I was on David Shuster’s show last week talking about the late unpleasantness. Shuster named me “Activist of the Week,” so that was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I really managed to garble some wording here, but I’m no professional. Although it is actually kind of like my teaching style, where I stumble around with words for the first 5 seconds before going on in a coherent and driven way for the next 7 minutes. Also, the lighting in my in-laws’ basement makes me look really bald. It’s the lighting, I swear.

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  1. rea:

    You could have borrowed Farley’s hat–he wasnt using it . . .

  2. Erik Loomis:

    He’s been trying to convince me of the necessity of hats for years now.

  3. J. Otto Pohl:

    This is somewhat off topic, but what happened to the This Day in Labor History Post dealing with the 2 January 1905 Chicago conference which helped plan the 27 June 1905 conference founding the IWW? Did I miss it somehow?

  4. Bijan Parsia:


  5. Erik Loomis:

    Are you chiding me for not writing the posts you want me to write?

  6. zombie rotten mcdonald:

    I always have difficulty taking Shuster seriously because he looks so much like Jimmy Kimmel, and I keep expecting Ben Stein or Adam Carolla to pop in….

  7. J. Otto Pohl:

    No chiding, just wondering why there is not a post about this event in labor history.

  8. Uncle Ebeneezer:

    Shrill! ;)

  9. Hogan:

    He may have some higher priorities at the end of the fall semester and the onset of the winter holidays than writing labor history posts for LGM.

  10. J. Otto Pohl:

    There is always time for solidarity. ;-)

  11. Peter Hovde:

    Your interview persona is so much less contentious than your blogging persona.

  12. Peter Hovde:

    “Contentious” being, for me, a compliment.

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