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Exhuming McCarthy


Ted Cruz really is doing an impressive imitation.

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    Ted Cruz is a member of a minority race. And if there’s anything we have learned from our Democrat overlords, that’s what really matters!

    • rea

      Ted Cruz is a member of a minority race

      No, he isn’t.

      • “Ted Cruz is a member of a minority race

        No, he isn’t.”

        Come now we can’t have facts get in the way of opportunities for cracker ass crackers to bloviate

      • R. Porrofatto

        Ted Cruz is a member of a minority race

        Well, if you count Asshole-Americans as having racial phenotypes, or as simply a bizarre humanoid species, then this could be true.

        • arthur

          Asshole Americans may be a race, but no way are they minority.

      • timb

        He’s a member of a rich, powerful oligarchy….

      • DrDick

        How can he be from a “minority race” when human beings do not have biological races? Somebody obviously flunked his biology class.

    • Wait…a Canadian who moves to Texas is a minority? Or are crazy Senators who wouldn’t lknwo foreign affairs if it bit them in the ass a minority? Your trolling needs lots of work I advise you to study the early work of Gary Ruppert

    • DrDick

      I see that your powers of comprehension are nonexistent.

      • Reading comprehension has a well known liberal bias

    • Hogan

      The Democrats in your head are not your friends. Or, more likely, they’re the only friends you have.

    • Malaclypse

      Fat, drunk, and less interesting than Dagchester is no way to go through life, Jennie dear.

      • sharculese

        I actually find it a little endearing how dagchester went ahead and embraced that portmanteau.

        • Malaclypse

          Truly, Dagchester is a troll’s troll. That’s why his sodomy obsession beats Jennie’s hands down, as the kids are wont to say.

          • sibusisodan

            I’m full of admiration for the trolls round these parts. They’re proper method. I certainly couldn’t do what they do.

            Also, reading up about Ted Cruz – is this guy a mound of contradictions, or what? Very well educated, connected & successful lawyer who’s filling the role of poor-man’s McCarthy, just in case there may be Muslin’s hiding under every bed.

            I assume he’s acting that way for the votes?

            • NonyNony

              The trolls around here are either really bad at trolling or really good at comedy. I never can quite tell.

              (Trolls are supposed to try to make you angry, the guys we get around here just make me laugh.)

              • You think this guy’s bad? The troll that’s currently at work at alicublog is just plain BORING. It is not quality trolling. AT ALL.

            • howard

              there are even people who say that cruz is intelligent….

            • timb

              Everyone saw what DeMint just did. You think Cruz wants to muck around with the senate when all he has to do is make a name for himself among the Know Nothings and he can skip into some right wing sinecure?

            • FlipYrWhig

              No, he’s not acting. He’s genuinely an odd, creepy true believer. A friend of mine from high school was on his floor freshman year at Princeton in 1988. I was hearing stories about this weird dude “Ted Cruz” 25 years ago.

            • expatchad

              Scarlet Muslims, nota bene

    • Talking Anus

      You tell ’em brother!

      • MAJeff

        Dagchester, is that you?

      • wjts

        Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?

      • Origami Isopod

        Republican says what?

    • sharculese

      Clearly it’s the only thing that matters to you. Some of us are less unhinged.

      • expatchad

        I seriously doubt that he ever had hinges…

    • Asshole is not a race.

    • Watching a conservative try to play a race card is liking watching a monkey that’s gotten ahold of a field researcher’s cell phone.

      Just adorable, little buddy. You really think you’re doing it right.

    • cpinva

      i was not aware that stupid is now considered a “minority race”? when did this happen?

    • Joel

      His Y-chromosome is from Cuba, presumably Spain at some prior point.

      His X-chromosome, though, is standard variety Euromutt by way of Delaware.

      And it cannot be pointed out often enough, while he can truthfully claim to be an immigrant — that’s because he was born in Canada. We clearly need a razor-wire fence on our northern border.

    • JL

      Which is clearly why Democrats have rushed to embrace Clarence Thomas, Bobby Jindal, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, and Marco Rubio.

  • Lacking Moral Fiber aka Useless Muthfucka frmly Nemesis

    Idiots are just barely a minority.

    • DrDick

      Maybe where you are. Here in Montana, they are clearly the majority (just look at our legislature).

      • expatchad

        Including, but not limited to, polygamous idiots, breeding polymorphically.

        • DrDick

          We have some of those down south of here in the Bitterroot. Not nearly as interesting as the white supremacists up by Kalispell, the Freemen, or the militia types, all of whom make our Republican legislators look sane and moderate.

          • expatchad

            And what was (is?) that Unmormon bunch down towards Wyoming with weapons and ???bunkers….?

