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How To Be A Hack, Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution Edition


Glenn Harlan Reynolds plays a little of the ol’ both sides do it:

The more powerful the government becomes, the more people are willing to do in order to seize the prize, and the more afraid they become when someone else has control. So it was after the 2004 election when liberals talked revolution, and so again after 2012, when secession petitions flooded the White House.

You don’t remember large numbers of liberals talking about revolution after the 2004 elections? Silly you! Consider the powerful evidence that Reynolds adduces:

  • A first year grad student writing a letter to Cary Tennis, indulging some fantasies about becoming a revolutionary that he or she are enormously unlikely to carry out.
  • That is all.

Very convincing!   This is a fine tradition for Reynolds, although I thought it was the St. Petersburg Democratic Club, whatever that was, not random anonymous grad students, who spoke for The Left.   I’ll have to update my settings accordingly.

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  • sharculese

    Well, at least, whether he intended to or not, he’s tacitly admitting that his he-man fantasies are total bullshit.

    • DrDick

      Self awareness and Reynolds cannot coexist in the same time-space continuum.

  • rea

    Also, note: you can find a handful on the left who talk revolution. But on the right, you find them buying up guns and explosives, while babbling about “Second Amendment remedies”.

    • c u n d gulag

      Yeah, and they have to make sh*t up about Obama, and all we lefties had to do was point to W and his lifelong record of failure and ineptitude.

      They send out racist and unfunny “joke” e-mails about President Obama.

      But by now, even they realize that W was a joke.
      Only no one’s laughing after the devastation he caused.

  • Todd

    How quickly you forget the 20 seconds of B-roll on election day in November on FoxNews showing one member of the Black Panther Party in front of one Philadelphia polling place, quietly and courteously opening the door for voters.

    This is how they got the Tsar!

    • JoyfulA

      And that “Black Panther’s” outfit suspiciously resembled the Philadelphia Police Department’s standard winter uniform.

    • hylen

      Is there a +1 button around here?

  • Loud Liberal

    I have a more practical solution. Build an impenetrable, “Chinese Wall” on the Texas border, THE NORTHERN BORDER. Keep those damn Texans out. But first, expel Texas from the Union. They want it, we want it. It should be easy. The only thing Texas is good for is as a nuclear waste dump site anyway. By expelling Texas, we won’t have to worry about the EPA (not that Texas worries much about the captured EPA now), or other pesky regulators. And, better, we could impose a nuisance tax on country music imports.

    • sharculese

      But Texas makes the best pancakes!

      • Loud Liberal

        Would that make Texas a net exporter of obesity and metabolic syndrome?

      • NonyNony

        Apparently, pancakes come in all kinds of flavors.

        But the pancakes around here always come sprinkled with nuts.

      • hylen
    • Maybe we can give Texas to the Israelis.

      • Daverz

        Have we forgotten the Texas-Israeli war of 1999 already?

        • DocAmazing


        • Pestilence

          OMG someone else read that?

    • expatchad

      And, better, we could impose a nuisance tax on country music imports.

      Better a public health quarantine.

  • Tnap01

    Firstly he wasn’t just “any 1st year Grad student”, he was also a Barista at the local underground coffee shop (“Fair trade just as Che wanted”)
    and secondly – Ward Churchill.

  • Winchester

    Resistance is possible, it must engage in that full-spectrum battlespace that has become the space of life. This means engaging the operative logic of preemption on its own terrains. This in turn means, in the most literal sense, a struggle for the future (perhaps through practices of slowness, against the preemptive addiction to rapid response?). It also means engaging it on the level of affect: reclaiming legitimation in a different affective key.

    Not the key of hope. Hope is more of a deferral of the present to the future than it is a way of bringing the future into the present according to a different operative logic. To hope is to look dreamy-eyed toward the future — cringing with the half-acknowledged certainty that when the future comes, in this broken world, it will be enough to make you cry. The only way to keep up the spirit is to defer to the future again, eyes wet with hope all over again.

