“Of Course, Second-Rate Was A Massive Improvement.”

Shorter Verbatim Dick Cheney: “Frankly, what [Obama] has appointed are second-rate people.”

This is a case where the jokes write themselves.

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  1. Warren Terra:

    As you know, you go to [rhetorical] war claiming the track record you might want or wish to have had at a later time – not the track record you have

  2. Barry Friedman:

    And how they lord their skill sets over the third-rate people of the previous administration.

  3. STH:

    One word: Brownie.

  4. agorabum:

    Christ, what an asshole.
    I wonder how much trouble we would have avoided if Bush had picked Colin Powell (or any number of other folks) for VP…

  5. Karate Bearfighter:


  6. Warren Terra:

    Or, more importantly, if Bush had picked Colin Powell (or any number of other folks) to lead his VP search process.

  7. LosGatosCA:

    What a bitter,clueless pos.

    I’m hoping for the day someone indicts him at The Hague for his war crimes.

  8. herr doktor bimler:

    Harriet Miers also too.

    Contrast Cheney’s views with those of Lindsay Graham. Senator Graham has no particular concerns about the qualifications of Hagel and Brennan… but he regards their prospective positions as so unimportant that he is threatening to place a hold on both on account of unrelated butt-hurt.

    Call me old-fashioned, but when someone says “I’m OK with both nominations for the jobs but I’ll block them anyway if I don’t get what I want”, that sounds like a use of the Senate’s confirmation process as an opportunity for extortion.

  9. swearyanthony:

    Yah. It wasn’t Bush who picked Cheney, was it. I still find it amazing that even now Cheney’s “oh actually yes I pick myself” isn’t something that’s more regularly highlighted. To quote the all purpose New Yorker caption: Christ, what an asshole.

  10. Deggjr:

    How can I miss you if you won’t go away

  11. TT:

    If I remember correctly, in Angler Barton Gellman showed that Bush pretty much decided on Cheney before the VP search process had even barely started.

    And yes, what an asshole–a lying, torture-loving, America-hating asshole. Surely there were a good many much more deserving recipients of the new heart Cheney ultimately got last year. Of course, by that point he’d pretty much done all the damage to our country he’s ever going to do.

  12. BigHank53:

    Harriet Miers was a sacrifice nominee. The sole purpose of her nomination was to give op-ed writers a new topic and push the Katrina nightmare further down the page.

  13. c u n d gulag:

    2nd rate!
    Jayzoos H. Keerist – you can’t make sh*t like this up, can you?

    Maybe we just witnessed an example of the comedy stylings of America’s Satanic Majesty?
    He has no sense of humor.
    Though I’m sure he laughed over those Abu Ghraib photo’s, before pulling out L’il Dick.

    I’ll take 2nd rate, over no-account.
    And I’ll take no-account, over pure evil.

  14. DrDick:

    What does Cheney know about being second rate? He can only aspire to that elevated status.

  15. hickes01:

    What? No Monica Goodling? Monica Freaking Goodling didn’t crack the top fifteen? Wow.

  16. Sev:

    Still, was a nicely written piece; damning with feint praise.

  17. Malaclypse:

    Competition was fierce.

  18. Substance McGravitas:

    The one word is Cheney.

    In early 2000, while serving as the CEO of Halliburton, Cheney headed then-Governor of Texas George W. Bush’s vice-presidential search committee. On July 25, after reviewing Cheney’s findings, Bush surprised some pundits by asking Cheney himself to join the Republican ticket.

  19. mds:

    that sounds like a use of the Senate’s confirmation process as an opportunity for extortion.

    Fortunately, extortion over qualified Cabinet nominees isn’t possible. After all, Reid and McConnell have a goddamn gentlemen’s agreement.

  20. Graham Shevlin:

    What the article confirms is that one of the key attributes that will get you a long way in an authoritarian regime is loyalty. Competence and smarts are of little consequence.

  21. Hogan:

    The article is from 2005; Goodling didn’t get her star turn until 2006. The hits just kept on coming.

  22. The Kenosha Kid:

    Why can’t Obama search for functionaries in a professional manner?!

  23. Ahistoricality:

    I remember reading something about Atilla the Hun, back in the heyday of bad-historical-analogies-for-corporate-leadership, loosely quoting him as saying that leaders should always prefer mediocre but loyal Huns over talented but disloyal ones.

    Barbarians think alike, across the ages….

  24. anadromy:

    Brownie, Big Al G, Goodling, Meyers, they’re the most obvious. But I’ll always have a soft spot for Dana “What’s the Cuban Missile Crisis” Perino. Nice to see she’s landed on her Manolo’s over at Fox.

  25. montag2:

    It has been set in stone since the Reagan years that government doesn’t work, can’t work, and that it is the problem. What better way to prove that than to put hacks, sycophants, extremists and failed dogcatchers in charge of multi-billion-dollar budgets?

    What better way to start and prosecute wars than to put a chickenhawk VP in charge of the details? (And, let’s not forget that Cheney was pretty much a massive fuck-up in private life, having nearly bankrupted Halliburton with his infantile insistence on buying Dresser, a company with so many liabilities that it was like bidding on a time bomb and not knowing when it would go off.)

    What better way to prove to the common man that the President is just like them than to convince them to elect a lazy, bumbling, inarticulate, deeply resentful wanker protected by his family’s wealth, and when that failed, depend upon the partisan right-wing of the Supreme Court to install him?

    Geez, Cheney is fucking full of himself, isn’t he?

  26. hickes01:

    Does that mean there’s a Volume II on the way?

  27. joe from Lowell:

    Someone who never gets enough attention: Security and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox.

    I don’t think Mike Brown can even compete with him in terms of sheer administrative failure.

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