          • expatchad

            I’ve spent time in OK and MT, and survived.


            I fled to SE Asia. Do you wonder why? (rhetorical)

  • thebewilderness

    It has been a while since we the people had the discussion of whether it is right and proper for the members of one branch of government to abuse their power in order to prevent another branch of government from performing its duties. I think it time to have that conversation again.

    • timb

      and, it will be. When a Republican is elected and Democrats start asking questions

      • Cynically Yours

        Yah, sure, I totally remember when the Dems were watching W like hawks.

        Hawks in the war-loving sense, not in the keen eyesight sense.

        • timb

          And the media will criticize Democrats for acting in bad faith and injuring governance when they do it — if they — to Republicans

  • JKTHs

    First person to not start a troll thread!

    I relish the day after two election cycles when we’re saying things like “Well at least Ted Cruz wouldn’t have…” in referencing some other teabagger.

    • JKTHs

      Oops I was beat

  • owlbear1

    Shorter Ted Cruz:

    “Admit it! Admit you are the reason Jesus hasn’t shown up and whisked me off to Heaven!!! ADMIT IT!!!

  • The Texas Senate delegation is like some kind of practical joke.

    “I’ll bet you can’t find someone worse than John Cornyn.”

    “Oh, yeah!?!”

    • MAJeff

      And the House delegation–with Gohmert, Stockman, et. al.–is even more fun!

      • Warren Terra

        Yeah, but with the Nugent stunt I think you have to say that Stockman is winning the contest for now. I shudder to think how Gohmert will get back in the race …

      • sharculese

        My mental vision of Louie Gohmert is as David Koechner’s character in Anchorman, and actually seeing or hearing him has no effect on this. His actual face, voice and mannerisms disappear from my head within minutes.

        • timb

          If only his wife were so lucky

    • rea

      The Texas Senate delegation is like some kind of practical joke

      The traditional Oklahoma/Texas rivalry at work . . .

      [OK, pointing to senate delegation]: Bet you can’t top this!
      [TX, producing Cruz]: We’ll give it a shot!

      • expatchad

        They STILL have a way to go to beat Inhofe/Coburn/Dementia

  • Winchester

    Feu Senator Joseph McCarthy was awesome.

    We badly need another one today.

    • MAJeff

      OK, Miss Coulter.

    • MAJeff

      Is Michele Bachmann not enough, or does her extra x-chromosome get in the way?

      • Dagchester

        Michelle Bachman was right about Huma Abedin, but that woman is a criminal. If you or I even attempted to do what she did, and only did it on one one-hundredth the scale, we would spend the rest of our lives in prison for fraud. Michelle Bachmann ran for POTUS, solicited and pocketed millions of dollars in presidential campaign contributions, and was, the whole time, carrying DUAL CITIZENSHIP in Switzerland. You can’t be a citizen of any other nation and be POTUS. You can’t be a citizen of any other nation and be Commander in Chief. And yet, Michelle Bachmann ran for POTUS with full knowledge that she was legally ineligible. She took in over $20 million in campaign funds for an office that she fully knew she COULD NOT HOLD. That’s fraud. That’s orange jumpsuit and flip-flops. But, no. She’s a folk hero because she knows how to Bull-shit gullible Tea Parties – a very RICH folk hero, with plans to get even richer with each election cycle.

        • John

          I see nothing in the Constitution that forbids someone with dual citizenship from being president. What is the basis for this claim?

          I’d add that what makes Dagchester a terrific troll is that he just inspired me to write a comment defending Michele Bachmann.

          • expatchad

            He’s a psychoactive agent?

          • rea

            George Washington had dual citizenship, you know.

      • expatchad

        Michele Bachmann is WAY more than enough to bring about the end of civilization…

    • sharculese

      Nothing says ‘great Senator’ like cynically staking your career on a brand of paranoia that ends up blowing up in your face, leaving you with nothing better to do than drink yourself into an early grave.

      Actually accomplishing something… that’s for suckers.

      • Bill Murray

        how is drinking yourself to death not accomplishing something? and in this case, it was even for the good of humanity

        • Hogan

          It was ten years late, though.

      • Dagchester

        What I meant was someone’s got to start PROSECUTING the looters.

        Someone — amongst elected officials or law enforcement people — who will make any sort of noise that sound like that.

        “I am really concerned that too-big-to-fail has become too-big-for-trial.”
        — Elizabeth Warren

        Yes. But there’s nothing that focuses the mind on the consequences of one’s actions like the contemplation of jail.

