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Saturday Night

[ 6 ] January 12, 2013 |

A good Saturday night song.


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  1. Vance Maverick says:

    Rather than snipe at trolls, let me offer Lou Harrison.

  2. Carbon Man says:

    We’ll meet again,
    Don’t know where,don’t know when.
    But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

    • commie atheist says:

      Oh goody, a suicide pact. Can’t you just put a shotgun to your mouth and pull the trigger instead?

    • wjts says:

      As an avowed Muslamocommunist, the thing I hate most in the world is when people eat a half-dozen glass Coke bottles. Please, Carbon Man, whatsoever else you might do in this world, don’t eat a half-dozen glass Coke bottles. Don’t eat them. If you did, I would be so mad, so utterly distraught, that I would be unable to live with myself. For the love of your non-existent Christian God, do not eat a half-dozen glass Coke bottles. Really, don’t. From my perspective, it would be the worst, most distressing thing you could possibly do.

      Please don’t eat a half-dozen glass Coke bottles. Oh please oh please oh please oh please.

  3. The Dark Avenger says:

    And what ever you do, Carbon Man, don’t have sex with rhinos. That’s the sure way to get us librul/Muslim/Commie/Socialist/Fascists pissed off.

  4. spencer says:

    This is one of my favorite songs of the last five years. Man, it always hits me.

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