my family member who was addicted to booze.

            Sure, it was awful for the rest of us, but it was at least as awful, and more deadly, for the drunk.

            • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

              Well sure – probably because you think your family member was a pretty great person who was ruined by the drinking.

              I interpreted aimai’s comment to say that she doesn’t think Althouse had much to offer in that department – i.e., was never a “great lawyer, great thinker, great human being” to be ruined in the first place – and whose drinking therefore wasn’t worth more than a shrug and a passing thought.

              • The Dark Avenger

                Anyone, great or small, is ruined by being an alcoholic.

                OTOH, an asshole who drinks doesn’t quit being an asshole if all they do is quit drinking.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      I bet many of us commenting here drink.

      many of us comment here WHILE drinking.

      • Bill Murray

        you still have two hands? congrats

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          box of ’em in the kitchen cupboard.

      • DrS

        Naw, man. I gotta keep working on my bongos.

      • ChrisTS

        I assumed this was obvious, if not generally known. :-)

        • As the zombie well knows, there is no way I could get through the mound of decaying crap that is politics today without a Cuba Libre in a pint glass next to me.

      • Can’t stand people who drink…

        and don’t invite me along.

  • I only watched the beginning and the end of that episode, it was positively painful. But I do get the sense that Althouse is genuinely puzzled by everyone making fun of her. As far as she can see she is the center of a calm, intellectual, universe. Its everyone else who is strange. She’s honestly offended by the jokes about her drinking even though her affect is a little….uh…blurry? I don’t know whether she drinks to excess or not, actually, but she writes like she does and that is definitely worth making fun of. But I get the sense that she doesn’t have a wide circle of acquaintances and friends and the blog universe takes on a huge role in validating her. The part of the interview where she gets all excited about how it turned out that “politics” was happening “right in front of her” as though Wisconsin and, indeed, the entire country had not been having “politics” all around her for years was very revealing. Apparently she doesn’t know what politics is–she thinks its demonstrations and that law making that happens under cover of darkness and fucks people over without demonstrations isn’t really political or something.

    I thought that part of the interview revealed that she secretely believes, or rather knows, that she is one of the few real people in the universe. Maybe Glen Reynolds is another. And that if she doesn’t see or write about a thing its not really happening.

    • commie atheist

      At times she seems like a complete naif. Not knowing that “creepy-ass” is an actual phrase used by actual people? Or that conservatives are every bit as bad, if not worse, at enforcing orthodoxy than lefties? Normally I would call bullshit, but I think she really is that naive.

      • Goes to whiteness and suburbanness, your honor.

        She’s my age, or a bit older. She is in a sinecure in a Law School where she must clearly never allow herself to be challenged. She’s taken on the role of “mother” to her commenters and like a lot of women on the fringes of virulent MRA or Right Wing loser communities she has a welcome place as both tittilator and pacifier, explainer and teacher. She’s basically a right wing MILF with the accent on M. Her blog and its comments always read, to me, like a blogger version of a “talk dirty to me” sex hotline staffed by a frumpy housewife who moans on cue while actually being quite busy doing the laundry. I don’t think she knows it, though. She thinks she’s really their best friend and one of the “good ones”–good women, good “liberals” or good intellectuals who will be saved at the end.

        • Uncle Ebeneezer

          This is dead on. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point she tried to be a part of Liberal groups but didn’t get the respect that she thought she deserved. So she went to hang out with the right-wing loonies, where she can get attention and adulation without having to do the heavy-lifting of having consistency, intellectual curiosity, arguing in good-faith etc. She’s like the desperate divorcee who puts way too much effort into flirting with her son’s friends. And while doing so she’ll maintain that she’s a True Feminist and do it with a straight-face.

          • She’s an authoritarian follower who thinks she’s an iconoclast. That’s about the size of it.

        • oldster

          “She’s basically a right wing MILF with the accent on M. Her blog and its comments always read, to me, like a blogger version of a “talk dirty to me” sex hotline staffed by a frumpy housewife who moans on cue while actually being quite busy doing the laundry. I don’t think she knows it, though.”

          This is one of the most cruelly hilarious–or is it hilariously cruel?–comments I have ever read.

      • Royko

        At times she seems like a complete naif. Not knowing that “creepy-ass” is an actual phrase used by actual people? Or that conservatives are every bit as bad, if not worse, at enforcing orthodoxy than lefties? Normally I would call bullshit, but I think she really is that naive.

        Seriously, if she ever runs afoul of Malkin, she’s in for an eye-opening experience on the warm embrace of the right.

    • DrS

      She works at the university of Wisconsin -Madison.

      The capital of the state.

      Who would think that politics would happen there?

      • She teaches law, for christ’s sake, what does she think *thats* about?

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    I just kind of skimmed through the recent posts at her blog, and it seems just sort of sad. There’s n indication of any actual responses to her readers, there are not any ‘approved’ comments, and there’s no real thread through what she’s writing.

    More than anything, it reminds me of this.

    • Malaclypse

      Or The Donalde.

  • ChrisTS

    So, to be even more difficult, I will ask: do we think it is okay to mock person A for being a ‘retard,’ or ‘shizo,’ or ‘fatty’ because we dislike person A?

    You know, I get it: it’s fun to mock Alterhose as a drunk. But, there are real persons who actually are addicted to alcohol. Should we malign them by using their dreadful condition to mock someone we dislike?

    • I never saw any need to go to give her narcissism an excuse of alcohol dependency. It is probably equally terrible, but she kind of reminds me of Johnny or Edgar Winter. If you hear “Frankenstein” when you have to watch her podcats, it makes a lot of sense and also makes the pain a little more bearable.

    • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

      So, to be even more difficult, I will ask: do we think it is okay to mock person A for being a ‘retard,’ or ‘shizo,’ or ‘fatty’ because we dislike person A?

      There are plenty of commenters on this very blog who do think it’s perfectly fine to mock people for being fat – just read the comments on any of Paul’s BMI threads.

    • I’ve lost a family member to alcoholism, so I know why you’re sensitive to this. Let me put it this way: If she is an alcoholic, does that make her incoherent ranting and senseless commentary any less worthy of ridicule?

      Yeah, maybe if it were confirmed she is an alcoholic it would become “more mean” to mock her specifically for that, right now she writes as if she’s a drunk. Assuming she’s not (I don’t believe she actually is, mostly), mockery seems more tolerable. Maybe?

      Generally, we mock people for their stupidity and ridiculous behavior. If that’s simply part of their personality, the mockery is fine, but if it comes from a bottle, it’s not?

  • There’s nothing funner than a smart person pretending that a cretin has something interesting to say.

    Kudos, Mr. Wright. Well played.

  • funnier, even

    Sorry, dipped into the Althouse box-wine earlier.

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