Well this is embarrassing

heck of a job

This time the rich people are trapped in the Super Dome.

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  1. McAllen:

    This is great news for John McCain the 49ers.

  2. John Protevi:

    Glories of public-private partnership: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/02/01/1527791/super-bowl-taxpayers-foot-bill/?mobile=wt

  3. ADM:


  4. efgoldman:

    They’ve already blamed it on something with the power feed from outside. Of course they did.

  5. DocAmazing:

    Fight the power.

  6. Tnap01:

    Love this ;)


  7. ploeg:

    Maybe the Gretna cops will let them leave this time.

  8. MAJeff:

    Yup. America is spectacle without infrastructure. How apropos this take place in the SuperDome, the perfect metaphor for the post-Bush America.

  9. Decrease Mather:

    At least they didn’t blame teachers’ unions.

  10. MAJeff:


  11. Major Kong:

    Hey! What’s this switch do?

  12. John:

    Well, yes, as it turns out.

  13. thebewilderness:

    I didn’t think they would have the nerve to complain. I was wrong.

  14. LosGatosCA:

    Where are the buses limos?

  15. John Protevi:


  16. Murc:

    I insist on being the first person at LGM to make a ‘Power Outage for MVP’ joke.

    … I got nothing.

  17. Ken:

    Obama did this just to make Bobby Jindal look bad (not that Bobby needs help) and to remind people of Bush.

  18. Morbo:

    Look at the bright side, everyone. Joe Flacco is Super Bowl MVP; Skip Bayless eats crow.

  19. LosGatosCA:

    Not as embarrassing as this –

    “The New York Jets do not plan to release quarterback Tim Tebow before the start of the new league year in March and instead will hold on to him with the hopes that they can trade him, according to league sources.”

    I think that hope should have died with Al Davis.

  20. Njorl:

    Holy crap! You don’t see that everyday. Skip Bayless was wrong in a completely mundane way rather than in a spectacularly stupid way.

  21. N__B:

    “there’s a nasty-looking switch over here, but I won’t be the first…”

  22. newsouthzach:

    Ray Lewis did not kill the lights last night, but he’ll be happy to cut a deal and testify against the guys who did.

    (I can’t believe nobody went there on this thread)

  23. DrDick:

    May I just point out that these were non-union electricians in the Right to Work (For Less) state of Louisiana?

  24. Richard:

    I’m not sure the outage had anything to do with the actions of any electricians, union or otherwise.. From the reports this morning, it appears that an abnormal surge caused a computer generated switch breaker to activate, cutting out electricity to much of the building (in order to restrict the surge to one area of the grid).

  25. Manju:

    First he engages in voter fraud during the primaries. Then he plays th race card on the voter fraud victim. Next comes voter intimidation via the New Black Panthers. Now we have a 2nd Katrina.

    The lights worked fine for Milli Vanilli’s 1/2 time show. Ever think of that? It would be irresponsible not to speculate. Wake up and smell the coffee, liberals.

  26. joe from Lowell:

    Harrumph harrumph.

  27. Hogan:

    “If someone made a sign reading Don’t Touch above the button that destroys the universe, we’d all be dead before the paint was dry.”

  28. Mark D'ski:

    I bet that was a union computer! Someone should take it out into the parking lot and smash it. Oh wait, you can only do that with people, with computers you’d have to buy a new one!

  29. Jewel:

    How about (2)real good embarrassing ones:



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