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LGM Podcast: Canadian Security and Defence [sic] Policy


A couple days ago I sat down with Dr. Paul Mitchell of the Canadian Forces College to talk Canadian military and procurement policy. We went on a bit about general issues of Canadian strategy, followed that up with a long discussion of Canada’s relationship to the F-35 project, moved on to a discussion of the future of naval aviation, and concluded with a few words about Canadian perspectives on the “Pacific Pivot.”

All images courtesy of Wikipedia.

Here’s a link to the .mp3 version of this podcast.

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  • pigmund

    Canadian defense policy relies primarily on keeping Americans fat with Canadian bacon and maple syrup.

    • Ian

      After the US invoked Article 5 of the Washington Treaty Canada went to war on your behalf in Afghanistan. Canadian forces held down Kandahar, not the fun part of the war. 158 Canadian soldiers died in defence of your country.

    • For a small country Canada has sent a much larger percentage of their young off to foreign wars than we have.

      Go read about Vimy Ridge and Dieppe before you give the Canadians shit.

  • simple mind

    Canada needs to worry about its thousands of miles of new, unfrozen, arctic coastline and keeping the poachers/opportunists away from its resources with swift, maneuverable naval capabilities.

  • Rhino

    Seems to me that the Canadian relationship to the f35 project is roughly that of ‘mark’, ‘pigeon’, or ‘rube’.

    As a Canadian taxpayer, I ain’t all that happy about it.

  • Ael

    It is amazing how hard it is to shake old habits.

    When Dr. Mitchell was talking about the F-35 and Norway, he mentioned Norway’s proximity to the Soviet Union as part of the factors to consider.

    I did not realize that the F-35 could do duty as a TARDIS.

    • Patrick

      How else do you justify the price tag?

    • Paul T. Mitchell

      Blame it on age: my bad.

  • Ken

    Canada has no military strategy simply because we don’t need one. We have military procurement things like the F35 boodoggle which only serve to enrich Lockheed Martin (or whoever) and create branch plant jobs. Anyone foolish enough to threaten Canada would face the entire might of the US armed forces.

    Not so much that the US military is benevolent (though sometimes they can be) rather do you think the US would tolerate a 5000 mile land border with anybody but Canada? Maybe the UK but they probably don’t want us back as a colony.

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