    Hopefully, there’s a limit to our capacity for deferral.

    Maybe there’s an affective posture that has the same reality-producing power that preemption has, but to different effect. Perhaps there’s a counter-affective posture to preemption that we can find right here in the present.

    I can’t say that I know what that might be. It’s not for me to decide in any case. It’s for all of us to collectively invent. But my hunch would be that it might involve a little thing called generosity. Not inculcated as a personal quality, but practiced as a political procedure.

    Brian Massumi, in Remains of the Day.

    Among the pragmatic ways of resisting:

    — declare a Tax Strike;
    — don’t give up your guns;
    — stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway.

    • The Dark Avenger

      I’d like the apple pancakes today, Winchester, and the apples should come from groves started by that proto-Marxist who is known to history as Johnny Appleseed.

      • NonyNony

        As I mentioned above, the pancakes we get here only come with nuts.

        So … apple-nut pancakes perhaps?

    • Uncle Kvetch

      stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway

      Too true. They made pancakes on “America’s Test Kitchen” the other day…they looked delicious, and I was really enjoying it, but then Chris Kimball had to go fuck it all up by raising his fist and screaming “ALL POWER TO THE SOVIETS!” at the end. Such a disappointment.

    • Hogan

      Yes, nothing says generosity like stockpiling guns and not paying for your government services.

      • BigHank53

        At least the guns are easy to auction off after the IRS confiscates them, unlike the 1200 pounds of instant pancake batter and 250 gallon of maple-flavored corn syrup.

        • Fake Irishman

          But you know what? Up in Quebec they do stockpile maple syrup — And they’re not only commie Canadians, but they speak French too! So LGM’s strategic use of delicious breakfast foods to conduct a War on (some kinds of) Trolls who use (some kinds of) Nonsense (TM) really is a foreign Marxist plot coordinated by the IRS. Why does this blog hate America?

          • Cody

            We really don’t have time to outline all of our reasons, but suffice it to say many of us were deprived of maple syrup when we were younger…

    • wjts

      stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway.

      But I don’t want to live in a world without Cake Kulak, The Real Commissars of Smolensk Oblast, and Here Comes Trotsky Boo-Boo!

      • spencer


      • BigHank53

        All bow down.

      • Where can I see these shows? I do not think that the South African DSTV network carries them.

      • herr doktor bimler

        Another prediction for which Arthur C. Clarke never gets the credit he deserves.

      • i’m going to use here comes trotsky boo boo somewhere

      • Bufflars

        This was very well done indeed.

    • sibusisodan

      – stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway.

      Hey, if there wasn’t a market for Marxist agitprop, they wouldn’t bother making it, amirite?

      Seriously, did Lenin have anything to say about using the mechanisms of capitalism to forment the global revolution, comrades?

      • NonyNony

        Hollywood is the most purely capitalist place in the world – if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t get made.

        I guess that’s all the porn and the violence. PBS must be where we find the Marxist agitprop.

        I always knew that Antiques Roadshow was subversive.

      • Data Tutashkhia

        Well, he said, of course, that they’ll sell us the rope to hang them on.

        • DocAmazing

          They’ll sell us the broadcast time to transmit our propagnada, apparently.

    • sharculese

      stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway

      Still bitter about Jericho getting cancelled, huh?

      • spencer

        That show had such potential, but it was completely squandered in the execution.

        • Pestilence


    • Anonymous

      Remains of the Day was a great movie. Remember the scene when Anthony Hopkins eats pancakes with Emma Thompson? Quite a powerful moment.

      • The book was better: it featured a full all-you-can-eat pancake buffet.

        • Bill Murray

          I prefer My Dinner with Andre: Pancakes Are Go

    • DrDick

      I will have the bananas-nut bread with simple syrup, thank you.

    • What I don’t like about liberals is all that “the personal is political” stuff.

