In More Great News for the Republicans

Barack Obama won Cuban-Americans in Florida, 49-47.

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  1. Informant:

    This is excellent news for John McCain Mitt Romney!!!

  2. wengler:

    But who will vote for little Elian!

  3. Warren Terra:

    But, but … Mariela Castro! Hugo Chavez!

  4. somethingblue:

    Will no one think of the dolphins?!?

  5. sparks:

    And Cuba Libre!

  6. Mr. Upright:

    All of those who reminded themselves daily to hate JFK have died off.

  7. joe from Lowell:

    Those numbers are even worse than they appear for the Republicans, because of the age splits. Every year for the foreseeable future, thousands of Obama-loving young Cubans will turn 18, and thousands of Obama-hating older Cubans will “leave the voting rolls.”

  8. joe from Lowell:

    How do you say “banana daiquiri?”

  9. LosGatosCA:

    What more proof of voter fraud do you need?

  10. Linnaeus:

    “Banana daiquiri.”

  11. Anonymous:

    It’s just a Rum and Coke.

  12. pseudonymous in nc:

    Fidel’s still dodging a coffin, and Raul’s going to make sure that everyone planning to make a killing on all those ’57 Cadillacs arrives in Havana to see a big shiny capitalist vintage dealership.

  13. Rarely Posts:

    Notably, Romney appears to have performed better with Jewish voters in Florida than the average Republican does with Jewish voters nationally.

    Romney got 30% of Jewish voters in Florida to Obama’s 66 or 68%, whereas in 2008, Obama managed to capture either 74 or 78% of Jewish voters nationally. So, it looks like Romney probably pealed off a portion of the Jewish vote. Of course, exit polls are shaky enough that I wouldn’t read too much into it. Also, it’s still never good to be losing a chunk of the electorate by 38%, even if that is better than 44%.

  14. Rick Santorum's Leaky Faucet:

    Miami-Dade Cuban here. Voted for the Kenyan usurper. Twice. So did two of my closest Cuban friends. Most I know went for Romney (including my parents and extended family). Seems like a lot of it is generational. The Cubans I know who went for Obama, including me, are between their mid-twenties and late thirties (maybe mid 40s, rest are definitely obama,
    at least the ones I know). Anecdotal, I know.

  15. Rick Santorum's Leaky Faucet:

    Meant to say-the rest are definitely not Obama

  16. Warren Terra:

    OK, now break it down by age. In my personal experience of my own family, it’s mostly very old Jews who live in Florida, and it’s at least possible that Romney did better with older Jews than with younger Jews, even as he did better with older White folks than with younger White folks.

  17. Jameson Quinn:

    My mother-in-law is a hard-core communist ex-revolutionary who will never speak to you again if she feels you betrayed the revolution. My father-in-law actually got and/or gave military training in more than one communist country, which may or may not include a certain Caribbean island. And they both call it a “Cuba Libre” without batting an eye. My mother-in-law drinks more than one a week.

  18. Jameson Quinn:

    What more proof of voter fraud do you need?

  19. Jameson Quinn:

    My college roommate (at Oberlin) was Cuban. He had a Che flag over his bed. I was under standing orders that if his mom showed unexpectedly, I was to pretend that was my bed.

  20. Rarely Posts:

    I suspect that’s right. I’d be hesitant to try to parse much more from exit polls. They are notoriously shaky, and they get even moreso the smaller the demographic one focuses on (because the sample size shrinks). So, I’d be even more hesitant to try to draw conclusions about age cohorts within a 5% chunk of the electorate.

    I also don’t think it necessarily reflects any kind of long-term realignment from the Democratic party; it may well have been a response to Obama specifically.

  21. Major Kong:

    Thanksgiving dinners must be fun at your house.

  22. Jameson Quinn:

    Thanksgiving? What’s that? I live in Guatemala.

    Also, they’re separated. (But I didn’t tell you about my brother-in-law, who once punched me in the face because he thought my cellphone was interfering with his wifi downloads of pirate movies. And I actually turned the other cheek! It feels great, it’s a much more powerful move than you’d think.)

    But my wife’s parents are actually great people. Both in their own ways are heroes of mine. And not because of what they were doing in the 80s or their knowledge of Marx.

  23. swearyanthony:

    If only Romney had mentioned Chappaquiddick more.

  24. swearyanthony:

    Wait. I meant Benghazi. Or Vince Foster. KEEP HOPE ALIVE

  25. swearyanthony:

    That would be the death panels, right?

  26. mds:

    Oh, if only.

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