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Just in Case the GOP Loses the House in 2014…


The most interesting piece of agenda-setting in the SOTU:

The most important proposal in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address may be one that gets the least attention and, quite possibly, has the least chance of becoming law in the near future: his proposal to create a universal pre-kindergarten program.

The idea is pretty simple. American children are guaranteed an education when they turn five and enter kindergarten. Before that, they may or may not have access to what we now call “pre-school,” which typically depends on the resources (and sometimes the resourcefulness) of their parents.

More affluent families tend to get their kids into decent day cares and nursery schools; less affluent families do not. But poor kids are the ones who need good care the most.

And it works. Should we ever get a Congress that cares about governing again it should be a major priority.

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