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My thoughts are similar to Scott’s (now includes Warren Zevon content).

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  • Bill Murray

    so is Bork borking Inoue’s and Ravi Shankar’s fjord pining?

  • Gus

    There is a “Vanderleun” commenting at the Salon article. I assume Gerard, both from the name and the “quality” of the posts.

    • rea

      Ah, Gerard Vanderleun, the Man Who Was Aware of All Internet Traditions . . .

  • Sly

    Shame he outlasted Archibald Cox and Elliot Richardson.

    How bad a SCOTUS nominee was Robert Bork? So bad that his judicial extremism will forever overshadow his pivotal role in Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre. It’s not just the good that’s interred with a man’s bones… apparently it’s the banal and bureaucratic evils, too.

  • gocart mozart

    Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 01:48 PM EST
    Indeed. And now that the world is awash in porn how’s that working out?

    He truly is aware of all internet traditions

  • The Swedish Chef is mourning.

  • cpinva

    judge bork was probably one of the very worst legal minds, to ever occupy a post higher than junior associate. an odious person both professionally and personally, who’s intellect stopped somewhere around the 12th century. makes you wonder what horrors he suffered, as a child, to turn him into the horror of an adult that he became.

    off topic: mr. campos, since you teach law at UC-Boulder, i’m guessing you’ve probably at least heard of jeralyn merritt, a defense atty. in denver, and owner of the blog talkleft.com. a smart and lovely woman, with one critical weakness: she’s a gun nut. convinced, beyond all reason, that the first part of the second amendment was a throwaway line, and the second part means that the gov’t can’t legally control guns. ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

    i bring this up, because i think it would be interesting if the two of you were to debate this very issue, here. it would be cool if you were to invite her over (though i’m pretty sure she’s aware of the site’s existence), and have at it.

    just a thought.

  • The Dark Avenger

    Jeralyn Merrit is a twit. She thought that the police should’ve tried to take the North Hollywood bandits alive, despite the bandits attempts to shoot everyone surrounding the bank they tried to rob.

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