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Yes. A Liberal Cocoon.

[ 104 ] November 19, 2012 |

Item 1 — Mr. Glenn Harlan Reynolds:

That’s no secret in the Obama era, of course, as the press’s efforts to boost, and then protect, the presidency of Barack Obama have become ever more obvious. But it’s still worth pointing out. It’s a problem for America, and it’s a problem for people on the right. But it’s probably a bigger problem for people with whom the media agree. That’s because they wind up living in a bubble, protected from contrary views, which means that they are perpetually caught by surprise when reality asserts itself.

Item 2, by the same not-at-all cocooned gentleman:

OBAMA IS DOING FINE: President Barack Obama is rapidly losing support among African-American voters in North Carolina, a new poll out today from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling shows. [Features uncritical link to story breathlessly announcing that 20% of North Carolina’s African-American voters intend to vote for Romney. I swear.]

Item 3:

Both threats fizzled. In North Carolina, 96 percent of blacks voted for Obama.

In conclusion, it’s really tragic how liberals delude themselves by limiting themselves to useless, farcically biased news sources.

As a bonus, for those who prefer undiluted delusional wingnuttery to the greasy passive-aggressive Reynolds version, the good Roger Ailes finds this classic from Mr. Hillbuzz, the man who will be running the campaign of the woman Democrats are very, very scared will be the Republican nominee in 2016:

The hacks and Obama cultists who comprise Minitru so desperately want Barack Obama to be reelected that they’re publishing fan faction in once-reputable papers and outright lying to viewers on the tee-vee. This election will be the end of Minitru’s last remaining credibility…with anger actually coming from all sides, since lefties will be furious that things turned out nothing like Nate Silver, in particular, repeatedly assured them. The Left is going to eat its own in the coming months and a lot of heads will roll. I personally don’t think MSNBC will even exist by the time of the next presidential election because its viewers will be so furious that no one on that propaganda channel warned them this would happen. Already we’ve seen the complete and total disappearance of Oprah Winfrey from the face of the Earth, still smarting from the blowback she received from her former viewers who hold her partly accountable for Obama’s election in the first place. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow will see their own fans turn on them soon, with a great many Hollywood stars such as Eva Longoria and Beyonce paying a high price in years ahead for being so closely associated with the Obamas.

Amazingly, this crackpot rant goes on for thousands of more words. I particularly treasure #3 (“All of them believe in Nate Silver the way toddlers believe in Santa Claus…only I guarantee you that November 6th isn’t going to be like Christmas morning for these people. Nate Silver’s predictions are bunk and everyone on the Left who clung to them to hold their mental health together the last few months are going to turn on him in an instant when Mitt Romney wins the election in a landslide,”) but it’s all pure comic gold.


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  1. c u n d gulag says:

    Maybe, if the great Luis Buñuel was still alive, this is what it would be like in his newest film, when a movie projectionist puts on the film for the audience, only to realize that the subject of the film is himself.

    Projection is the ONLY thing our Modern Conservatives do at all well.

  2. MAJeff says:

    Ah, Mr. Hillbuzz. The craziest homocon since Roy Cohn. Makes the Homosexuals Against Gays at GOProud look like the Gay Liberation Front.

  3. Todd says:

    OK, but 4% is 20% of 20%, which is pretty close really. At least for a non-pupa.

  4. You’d think someone who uses “Minitru” that often would be aware of the concept of doublethink

  5. RedSquareBear says:

    I think someone should ask him for an apology. One to Nate Silver and one to the rest of us.

    Is this what Billy Bennett meant by the death of shame?

    I think it is.

  6. thebewilderness says:

    Still busy as a bumblebee creating his own reality and catapulting the propaganda I see.

  7. TT says:

    Hell hath no fury like a winger scorned. Wasn’t it just a scant two years ago that Nate Silver’s Gay Math predicted major GOP gains?

  8. Clark says:

    How dare you use Reynolds’ previous words against him.

  9. Johnny Sack says:

    Yeah the uh liberal media has been in bed with the president from day one. Jesus I can’t even type that with a straight face. The beauty of asinine phrases like liberal media is that it works as a signaling mechanism that tells me who to not take seriously.

  10. SatanicPanic says:

    Skip ahead to Nov 7th and Mr DuJan says:

    The Left is much stronger than we thought.

    This is a sickening and horrible shock.

    HA HA

  11. Surreal American says:

    I do have concerns from time to time that I’m ensconced in a liberal echo chamber. However everytime I check in on those “across the aisle”, I find that they’re veering back and forth between completely mistaken and barking mad.

  12. J.W. Hamner says:

    You can really distinguish the pro from amateur crackpots (like the unskewed polls guy) in that the former glom to conspiracies that cannot be falsified. If Romney wins it proves the Minitru was lying to us this whole time and if Obama wins it proves that Minitru’s lies were more powerful then we ever imagined.

  13. djw says:

    Kevin DuJan’s live-blogging of election night is pretty spectacular. You can watch reality slowly sink in, but there’s a stretch where he’s telling everyone to calm down, it’s going to be OK, because the CLEVELAND vote is going to save Ohio for Romney.

