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Also, Washing the Dishes Before You Eat Off Them Again is Worse Than the Gulag


Ann Althouse has some Deep Thoughts regarding an innocuous article about how Barack Obama was something of a slob when he first started dating his now wife, and oh boy does unintentional comedy ensue. I had assumed that my favorite line would be this:

That’s a very casual revelation that she would have slept overnight with him if only he’d had a nicer looking place. There’s zero regard for the folks in this country (and world) who think you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married.

And, also, there’s no regard for the people in this country who believe that Barack Obama should have asked Michelle Robinson for her father’s permission, because she was her father’s property until she gets married. For shame! This could be a genuinely new angle in the belated-conversion-to-five-alarm-wingnuttery genre: “I used to be a Democrat, but then I found out that Barack Obama does not show sufficient respect for the reactionary gender norms of 50s sitcoms.”

But, never, ever, ever, think that Althouse has written the most risible thing you’ll see her write, as she further ponders a woman who might not wish to spend the night in a messy bachelor pad:

Plus, from a political standpoint, it sounds fascist, and it prompts us to think about her efforts to tell us what we’re allowed to eat. Does she care about our health, or is it — as the right-wingers like to say — all about control?

I shall now turn things over to Thersites, who it must be said reflects dismaying insolence towards a respected member of the legal academy:

Hitler made Poland clean up the old pizza boxes before he fucked it. This is exactly why Michelle von Obama wants your kid to eat celery and do some jumping jacks.

I think a woman who suggests that her date not wear a tracksuit to a wedding ranks somewhere between Ceausescu and Pol Pot.

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