        We need a change in the enforcers’ mentality towards neo-McCarthyism, and since it won’t come voluntarily due to the revolving door bribes lobbying in Washington, we’re going to have to do it by demanding legislative changes from the ground up.

        • Sharculese

          I’m not sure why you’re getting half a stock over tailgunner joe then because he never did any of that stuff!

    • Hogan

      And that wonderful Roy Cohn–I’m sure you’d love having him back too.

      • sparks

        …only to add IYKWIMAITYD

      • Anonymous

        “that little boy that nobody liked grew up to be… Roy Cohn. And now you know the rest of the story.”

    • Joe McCarthy is the model for modern conservatism’s handling of national security issues. I’m not surprised Winchester admires him.

      There was no real policy or performance complaint that McCarthy was concerned about. His witch hunt wasn’t an actual effort root out communists and address what he thought was an important national security threat, like J. Edgar Hoover’s persecution of leftists. Right from the beginning, it was nothing but a partisan political stunt. McCarthy didn’t try to bag communists and end up catching some Democrats in his net; he was trying to slander Democrats, and any actual communists he might have stumbled upon were by-catch. He invented the entire thing just to have a club for partisan politics.

      Today’s witch-hunting conservatives are like McCarthy, not like Hoover.

      • efgoldman

        He invented the entire thing just to have a club for partisan politics.

        Aided and abetted in a very big way by HUAC, who really got there first.

        • Rob

          And Nixon got a VP and Presidency for it.

    • efgoldman

      Better go out and buy more Bisquick. Not nearly enough pancakes to go around today, with two trolls (or maybe one troll with two nyms) on the same thread.

    • Anonymous

      No Solzhenitsyn quote this time, Winchester?

  • Manju

    McCarthy is definitively alive and well. And I don’t care what happens when you play “The White Album” backwards.

    • Hogan


  • David Hunt

    As a Texan my impression of the whole contest to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson was that I wouldn’t lower myself to vote in the Republican primary and it had the advantage of helping me avoid one particular disappointment: I was of the opinion that whichever of the candidates was the most loathsome would come out on top in the primary. Given how quickly Cruz is making a name for himself, I pray that I was correct. I’d hate to think that he was the least bad option.

    I voted for the Democrat, but I had no illusions of the chances of a non-Republican wining a Senatorial race in Texas right now.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    I knew Ted Cruz personally when I was in grad school. He was an undergrad parliamentary debater and, as a former parliamentary debater, I helped out a fair bit with the debate team. He’s a deeply unpleasant human being (no surprise there).

    • FlipYrWhig

      Oooh, more proof. Like I said above, one of my friends from high school knew Cruz at Princeton and thought he was bona fide creepy 25 years ago.

    • expatchad

      You poor thing! Was recovery difficult?

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Let’s just say that Ted was very widely seen as an asshole. And there are always assholes. Though the world of Parliamentary Debate had many more great people than awful people (two fine examples of the former who should be familiar to readers of this blog: Dahlia Lithwick and Chris Coons, both of whom I had the pleasure to know through debate), it shouldn’t be surprising to any of you who’ve been around either debaters or Ivy League undergrads that Ivy League debate predictably attracts a certain number of assholes, and the rest of us put up with them knowing that we’d only have to do so for a few short years.

        Recovering from Ted’s becoming a major figure in American public life will be a lot more difficult, though I suppose I can comfort myself with the knowledge that I’ll get to share the experience with many more fellow sufferers.

        • expatchad

          Tropical SE Asia is marvelous therapy for American Political Overdose.

  • Jim Lynch

    Your point being?

    The White House let it slide. Has even a single congressional democrat so much as taken exception to the sinister remarks of Senator Cruz?

    The SOB personifies the republican party, and democrats don’t lift a glove to attack either him or it. If democratic party officials don’t get fired up about Cruz, why should anyone else?

    • Has even a single congressional democrat so much as taken exception to the sinister remarks of Senator Cruz?


      More than one, actually. Immediately. At the hearing.

    • expatchad

      I guess the attitude is that, like a bad smell, he will dissipate in the breeze. And with all the hot air in his environment…

    • As far as I can tell, Harry Reid seems to be playing a bit of hardball with the Republicans by not honoring any holds on the Hagel nomination, forcing them to take a cloture vote to delay the vote on the nom. The Republicans who aren’t as crazy as Cruz (well, 41 of them) are looking like idiots by standing with him. I’m pretty sure many of them didn’t want to make that vote, but were put in a position of having to be party-first nihilists in the open or back down. And the momentum of their ideology forced them to chose the first.

      I suspect that we’ll see a bit more of Reid trying to get the Republican Senators to take cloture votes that will make them look bad. He knows that there are plenty who would prefer to work behind the scenes than to have to chose between going into a primary with Olympia Snowe’s record or into a general with Ted Cruz’s.

