Impersonating someone can be a federal offense

SEK is inside his apartment being forced (by proximity) to listen to children playing basketball on the court adjacent to his porch.

CHILD #1: Pass the ball!


CHILD #1: Pass the damn ball!



SEK: What the—

SEK exits his apartment and looks at his porch. On the ground is a shattered pot and another plant that will inevitably not survive re-potting at this time of year. There is also a basketball. SEK picks up the basketball and looks at the children on the court.

SEK: Which one of you is “RAY ALLEN”?

CHILD #1: What do you mean?

SEK: I mean, which one of you is “RAY ALLEN”?

CHILD #2: Not us.

SEK: Have a good night then.

CHILD #1: What about our ball? Can we have it back?

SEK: This isn’t your ball.

CHILD #1: It is.

SEK: So you’re “RAY ALLEN”?

CHILD #2: No one’s “RAY ALLEN”! Now give us back our ball!

SEK: This ball belongs to “RAY ALLEN.” If you’re not “RAY ALLEN,” this isn’t your ball.

SEK enters his apartment with “RAY ALLEN”‘s ball. Ten minutes pass. His doorbell rings. Standing at the door is an OLDER WOMAN with a firm grip on CHILD #2′s arm.

OLDER WOMAN: My son has something to say to you. (OLDER WOMAN elbows CHILD #2)

CHILD #2: I’m—



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  1. C.S.:

    Y’know, that was kind of a dick move on your part.

  2. Jim Lynch:

    Yeah. You’re a mean Mr. Mustard, you are.

  3. LosGatosCA:

    Also, too, get Ray Allen off his damn lawn.

  4. zombie rotten mcdonald (unashamed Knack fan):


  5. zombie rotten mcdonald:

    y’know, Ray Allen probably wouldn’t have missed that shot.

  6. Benjamin:

    Ray Allen wishes he had that youth and gumption.

  7. McAllen:

    From the way the story was going I was sort of expecting a huge crowd of children to all stand up and claim to be Ray Allen.

  8. Pinko Punko:

    Don’t poke the little bears!

  9. Manju:

    Bird denied a lot of stuff too.

  10. Lyanna:

    Dick move or not, I approve.

  11. Warren Terra:

    Did RAY ALLEN apologize for the dead flowerpot and the dying vegetation?

  12. Andy:

    OLDER WOMAN is officially awesome.

    We all need more OLDER WOMAN in our lives.

  13. Colette:

    I’m the mother of a 4th-grade basketballin’ boy, although not any of the boys implicated in this story, and I approved this message.

  14. SEK:

    Yes. But since my porch is currently an unwilling participant in a reenactment of the Battle of Britain, I don’t really feel too bad.

  15. SEK:

    No. But his mother gave me $10 to replace the $30 plant he destroyed.

  16. Andy:

    and you really should consider buying RAY ALLEN a small Christmas gift to show him that there’s no shame in stepping up and taking responsibility. It might teach him a valuable lesson. It might make a difference. It might make a new friendship.

  17. Anderson:

    Ray Allen is going to slash your tires, dude.

  18. SEK:

    I gave him back his ball. He’ll be fine. And if he does slash my tires, well, I wouldn’t want to be the one who faces his mother when I complain about my tires being slashed, and I got the distinct impression he wouldn’t want to be either.

  19. heckblazer:

    “I’m Ray Allen!”
    “No, I’m Ray Allen!”

  20. Jyestha:

    “Ray Allen” is not going to slash your tires but it might happen anyway.

  21. e julius drivingstorm:

    Good thing you don’t live on my golf course ’cause “I am Tiger Woods”.

  22. MikeJake:

    You shouldn’t have given him the ball back until he agreed to commit to Big State.

  23. SEK:

    (I should note that I’ve been dealing with insomnia by watching Rescue Me. Not that that’s relevant, assholes, but fuck you.)

  24. Jason:

    is Ray Allen flying a Hurricane or a Messerschmidt in this scenario?

  25. Jason:

    I am somewhat surprised that kids today would still pretend to be Ray Allen.

  26. SEK:

    He’s on the Heat, that’s all they know.

  27. herr doktor bimler:

    More likely, SEK will wake up to discover that he has monsters all over him.

  28. herr doktor bimler:

    Did you ever discover which of the children was named SPALDING NBA?

  29. BW:

    Even that’s surprising for kids in southern California. Knowing LA fans, I’d have imagined that their pickup games would be staffed by ten Kobe Bryants…

  30. rea:

    I wouldn’t want to be the one who faces his mother when I complain about my tires being slashed

    Dude, how are you going to do that without facing her?

  31. Timb:

    No ONE wants to be Kobe

  32. Halloween Jack:

    None of us are Spartacus!

  33. Halloween Jack:

    Ben Franklin would approve.

  34. Quercus:

    No, I’m Shuttlesworth.

    Wait, did I get that right?

  35. Otter:

    As she walks away from SEK’s door, Older Woman shakes her head sadly and says, “Why couldn’t you just be World B. Free, like your father?”

  36. CaptBackslap:

    Ray Allen is a decent human being.

  37. Barry Freed:

    He was busted!

    Thanks for that SEK.

  38. seeker6079:

    The fact that holding some little sod accountable for smashing things is seen as a “dick move” is one of the reasons we have so many little sods instead of little kids.

  39. Manju:


  40. (the other) Davis:

    They really are so grateful!

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