    • JMP

      Yes please, declare a tax strike; it’s always funny to see the principled Libertarians get their asses sent to jail by the IRS because the whiny babies refuse to pay their fair share.

      • DrDick

        Not paying their fair share is the central principle of Libertarianism.

      • DocAmazing

        Hey, man, I gotta pay for those jails. F’in’ moocher Libertarians!

    • Murc

      stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway.

      The violence I’ll give you.

      Got some cable channels where I can see some porn and Marxist agitprop? I mostly get those online but it would be nice to see them on a big screen while in bed or on my couch. I’m apparently watching completely the wrong channels.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Pestilence

        You dont watch LGM-TV 24/7? The marxist propaganda is excellent, as is Farley’s violence schtick. Mercifully short on porn, tho

    • Warren Terra

      stop subsidizing cable TV; it’s mostly porn, violence and Marxist agitprop anyway

      It is a well-known fact of the movie industry that the workers control the means of projection.

      • Surreal American


      • catclub

        and the means of erection

      • Warren Terra

        I’ve reconsidered: the film industry is inconsistent with Marxism, because it’s the ruling class who control the means of film production.

  • Nearly irrelevant question. Is citing Reynold’s middle name supposed to signify something? Are there other Glenn Reynolds out there that we need to protect from association with legal “scholarship” and hackish political epigramism? Or is “Harlan” supposed to signify something negative (Appalachian or Southern), the way “Hussein” is emphasized by those who wish to highlight the non-standard background of our president?

    • ScrewyCanuck

      It’s foreshadowing: all serial killers have three names.

      • catclub

        Ted ‘serial-killer’ Bundy?

        • Bexley

          Erik “pointy-stick” Loomis

      • sirhan sirhan

    • Julian

      I think Reynolds’ middle name is used because Reynolds himself has his middle name in the USA Today byline (or else USA Today requires authors to disclose and use their middle names).

      • Cody

        ^ I think this is it. It stood out to me as soon as I opened the article that for some odd reason his middle name was there.

        Just a little jab in there!

    • rea

      Or is “Harlan” supposed to signify something negative

      It’s actually a positive reference. Reynolds’ dad, if I recall correctly, was something of a liberal activist.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Amazingly, the younger Reynolds was a student of Charles Black. Apparently, he forgot more than he knew.

      • Warren Terra

        The younger Justice Harlan was – according to Wikipedia, I don’t actually know anything – supposedly good on some civil rights issues but truly awful on voting rights. According to the description at Wikipedia, and reading between the lines, under the younger Harlan poor black and urban folks might as well not try to meaningfully vote in the South.

        • rea

          The younger Harlan was conservative on a lot of things, although he’d be on the left wing of the Court today. But it was the first Justice Harlan who got “Harlan” accepted as a not-uncommon first (or middle) name.

    • Murc

      I assumed it was because “Glenn Harlan Reynolds” sounds more stereotypically southern than just Glenn Reynolds.

      It’s the sort of name a Kentucky Colonel would have, or a crooked judge, or a country lawyer.

      • sharculese

        see also: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III

        • BigHank53

          Nathan Bedford Forrest.

          • Uncle Ebeneezer

            John Wilkes Booth

        • JKTHs

          see also: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III

          Wow I thought you were actually joking about that.

      • rea

        No, no–“Harlan,” as the link I give above rather indicates, is only “stereotypically southern” in the sense of black southern. White guys named after the lone dissenter in Plessy and the Civil Rights Cases are a rarity. Note that Col. Sanders (who was from Indiana, anyway) was “Harland,” not “Harlan.”

        • sharculese

          My associations with the name Harlan are of a certain short-tempered, short-statured Jew whose visions of the future are far more plausible that the Ole Perfessor’s.

      • Bill Murray

        Daniel Paul Issel, Louis Dampier and Artis Gilmore were apparently not the right type of Kentucky Colonel.

        Colonel Harland David Sanders on the other hand

      • IM

        you will never leave harlan alive

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