  • Uncle Kvetch

    No love for the semi-obscure musical reference in the post title? Guess it’s up to me, then.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Or maybe it was so obvious no one saw fit to mention it, and now I’ve destroyed all the hipster cred I never had to begin with. Shit.

      • gmack

        Yep. I used to model all of my musical tastes after you, but now, after this display?–I guess I’ll just have to find someone else.

      • JL

        REM is back to providing hipster cred?

        When I was 14 and fell completely in love with REM (around 1999-2000, because I was a little young to be paying attention to music when they were really big) the hipsters, or whatever they were called back then, looked down on then because they had made it big in the mainstream.

        It’s still a pretty relevant song, at any rate. “Loyal to the Bank of America…It’s a sign of the times.”

        • Major Kong

          I think I first heard them sometime in the late 80s.

          It was my first realization that there was something out there besides “classic rock”.

          • elm

            For me it was the summer of 89 when I simultaneously discovered REM, the B-52s, and the Violent Femmes. The realization that there was something other than pop music and oldies was stunning.

            • Barry Freed

              2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

              • elm

                I would say one is significantly worse than the other 2, but all three were light years better than, say, Milli Vanilli, Debbie Gibson, and New Kids, which is what I had been listening to. (In fairness to me, I only listened to New Kids under protest.)

                • elm

                  Seriously, take a look at the Billboard top 100 for 1989: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1989

                  Chicago’s “Look Away” was number 1! Poison was #3 Milli Vanilli and Richard Marx each have multiple top-25s. Mike and the Mechanichs was 31! Both Tone Loc and Young MC!

                  How far down that list do you have to go to find a genuinely good song?

                • “Love Shack” and “Stand”, I like “Waiting for a Star to Fall” but in a cheesy kind of liking, an appetite satisfied by an aural equivalent of Mr. P’s Pizza.

                • Uncle Kvetch

                  How far down that list do you have to go to find a genuinely good song?

                  Making 1989 pretty much indistinguishable from any other year since…oh, 1971 or so.

                • Scott Lemieux

                  Back in the dark ages of this blog where the archives have vanished, we compared hot 100s by year of high school graduation. I think my year (1990) was as bad as any for sure.

          • Bill Murray

            I first saw REM around 1981 in Casper Wyoming. It took a couple of years before I really liked their music

        • Uncle Kvetch

          REM is back to providing hipster cred?

          Not really…I was clumsily suggesting that recognizing a reference to an obscure album track released by REM “before they got big” was one of those Insufferable Music Snob things (IMS and hipster being overlapping, but not identical, categories).

      • Barry Freed

        Saw them open up for the Police in Shea Stadium in 1983 I think. They had a college radio hit with “Radio Free Europe” at that point but I had the impression that I was one of the few who knew who they were.

        • Uncle Kvetch

          Saw them open up for the Police in Shea Stadium in 1983 I think.

          I had a ticket to see them on the same tour, at JFK Stadium in Philly. Unfortunately, I had one ticket too many, because a friend backed out on me, so we spent REM’s set outside the gates, trying to find a buyer for the extra ticket. We got to our seats just as REM were wrapping up. Oh well…Madness were great, as were the Police. Nicest surprise of the day: Joan Jett, peace be upon her, was clad in black leather from head to toe on an impossibly hot & humid Philly afternoon, and positively tore the place down.

      • JS

        I myself was wondering if the reference was intentional. It’s been ages since I’ve even _thought_ of the song (might need to pull out the old and dusty CD).

    • expatchad

      ??? (well I’m old and classical. Fossilized, actually.)

      • Major Kong

        It’s from an REM song.

        • expatchad

          Ah, Tenks.

  • Dagchester

    We all so need someone to eradicate the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood that have infiltrated the federal government and political parties.

    Begin with Huma Abedin NOW !!

    • Uncle Kvetch

      I’ll eradicate later…right now I’m making breakfast for The Hubby, who’s under the weather. What do you think, Dag: sunny side or over easy?

      • Malaclypse

        Sunny side, with whole wheat toast and hash browns, really can’t be beat.

        • Uncle Kvetch

          Great minds think alike, Mal: the menu is sunny side, wheat toast, and Spud Puppies (the Cascadian Farms version of Tater Tots). (And BACON…take that, Mooslums! There, I’ve done my bit.)

          • Hogan

            There’s nothing like a good hearty breakfast to prepare you for eradicating the people in our government who insist on being Muslim at us.

    • We should also erradicate Oliver North from public life for selling arms to Iran..wait mine is real yours is insane

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