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Go Ducks!

[ 30 ] November 3, 2012 |

I would like to withdraw any suggestion/implication that Darron Thomas may have been better in any way than Marcus Mariota in critical road games.

By the way, Kenjon Barner is pretty goddamn obviously the Heisman Trophy favorite at this point.


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  1. shah8 says:

    Just make sure he isn’t selling ladies shoes in the future…

  2. shah8 says:

    Anyways, that’s better than Dexter McCluster’s Big Day a couple of years back.

  3. Anderson says:

    Meanwhile, I jinxed Alabama earlier. Looks like y’all may be playing Tigers … or Irish???

  4. cpinva says:

    out of idle curiousity, do either of these teams field a defense? i ask because, well, it doesn’t appear one was present, for either team, for most of the game. perhaps budget cuts required that each school reduce the number of players on their respective squads, and defensive players were deemed the least valuable members?

  5. DrDick says:

    Not to rain on your parade or anything, but it would appear that my fundie Republican cousin is also a Ducks fan. There really are things I do not like about Facebook.

  6. wengler says:

    USC couldn’t cover the spread.

    For shame.

  7. Increase Mather says:

    Wow, Alabama. You talk about stepping up when it’s all on the line.

  8. Les Miles wouldn’t have his teams in the games everyone watches so often if he wasn’t a good coach, but I have to question his in-game decisions.

  9. todd. says:

    By the way, Kenjon Barner is pretty goddamn obviously the Heisman Trophy favorite at this point.

    After the poise AJ McCarron showed in that final drive? The composure, the presence?

    Sorry, I’m just trolling SEK.

  10. The Washington Huskies says:

    What was it you said? Even better when you have hope?

  11. Scott Lemieux says:

    Yeah, but LSU winning proves that the SEC is by far the greatest collection of teams any organized sport has ever seen. Oh, wait, Alabama came back? This proves that the SEC is by far the greatest collection of teams any organized sport has ever seen. Hopefully we’ll see the Alabama/Misssissippi St. BCS Championship game the nation is clamoring for.

    • Anderson says:

      I leave it to you Ducks experts to advise us whether Oregon has a defense. Alabama’s was spotty tonight, but it may answer.

      • Erik Loomis says:

        Oregon didn’t play a very good game on defense. But then again, it going up against the second coming of Calvin Johnson. Oregon’s defense has been superb throughout the season before tonight, including giving up 0 to Arizona, leading the nation in interceptions, and being 3rd in the nation in red zone defense.

    • Pinko Punko says:

      I 100% agree with the existence of the SEC tautology and since there is a nice closed circle here, there are no outside games with which to judge (i.e. USC destroying Arkansas a few years back). Early season games against Michigan or whomever always count in Bama’s favor because poll voters don’t retroactively go back and say “huh, Michigan not that good, and Arkansas not that good and Tennessee not that good”. The SEC can say that it has won some championship games, but the circular losses within the conference seem distributed just so the entire conference can be in the Top 10. I consider A&M to be a conference outsider, and will be quite happy for them to ruin the Bama parade. Unfortunately, 1-loss Bama would still make the SEC title game, so would probably still be safe unless Oregon and KState win out. The computers are rigged a little in favor of the SEC, because they aren’t allowed to take into account margin of victory. This means lots of close games in “strong” conference just make that conference look “strong” and Oregon demolishing its schedule does nothing to make up for perception of Pac12 weakness. Johnny Football!

  12. Fighting Words says:

    I would just like to say that the Fox announcers for the Oregon/USC game were the absolute worst football announcers that I have ever had the mispleasure of watching. They made me wish for Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf to call the game.

    At this point I would also write my obligatory “Go Bears!!!” but the season is just about done for the blue and gold. It also looks like this will be the end of the Jeff Tedford era at Cal, which is too bad because he was a good coach and a likable guy.

    I guess I’ll just write “Go Beavers!!!” for the Oregon State Alums in my family.

  13. KailuaKid says:

    Don’t forget Manti Teo of the Fighting Irish! Actually, I think I’m more for the Ducks so hope their QB, Marcus Mariota, gets the Heisman. All of his passes today were good to great, but that one touchdown pass was absolutely true perfection! Kenjon Barner was amazing, too. The Ducks are having a great season and are, as always, a joy to root for.

  14. Linkmeister says:

    How the heck can Arizona edge SC last week by 3 points and then get smashed by UCLA by 56 points? The only redeeming feature about this weekend is that the other Oregon team beat ASU.

    • Fighting Words says:

      That’s Pac-12 Football for you. The top teams always play inconsistently. USC was notorious for beating one of the stronger teams one week, then losing to a Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington (when those teams were all bad) the next week.

  15. Jordan says:

    Dude, Collin Klein.

  16. LosGatosCA says:

    Oregon’s red zone defense may not be too bad, it’s there weakness against the 75 yard pass play they need to work on.

    It’s games like this that destroy PAC-12 credibility at the national level. On one of Barner’s TD runs from just outside the red zone he ran untouched. And 13.4 yards per passing attempt? These are video game numbers and not in a positive way, from a league credibility perspective.

    Hard to believe anyone thought USC was a national title contender.

  17. LosGatosCA says:

    The athleticism on defense in the Alabama – LSU game, particularly in the secondaries, even on important completions was impressive. Both Alabama and LSU contested almost every play at all points of attack in a way Oregon and USC can only visualize in their dreams, and will not attain in any meaningful way this season. Of course the exception was Alabama’s winning drive.

    That’s something that won’t show up on a stat sheet, until a PAC-12 team runs into it on the field.

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