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Things In Politico That Will Make Charles Pierce Want to Mainline Antifreeze, Egregious Sexism Edition

[ 38 ] April 24, 2013 |

Shorter Dylan Byers: “Dean Baquet punching a wall proves that Jill Abramson is too flighty and hot-tempered to be a boss.  A chick in a position of authority is unnatural, as anyone not brainwashed by the air-breathing urban elite would know.   And to think that if there were a couple paragraphs in my piece about how Abramson is totally hawt I’d be the bad guy!”

…the story in memes.

…Hanna Rosin has more.

…I give the final word to Ann Friedman, who’s so elitist she probably drinks coffee and uses fancy so-called “Dijon” mustard:

She is not a naturally charismatic person, not approachable, tough as nails. He is direct.

She is brusque, blunt, and dismissive. He does not like to waste time.

She is uncaring, unable to march forward or provide reassurance, and doesn’t make people feel good. He is not your mommy.

She is condescending. He is the boss.



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  1. L2P says:

    They should have just titled that article “Uppity Bitch Disagrees with Male Employees. What’s She Thinking? And Where’s My Sandwich?”

  2. sharculese says:

    Well he is just an all-purpose cretin, now isn’t he?

  3. Shakezula says:

    As I have learned to do at Sadly, No! I will take your word for it.

    • sharculese says:

      Link is to people on twitter bashing the Byers piece.

      • Shakezula says:

        Oh my sainted pants. OK, only one of three things are going on here.

        1. Politico is such a sorry piece of shit that dickface honestly has no idea how things work in a real newsroom, therefore the idea of any editor being less than sweet to a reporter was so distressing to dickface he thought it warranted a story.

        2. Politico operates like every other information disseminating organization on the planet and dickface regularly comes up against a superior who isn’t always sweetness and and light (if ever). Therefore carping about a female editor’s less than sweetness and lightness is rank sexism.

        3. Politico is a sorry piece of shit, dickface has no idea how things work in a newsroom and he and his editor are both filthy sexist swine, which is the only way the article made it past the budget phase so I vote Door #3.

        • commie atheist says:

          If you read the actual Politico piece (I only got through the first page), the guy who punched the wall even pushes back against the characterization of Abramson. The follow-up by Byers is priceless:

          “I think there’s a really easy caricature that some people have bought into, of the bitchy woman character and the guy who is sort of calmer,” he said. “That, I think, is a little bit of an unfair caricature.”

          Caricature or portrait, such feelings are starting to drain morale in a newsroom that is already anxious about the changing nature of the media industry and scarred by the recent round of buyouts, which saw the departure or reassignment of many high-level editors.

          Emphasis mine.

  4. N__B says:

    After Punch and Pinch, how anybody not named “Sulzberger” could be in a position of authority at the Times and not be loved by the masses is beyond me.

  5. JKTHs says:

    With notably rare exceptions, Dylan Byers is an outstanding writer.

  6. rodnchance says:

    I don’t know about punching holes in wall, but anyone that has ever had to listen to her voice for more than 60 seconds would certainly be climbing the walls.

    • demz taters says:

      So if you don’t like the tone of her voice, disrespect is warranted. Funny, I never hear this kind of thing about men.

      • Ed says:

        Abramson has a nasal whiny drawl that would be irksome coming from anyone. She was on Charlie Rose recently promoting her doggie book and I had to switch it off halfway through. Her voice is not relevant to her stewardship of the Times newsroom, obviously, but it must be particularly grating listening for a captive audience. Not surprised it got mentioned.

        The Rosin piece more or less concedes that the Politico article wasn’t far off the mark. It is certainly true that as a rule women in power take more heat for this kind of jerkiness than men do.

        I’m pleased to hear that Abramson sends Rosin nice notes.

    • bspencer says:

      And no men anywhere have annoying voices. This must be why I imagine all the heroes in my romance novels sounding like Gilbert Godfrey.

  7. rodnchance says:

    I don’t know about punching holes in walls, but anyone that has ever had to listen to her voice for more than 60 seconds would certainly be climbing the walls.

  8. jjcomet says:

    It may seem hard to believe, but the comments are even worse than the story. What a bunch of mouth-breathing cretins inhabit that site. With that kind of readership, why should Politico bother publishing anything that’s not complete horseshit?

    • sharculese says:

      With that kind of readership, why should Politico bother publishing anything that’s not complete horseshit?

      They generally don’t.

    • Shakezula says:

      Having once been to Politico’s comments section, it would not surprise me to learn those critters are calling for the ritual torture of the First Daughters.

      Now, Politico’s crappiness extends back to its paper days, but I think there is an argument that like the GOP, Politico is laboring under the delusion that it should be pitching to the shit flingers because look! The shit flingers are best at flinging shit!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Politico would be more tolerable and less vapid if it just delivered all of its content via internet memes.

  10. […] random collection of gender essentialist anecdotes devoid of any substantive content scoop before Dylan Byers […]

  11. CJColucci says:

    Two words: Abe Rosenthal. Usually better known as “A.M.”

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