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Miss Idaho Potato, 1935.

Everyone needs some weirdness in the evening.

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  • Barry Freed


    • Tuber? I never even met her!

      • LeeEsq

        Too bad we can’t get a drum roll when somebody makes these kind of jokes on the internet.

        • John

          A rim shot, surely, is what is needed?

  • Laughing Loafer

    I’d mash that.

    • Random Atlantic commenter

      Au Gratin ?

  • trollhattan

    Once you get that crown, it’s all gravy from then on. Do the krazy kidz still do mashups?

  • DocAmazing

    David Lynch directing Jenna Jameson.

  • Potatoes is People!

  • FlipYrWhig

    I think this was Sam Mendes’ first idea for the Mena Suvari fantasy sequence in _American Beauty_.

  • Vance Maverick

    The things models have to put up with. Posing naked with a snake, caged like wild animals, or buried in potatoes. At least she’s showing enough (a spark of subversion?) to make it clear she’s not actually naked under there.

  • red_cted

    Those actually are some incredible spuds. Just sayin’.

    Plus, she looks nicely Native American, which would be an interesting choice for Idaho circa 1935.

    • john

      “she looks nicely Native American”

      Really? Not any Native American I’v ever seen.

    • LeeEsq

      I thought that she looks kind of Native American to but there are some European features as well. Maybe one parent was Native American and the other one cracker.

      • Guy

        Cracker? Really? That’s a pretty racist word.

    • Lurker

      Yes, especially because the pre-WWII beauty contests usually had a very clearly expressed social agenda. They were often touted as semi-scientific events whereby the racial ideal of womankind could be found. Miss Idaho Potato, whom I personally find very beautiful, is clearly not the type that would be characterised as the “ideal” of the American (White, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon) woman of the time.

      As Vance above, I also find the piece of cloth visible very intriguing. Why? Is that a photographer’s mistake or is it intentional? Is it subversion or a signal to the religious folks that this woman is not naked? Is it to protect the model from scorn?

    • DrDick

      Looks more Asian to me. Used to be lots of Chinese and some Japanese up here in the norther Rockies.

      • The Dark Avenger

        Yeah, Doc, I’m getting an Eurasian vibe, she looks like she could be a sister of my mother, who had a similar nose and high cheekbones.

        The first story in this pdf link is very interesting.

      • Michelle Rhee

        I’d guess Basque. Lot’s of Basque in northern Nevada and Southern Idaho

    • Keaaukane

      With those pointed ears, she clearly has some Elf blood in her.

      • Malaclypse

        I still remember when Mrs Mal persuaded me that I needed to accompany her to a con, and discovering that Elf ears and Vulcan ears are different things.

    • Dave

      Jings, about the only thing you can tell about her from that pic is that she’s neither blonde nor Black; and if it’s as underexposed as it might be, she could still be blonde. She could even be Black, and passing. But you can’t tell from a photo.

      Fascinating to see how close to the surface the urge for racial categorisation can be.

  • Joey Maloney

    “You told me that if I put a potato in my swim trunks it would impress the girls, but it didn’t work.”

    “You’re supposed to put the potato in front, idiot!”

    • LeeEsq

      Its the Native American equivalent of a cod piece.

    • Halloween Jack

      So Hitler shows up at the masquerade ball wearing nothing but a hollowed-out spud as a codpiece. Nobody dares to ask him about it until Goering has had enough booze and morphine to not care about the repercussions, and has to know what the Fuehrer is supposed to be. “Why, a dick-tater, of course!”

      Ah, to be in the fifth grade again.

      • Ricky Wilson

        that’s no fifth grade joke where I grew up — ours was

        What do you get when you mix Hitler with a potato — a dick-tater

  • rea

    Her own private Idaho …

  • MR Bill

    Freud might say: “Sometimes a potato is just a spud…”

  • Snarki, child of Loki

    If the lady is still alive, she’d be in her late 90’s now, and I bet she’d really appreciate the complements that she’s getting today.

  • She’s got a nice grip on that stud spud.

  • Halloween Jack

    Rule 34, oldskool stylee.

  • Njorl

    She looks like “Kaylee” from Firefly (Jewel Staite).

  • Dano

    Retronaut is in myh RSS feed, love that site.



  • Does anyone know who she actually is (or was)?

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