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BBWAA, Here I Come

[ 24 ] March 3, 2013 |

I am apparently now a CNN-worthy expert on the World Baseball Classic.


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  1. Rob says:

    They also thought Erick Erickson an expert on politics and Piers Morgan a hard hitting reporter.

  2. cpinva says:

    i hate to say this, but you look like you were just released on parole. must be the hair, or something. sorry.

    • LosGatosCA says:

      He didn’t have his hat. Gotta have the hat.

      And lose the tie. Get Phil Knight to get you something iridescent in spandex to show off your figure. Never gonna win the Spokesmodel competition on Star Search without some spandex.

      • cpinva says:

        that’s part of it, i believe you’re correct.

        He didn’t have his hat. Gotta have the hat.

        as well, he needs a button-down 60/40 oxford shirt (light blue or white), with the top button actually buttoned. if it’s too tight, get a shirt with a collar 1/2″ larger. the tie knot is ginormous! get a tie (silk) thin (thin, not narrow, there is a difference) enough to enable a tighter knot (double windsor). the 80’s are calling, they want their tie back! never wear brown (the suit jacket) on tv, the lights will always make it look horrible. go navy or dark gray. a nice blue blazer works. whatever you go with, have it properly finished, it’ll look much, much better, even in a sitting position.

        you teach diplomacy, part of that is appearance, set a good example for your students.

      • Manju says:

        He didn’t have his hat. Gotta have the hat.

        Given the persistent interest in Farley’s appearance, only one clothing item can do him justice.

        A pantsuit.

    • elm says:

      It’s the eyes. The intense eyes staring into your soul. I don’t know how his students manage not to break down and cry every time he turns to them and starts asking questions.

    • Don’t wear a hat if you are indoors unless you are actually in a Boy Band.

    • Njorl says:

      It’s the black pits that are his eyes. Though I think he looks more like he’s just come from summoning Nyarlathotep than he looks like a parolee.

  3. actor212 says:

    Dibs on the Senior Researcher title at Farley Analysts LLC

  4. […] no, there is no specific intent to troll this thread; the diavlog was recorded several days prior to the CNNi […]

  5. Cody says:

    It’s all downhill from here. Next thing we know you’ll be on Sunday Morning Talk Shows telling us that Democrats need to be willing to negotiate.

  6. JoyfulA says:

    He looked fine (as long as he doesn’t let his hair get any longer for that straight up in the air look). And he spoke well, got his points across without mumbling or sounding robotic, and seemed professional yet likable. Given the accent of the CNN guy, he could have thrown in “like cricket in Pakistan,” without which there’d be no cricket anymore.

    But he neglected us! And his actual paying-the-bills job wasn’t mentioned. He’s a writer for the blog The Diplomat. Viewers will be surprised.

  7. wengler says:

    You’ll be pointing out the merits of Jack Morris to the HOF in no time!

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