    • Jason says:

      I got quite a bit of schadenfreude out of that as well.

    • Craigo says:

      Is there anyway to read this goodness without actually, you know, viewing his blog?

    • Richard says:

      Reading his election night blog is really quite scary. He goes from ultimate confidence (Romney is going to win many Democratic states, the Dems are already coming up with excuses,the Obama people are visibly shaking, its going to be a landslide) to factually insane (Georgia has gone for Romney but Nate Silver said that Obama would carry it), to somewhat worried (please Cleveland, please Cleveland, I know you can do it Cleveland), to a little dismay (its going to end up in the courts because its so close) to shock (Ohio has gone for Obama, I’m stunned) and then silence.

      • Halloween Jack says:

        Reading his blog at almost any time is scary, because he’s got so much invested in his self-created alternate reality that you have to wonder if he’s actually got his own little cult going in Boystown where he gets more support from his commenters the crazier he gets. He’s always had a little bit of the paranoid style (he has made statements in the past alluding to at least some of the Boystown bartenders trying to poison his drinks), but it’s kicked into overdrive with the Orwell allusions.

        That having been said, DuJan having any sort of position within a Palin 2016 campaign would be unparalleled political entertainment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Urgh. I got sucked into the comments. They are … like no comments section I have ever entered before.

      • elm says:

        The comment section at HillBuzz is awesome!

        I should no better than to nutpick, but here is what what commenter had to say on the pre-election post: “If you add all the state the GOP won any statewide office or won a legislative seat in 2010 Democrats have 103 and Republicans have 435. So the GOP can win 435 votes, because it has done so in the last 4 years, it will never win all of them, but Democrats are vulnerable”

        Almost Rovian-level mathematics there!

    • Scott Lemieux says:

      Kevin DuJan’s live-blogging of election night is pretty spectacular. You can watch reality slowly sink in, but there’s a stretch where he’s telling everyone to calm down, it’s going to be OK, because the CLEVELAND vote is going to save Ohio for Romney.

      “I was really worried that the Republicans were going to lose New York, but when I saw that the votes from the SOUTH BRONX weren’t in yet, I figured we were in great shape.”

  14. BikeCrasher says:

    “This is great stuff. I could make a career out of this guy! You see how clever his part is? How it doesn’t require a shred of proof? Most paranoid delusions are intricate, but this is brilliant!”
    Dr. Silberman

  15. Malaclypse says:

    This warms the cockles of my heart.

  16. Hogan says:

    There may be such a thing as too much Schadenfreude, but I ain’t there yet.

    • RedSquareBear says:

      It really is the only honest joy, isn’t it?

    • djw says:

      The last two weeks have been instructive and a bit humbling; my appetite for Schadenfreude has turned out to be far, far vaster than I ever would have imagined. I don’t recall having a particularly voracious appetite for it in 2006 or 2008.

      • Malaclypse says:

        But in 2008, the “bookmark it, libtards!” guy was one dude trolling Sadly, No! This time around, it was flipping everybody. I don’t recall ever seeing so many being so wrong so loudly ever before, and that makes the shadenfreude all the tastier.

      • ploeg says:

        I don’t know that my appetite has changed all that much, but when I see so many people bent over with huge KICK ME signs posted on their hindquarters, it seems churlish to refuse.

      • NonyNony says:

        I don’t recall having a particularly voracious appetite for it in 2006 or 2008.

        For me at least part of it comes from the candidate.

        I don’t know what it is – I didn’t like John McCain all that much in 2008. But I didn’t take a lot of pleasure from him getting stomped. I was happy that the country had rejected the Republicans, but was indifferent about their rejection of McCain.

        This year on the other hand I take great joy in the thought that Romney was handed his ass election night. Like if I could personally have been there to hand him the news so I could (metaphorically) drink his tears, I would have. And that bleeds over into my feelings toward the people who became die-hard Romney fanbois over the last year.

        • MAJeff says:

          Yeah. Having been an MA resident during Willard’s tenure, and a gay resident at that, I loathe him in a way that I couldn’t McCain. I truly hate Willard Romney. I wanted to be in the room when he was told he wouldn’t get the oval office. I wanted to rub his face in the knowledge that he would never occupy the office he thought he was entitled to. It’d be almost as good as feeding Ann Romney her own horse.

          • Darkrose says:

            Yes. This.

            I didn’t like McCain. I loathe Mitt Romney with the fire of a thousand suns. I loathe him more than I, a Giants fan, loathe the Dodgers. I truly believe that he’s a horrible human being, and I’d pay money for the chance to kick him repeatedly in the balls while screaming, “Yes, you arrogant shitstain, WE HAVE FAMILIES!”

          • NonyNony says:

            Just the thought of how many jobs the guy has destroyed in his quest to exploit the tax system to get more money for himself would have been enough, I think, for me to dislike him. Enough to want to make sure that he never got near elected office again, anyway.

            But then you tack onto that the editorial he wrote that said that the US should let the car industry die in this country. And the comments about how rough it was for he and his wife to get through college. And his insistence that he was special and didn’t need to release his tax returns because shut up that’s why. And every other example of him being not only completely out of touch with Americans (which is typical of a lot of presidential candidates that I can’t muster up hate for), but actually him despising most of America.

