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Good Advice


Robert Stacy McCain, the man who defended the lynching of Emmett Till, has some really good advice for the Republican Party. Double down on white supremacy and reject those anti-capitalist Latinos.

As a Democrat, let me give a full-throated recommendation that Republican leaders listen to this wise, wise man.

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  • Mrs Tilton

    Robert Stacy McCain, I believe. It’s his distant cousin, the senator, who was saddled with the marginally less-burdensome “Sidney”.

    But, yes: please Br’er GOP, please don’t throw the mid-term election into that briar patch, etc.

  • Less-burdensome, yes, but J. Sidney McC. does have a “III” at the end of his moniker.

  • They can’t help themselves. It’s bigot’s Tourette’s.

  • rea

    J. Sidney McC. does have a “III” at the end of his moniker.

    Degenerate son of greater fathers; the only J. Sidney McC. not good enough to make admiral . . .

    • rea

      And if you wnat to know who the Rs will nominate in ’16, look around and see who has the biggest daddy issues. . .

      • Malacylpse

        Maureen Dowd?

        • BigHank53

          Polls better than Bobby Jindal, doesn’t she?

        • rea

          And I’m not sure she’s in the same league as Mitt Romney, John McCain III and GW Bush in terms of daddy issues–sugar daddy issues, maybe.

      • Peggy Noonan?

  • herr doktor bimler

    So he’s emerged from the undisclosed location where he was hiding from the Wrath of Kimberlin?

  • cpinva

    good for him! i hope the GOP takes his advice to heart, and decides that it was neither the message nor the messanger, but the recipients, who simply need to be “educated”. admittedly, i didn’t read the whole thing, but up to point i did, i noticed he never mentioned women, the largest single voting bloc. they also didn’t, for some odd reason, find the romney/ryan/tea party mix particularly compelling. for the life of me, i can’t figure why that might have been.

    • NorthLeft12

      I believe the Repubs have come up with a strategy to deal with the rising Latino vote. It is two fold:

      1. Don’t let them vote.
      2. Ensure old, white, rural votes are weighted more heavily.

  • Jberardi

    I loved this bit:

    and (b) Gallup’s survey last fall found that homosexuals are a mere 3.4 percent of the U.S. population. Exactly why this 3.4 percent tail should wag the 96.6 percent dog — so that “marriage equality” has suddenly become a winning political issue in Maryland and other states — is a question that Republicans show no willingness to answer.

    Oh, well there’s not many of them? Discriminate away! Obviously only the gays care about gay rights. Not that their friends, family members, neighbors, business partners, clergy, or really basically anyone under the age of 30 would be motivated to oppose a political movement that aims to treat Teh Geys as second class citizens.

    • rea

      And it’s not so much that they want to treat the gays in particular as second class citizens–it’s that they want to treat the gays, the blacks, the Hispanics, the women, and the non-millionaires as second class citizens.

      • BigHank53

        Also second-class citizens: the sick, the disabled, the uninsured, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, people under 55, non-Christians, and anyone who doesn’t already own an AR-15.

        • Green Caboose

          By “non-Christian” you of course mean “non-REAL Christian”. A REAL Christian ™ is a Tebow-style evangelical and, for purposes of political convenience only, may also include far right Catholics and Mormons if they agree with the absolutest pro-life position which requires immediate death for anyone who kills a zygote.

          There are many things so-called Christians ™ can do to distinguish themselves from REAL Christians ™. These range from supporting the wrong causes to demonstrating tolerance and flexibility. One quick way to detect a so-called Christian is if she quotes from certain parts of the bible (the four separate camel-eye-needle verses is a dead giveaway), points out the contradictions in the bible, or points out the absurd rules that no one follows laid down in parts of the old testament. For Catholics, actually quoting the catechism or various Popes regarding economics is also firm proof that he isn’t a REAL Christian ™. Actually for a REAL Christian ™ actually reading the bible is a suspicious act – only elders who are specially trained to cherry-pick key quotes and stories are expected to do that.

      • Warren Terra

        Basically, he – like many Conservatives – could benefit from a whack to the noggin with a rolled-up poster of the famous Pastor Niemoller quote.

    • witless chum

      I remember well the lesser McCain’s columns decrying the GOP for pushing constitutional amendments in many states to make sure that unimportant 3.4 percent couldn’t get their cooties on the solemn institution of civil marriage.

      But to be fair, I’m pretty he’d be willing to join with most anyone in disliking brown people and obsessing about race without regard to that person’s sexual orientation.

  • DrDick

    I heartily endorse RSM’s advice. In the face of an inexorable demographic shift which will soon make this a majority minority country, the Republicans must, as all good conservatives do, stand athwart history screaming “STOP!” and become even more racist.

    • Davis

      These demographic shifts have them scared all right, because they’re afraid that they’ll get the same treatment they’ve been dishing out for centuries.

  • Woodrowfan

    building a national party solely on racism and rightwing conspiracy theories? What could possibly go wrong!

    • Bitter Scribe

      Be fair. There’s a lot of greed involved too.

  • Robert Stacy McCain is a man who pines for the days when consensual pre-marital sex was illegal (unmentioned in this blog post is that “common law traditions” held marital rape to be perfectly legal).

    He’s a neanderthal and proud of it.

    • Malaclypse

      I urge the Republicans to run on a platform of banning unauthorized sexytime. Newt would be ideal for expounding this idea.

  • What an eccentric fellow.

    “If approval of sodomy is not yet legally mandatory…”

    How would such a law be framed, and policed, I wonder? Or is this Republican code for “participating in sodomy will become legally mandatory under the Democrats soon …”

    • Malaclypse

      I suspect that if one looks at what the word sodomy actually means, as opposed to the naughty things the RSM is not at all overly concerned with, then I suspect approval of sodomy is somewhere higher than mom, the flag, or apple pie.

      • Harlan F. Stone

        I disapprove of it in general, but I approve of it in my specific case.

        • Hogan


      • witless chum

        This. Dan Savage is very good about occasionally ranting about how the conservatives who hate gay sex hate straight sex too, but try to frame their disapproval in such a way as to elide the fact that they disapprove of Antonin Scalia getting blown by his wife.

        • CJColucci

          I really, really did not need that image in my head for the next several hours.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      “If approval of sodomy is not yet legally mandatory…”

      Standard wingnut trope. See also “I’m going to say something bad about Obama, assuming they haven’t already made that illegal, too…”

      • SamR

        I think part of it is that they are really unable to distinguish b/w “the govt will impose a criminal penalty on me if I say this” vs. “some ppl will criticize and/or dislike me if I say this.”

        Mitt didn’t do this much, but Palin talked all the time about how people criticizing what she was saying violated her first amendment rights. She seemed serious when she said that.

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