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Historical Valentine’s Day Thought


You know who had the worst Valentine’s Day in history? Theodore Roosevelt.

The second worst Valentine’s Day might go to the entire Bolivian nation.

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  • Hogan

    Bugs Moran has to be up there somewhere.

  • rea

    Riichard II, James Cook, and the Orange Free State also had bad days . . .

  • c u n d gulag

    Too bad there was no Pele back then to distract the warring countries.

    Thankfully, in modern times, there’s Professional Football (Soccer) for nations to fight proxy wars with.

  • Halloween Jack

    Teddy needs a hug.

    • c u n d gulag

      I don’t know about that – he can be a ‘bear’ at this hour of the morning.

  • Bill Murray

    I think St. Valentine his own bad self might have something to say here, also Richard Coeur-de-Lion and finally Dolly the Sheep

  • McKingford

    Oscar Pistorius’ Valentines Day isn’t shaping up too well…

    • Bill Murray

      probably not as bad as Reva Steenkamp’s

  • JKTHs

    TR had a good October 3 though.

  • creature

    Kinda makes the Valentine’s Day dumping by a girlfriend back in ’05 pale in comparison to all these events! Now, I’m happily married, and she’s ‘living’ in Texas. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  • Randy Paul

    As for the wounds still running deep, I went to see Evo Morales speak at Cooper Union in July 2007. For the duration of his speech there was a Bolivian naval officer in dress whites standing behind him at attention. Not sure what to make of it, but it looked like a message was being sent.

    • Chester Allman

      What does a Bolivian navy officer do with his or her time? (Other than standing around for public presentations). Is there a Bolivian naval academy?

      • Chester Allman

        Okay, to answer my own question:

        In addition to the vast Lake Titicaca, Bolivia has 5,000 miles of navigable rivers which require patrolling. The navy intercepts smugglers, delivers supplies to remote rural areas and rescues people and livestock during floods. Life is not dull, according to Captain Ramiro Pardo, a commander at San Pedro de Tiquina.

        Sailors helped archaeologists explore the lake for Inca ruins, for example, and when Fifa, world football’s governing body, briefly banned high-altitude football matches – a threat to Bolivia’s mountain stadiums – the navy staged exercises on Andean peaks to show Fifa’s health concerns were groundless.

        I’m reading Battle Cry of Freedom right now, and just finished the part about Grant’s army-navy force trying to hack its way through the overgrown rivers and swamps around Vicksburg, a long way from the open sea. So it’s not impossible to imagine.

  • mijaba

    Not as bad as Alice Roosevelt, I’d say.

    • Bruce Vail

      Or TR’s Mom. Death by typhoid sounds especially grim.

  • Bruce Vail

    As someone with several TR biographical books on my shelf, I wonder whether a lot of TR’s enduring popularity has to do with the numerous poignant and well-documented stories of his personal life, rather than his accomplishments as a political figure.

    I think it was Edmund Morris who pointed out that TR was our first modern president in the sense in that he was the first to effectively harness the mass media to his own ambition.

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