            By the time he made his “47%” comments I already had a load of bile built up for the man. That comment just confirmed to me the he was a truly loathsome individual with few (if any) redeeming qualities.

        • Craigo says:

          I felt the same way – though in my case I thought it was lingering affection from the 2000-2001 era McCain, who, while not making any pretense of not being an asshole, was at least being an asshole to people I opposed.

        • ploeg says:

          The circumstances also had something to do with it. The financial collapse happened when Bush was overseeing the financial system (or not), but there were certain Wall Street Democrats who had their fair share of responsibility for the debacle, and in any case, there was a huge mess to clean up and we had to get started. Four years of scorched earth tactics against any credible way to jump start the economy tends to change one’s attitude toward the not-so-loyal opposition.

        • commie atheist says:

          The way that nearly every Republican dumped on romney after his donor phone call came out is what really amazed me. Basically they went from saying “Mitt will save America!” to “What a fucking asshole this guy is” in nothing flat. Don’t recall that ever happening with a losing candidate before.

      • Hogan says:

        I’ve done enough union work to be in touch with my inner bastard, but yeah, this year is something special.

      • CD says:

        Somehow the racism seems more intense this time. I feel bad about my Schadenfreude, but yikes, that comments section, with people going on about how the President is a lazy cokehead … despair is too good for them.

  17. DrDick says:

    This is what happens when you create your own reality. They have a name for it in the DSM-IV.

  18. Rob in Buffalo says:

    The Hillbuzz freakout is funny but that short Reynolds piece is the greatest thing ever. I’m not sure Reynolds has ever been shown up so thoroughly (and succinctly).

  19. Anderson says:

    He’s like Goebbels, but less convincing.

  20. LosGatosCA says:

    we’ve may have reached peak schadenfreude because I’m starting to think that exposing these morons on every one of their stupidities is cruel.

  21. Rob in Buffalo says:

    Also, per Mrs. Instaputz in one of those pre-election compilation of predictions articles, Reynolds really was SURE Romney was going to win. Dumb-ass.

  22. Major Kong says:

    I haven’t seen this much projection since the Cannes Film Festival.

  23. Aaron B. says:

    Lie-berals are nothing but stupid infants, weaned on facts and swaddled in reality!

  24. herr doktor bimler says:

    the press’s efforts to boost, and then protect, the presidency of Barack Obama have become ever more obvious.

    What with occasionally reporting facts, with their well-known bias.

  25. laura says:

    Glenn and Dr. Mrs. are the perfect bullshit tag team. Dr. Mrs. assures the rubes that feminism is to blame for all their woes and hubby assures them about how much smarter and more virtuous they are than the liberals who control the press. And hey, they’ve managed to turn PJ Media into a semi-successful blogging/vlogging operation which I wouldn’t have thought possible by going full partisan-lunatic while using the term “libertarin” a lot.

    It’s just breathtaking the contempt the two must have for their readership. I’m not totally convinced Glenn Reynolds actually believes anything he writes — though lately the way he slips from glibness into outrage fairly often suggests maybe he does. That’s almost certainly bad for business.

  26. Brownian says:

    These folks aren’t entirely wrong. As a liberal, one can live entirely within a liberal cocoon. But conservatives are forced to consider opposing viewpoints. Sure, one can spend all day watching Fox and reading Breitbart. But step outside and blam! There’s the real world, with its liberal bias.

  27. David Mathias says:

    it’s all pure comic gold

    I am not sure if it is a light comedy or a dark comedy.

  28. The Left is going to eat its own in the coming months and a lot of heads will roll. I personally don’t think MSNBC will even exist by the time of the next presidential election because its viewers will be so furious that no one on that propaganda channel warned them this would happen.

    If it turned out that Nate Silver and MSNBC were pushing bogus information like this guy was describing, that is exactly what would happen. The left would tear them to pieces, heads would roll, and there would be even more internal strife than usual.

    But that didn’t happen. What happened instead is that the right-wing pollsters and pundits got it all wrong, and Fox was pushing bogus “math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.” Despite this, heads won’t roll, Fox will only become more popular among right-wingers, and Karl Rove, Glenn Reynolds, and Dick Morris will remain major figures in good standing within the conservative movement.

    • JKTHs says:

      Yeah it’s hard to imagine conservatives turning to all the talking heads/Fox and saying “WTF man I’m done with you.” Instead they’ll just crawl deeper into the maw

  29. Matt says:

    In related news, nobody’s told Reynolds that WW2 was 60+ years ago and infrastructure doesn’t last that long:

    Either that, or he’s decided to go whole-hog on the “intellectual hipster” routine and ironically pretend that it actually *is* the 1950s…

  30. […] my family to meet me for dinner last night, I came across this USAT column by Glenn Reynolds (via Scott Lemieux) from before the election:  Column: Will cocooned liberals be surprised by Romney? (the piece […]

  31. Alan in SF says:

    Could you please print other things this Mr. Hillbuzz is absolutely sure will happen, so that we may earn money betting against them?

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