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The Sacred Principles of Academic Balance


Oddly, Christine Quinn did not seem to believe in them before last week. And I’m sure that once the BDS talk is over she won’t believe in them again, which stands to reason since nobody does because they don’t make any sense.

See also Pollitt, who is good on both BDS and the Guiliani-esque attacks on CUNY.

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  • Loud Liberal

    It’s easy enough for those capable of independent, critical thinking to recognize and reject the lies and subterfuge of vicious, propagandists with a primitive, tribalistic, religious based, bigoted, agenda. Unfortunately, the other 95% are more susceptable of being malinformed and misled to the point of acting against their own best interests. But, enough about Fox News.

    • Cody

      I’m curious if the outrage demonstrates Conservatives ability to recognize their own brain washing.

      “I believe everything Fox News tells me – so I know all these University students will believe and obediently obey anything in a lecture!”

  • Glenn

    I so want to be able to support Quinn as the first LGBT mayor of NYC, but she’s just so consistently loathsome. At least I can be happy she will no longer be my Councilperson after this year, though I am rather resigned to the fact she will be my mayor. Oh well.

    • Manta

      Another paragraph in the book “personal stuff (race, gender, sexuality, economic background…) do not make one either a better or worse politician”.

    • Steve LaBonne

      I have trouble understanding how the NYC electorate has sent such a consistent line of authoritarian shitheads to the Mayor’s office for such a long time (apart from Dinkins, who despite the systematic tarnishing of his good name by the Rudy fans did a pretty good job in a particularly difficult era and actually initiated some of the positive changes that Rudy later took credit for).

  • Epicurus

    I have had little or no respect for Ms. Quinn since her involvement with Bloomberg’s coup d’etat for a third, illegal term. The thought that this skeevy little worm is likely to succeed Hizzoner is enough to make me consider moving out of the five boroughs. Unfortunately, the thought of living under Governor Sandwiches’ regime is no less chilling. She’s a phony liberal who sounds like Rosie O’Donnell. Does this city really need THAT for the next four years? Le sigh…

    • Loud Liberal

      Curious, what makes her a “phoney liberal?”

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