Dole/Kemp ’96

Just in case anyone wanted to play around on the official Dole/Kemp website, which miraculously still exists. I know I look forward to following along on the victory marathon.


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  1. somethingblue:

    Now that’s conservatism.

  2. Colin:

    If only it now said “Dole/Zombie Kemp.”

  3. Jon H:

    Apparently it’s being kept up by

  4. LosGatosCA:

    Did that guy who had the Dole/Kemp tattoo on his face ever get it removed?

  5. Mike:

    It’s amazing how much more entertaining the Dole/Kemp site is just because it has its own URL, unlike the rest of the 4president sites.

  6. CD:

    Surely someone has started building campaign sites for pre-internet elections.

  7. Hogan:

    Bare ruined choirs where late the wingnuts sang.

    Bob Dole is a strong believer in America’s public education system. He, his wife and his daughter were educated in public schools. But today, too many public schools have been taken over by an education monopoly that fails to give our children the skills they need to compete in our global economy.

    Makes you wonder who was running the public schools when Bob and Elizabeth attended.

  8. Anonymous:

    “Bill Clinton Wants to Put “Big Brother” in Your Computer”

    Finally, the Republicans are taking a principled stand against government monitoring of the internet.

  9. joe from Lowell:

    Awww, the “Test your knowledge of Bob Dole’s life!” trivia link is gone!

  10. UberMitch:

    I love my mental image of a Geocities-esque Goldwater ’64 site.

  11. commie atheist:

    “The Story of American Heros”??? I think they mistook “H” for “Z”.

  12. Johnny Sack:

    I dunno I was pretty agnostic about that election. Dole was one of the last of a dying breed (sane Republican), and Clinton was, of course, our most charming Republican. Especially after DOMA-I get that DADT was a compromise, but DOMA? NAFTA-predated him but he signed it. And he had already appointed my woman RBG anyway.

  13. commie atheist:

    But “Elizabeth’s Cookie Recipe” is still there! With Margarine, even!

  14. commie atheist:

    Just throwing money at the problem is not the answer. In the past 30 years, per-pupil spending on education has doubled, yet average SAT scores have dropped over 50 points.

    Obviously spending less money is the answer.

  15. Jameson Quinn:

    How can you forget Perot?

  16. UberMitch:

    Lovely material at the site. I particularly like here where they have captured Dole’s “OFFICIAL WORLD WIDE WEB INTERNET SITE,” presumably from the primary, featuring separate entry links for “Netscape users” versus “Other users.”

  17. Johnny Sack:

    In what respect? His performance was obviously impressive for a modern third party candidate, but it was clearly from early on that it was not going to be a repeat of 92.

  18. commie atheist:

    I forgot Dick Lugar and Phill Gramm ran in ’96. Remembered LAMAR! and Patty-patty-pat-pat, though.

  19. commie atheist:

    Or maybe politely handing the money over instead of throwing it.

  20. PSP:

    He wasn’t all that sane.

    “I figured it up the other day: If we added up the killed and wounded in Democrat wars in this century, it would be about 1.6 million Americans — enough to fill the city of Detroit”

  21. Johnny Sack:

    You’re absolutely right and I admit that I overstated it a bit. I should just take ownership of the fact that I was disaffected with the Clinton Administration and while Dole was hardly a great candidate, and especially compared to the Republican field we had this year, he doesn’t seem all that bad.

  22. PSP:

    That was supposed to be a reply to Johnny Sack.

  23. Johnny Sack:

    And ah but what can I see. 92 was the first year I could vote, and the Big Dog was my first. I guess there’s always a sense of betrayal there somehow. Just look at all the disaffected Obama voters.

    Not that any of this makes my point any more valid, mind you.

  24. Hogan:

    How come they never think of that?

  25. Hogan:

    I find it really easy.

  26. Jason Odegaard:

  27. Merganser:

    Bill Clinton’s administration prosecuted only 18 individuals under the Violence Against Women Act since it was passed in 1994.

  28. JoyfulA:

    I’ve been voting for president since Hubert Humphrey and my first winner was Obama.

  29. Johnny Sack:

    I guess I have less to complain about in that sense. Perfect record except for 04 (I mean, I voted for the winning candidate in 00, just not the one who was appointed President)

  30. UberMitch:

    A vote for Gore in 2000 gets half-credit for picking a winner.

  31. Johnny Sack:

    Fair enough. I’ll take half-credit.

  32. Bruce Baugh:

    With banner ads for anti-fluoridation campaigns and white-only home schooling kits.

  33. cpinva:

    how quaint. almost makes the republicans look sane, by comparison to the current inmates of the GOP asylum. what’s funny though, is the railing against the then current public school system, as opposed to the one that dole, his wife and daughter were educated in, which republicans campaigned against, for the very same reasons.

    republicans have been trying to off the public school system, since the modern republican party began, shortly after the civil war. an educated public is a dangerous thing to the republican party, since an educated populace would never vote for a republican candidate. they’ve known this since forever, thus their hatred for any education of the non-wealthy masses.

  34. phrack:

    Even in the old dayz, nobody carred about grammer.


  35. Tom Scudder:

    Keep the cyber-ball rolling for Ol’ Tip!

  36. John:

    You didn’t vote for Carter or Clinton?

  37. expatchad:


  38. Roger Ailes:

    The Dole/Kemp crossword puzzle link is down.

    I’m guessing it wasn’t the CLINTON WINS puzzle from the NYT.

  39. David Mathias:

    I know that this is a little different, but has anybody used the Wayback Machine to see Barack Obama’s faculty webpage at University of Chicago?

  40. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    FTW, as the kids abbrev.

  41. Nick056:

    I like that the “immigration” page is really just the anti-illegal immigration page. Just wall-to-wall attacks on Clinton for being soft on illegal immigrants.

  42. Dana:

    This is a reference to charter schools, I guess? Since this was before relentless teachers-union bashing was fashionable. Of course Dems have mostly given in or co-opted on charter schools, without any significant measurable benefits to education. But at least we now have a “centrist” education policy. Pay no attention to whether or not it’s good policy. If the union bashing continues I’m sure we can expect more of the same.

  43. Dana:

    Did he have one? I think he was just an adjunct, which often means just a page with a name and an email address (and maybe a link to his page at the state senate).

  44. Bill Altreuter:

    Funny to think that Dole was one of the few Republican Presidential candidates that finished his political career as a respected figure both in and out of his party. Think about that roll call for a minute: Nixon (unindicted co-conspirator), Ford (corporate board sitter, golfer), Reagan (Living Saint– we were spared his post-presidential musings by virtue of his Alzheimer), Bush pere (pals around with Clinton, raised taxes. I’m sure he is airbrushed out of more photographs than he is in), Bush fils (President for eight years, presently a non-person) McCain (the cranky old man of the Senate), and now Mittens. Of them all McCain is the only one likely to be invited to the next Republican National Convention.

  45. Nathan of Perth:

    That press release is beautiful.

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