Classic George Will. Seriously.

Looking through my 1976 copy of The Changing American Voter today, what should I find inside?  This vintage 1976 clipping of a George Will column, warning us sternly about the dangers of allowing voter registration by . . . mail.  Because it would mean a “substantial increase in bureaucracy, and a substantial increase in the opportunity for fraudulent voting.”



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  1. StevenAttewell:

    I’m calling it: George Will is Nosferatu. That photo is eerie.

  2. Julian:

    Holy shit. He has not aged a day, which means he was born at age sixty-six.

  3. EndOfTheWorld:

    It’s hard not to be a Republican when you’re born already 47 years old.

  4. Aaron B.:


  5. J.W. Hamner:

    Yeah, they’ve been fighting a holding action since the Golden Age of suffrage only for property owning white males. They need some new euphemisms though.

  6. SP:

    And based on all the imaginary booga-booga about voter fraud, he would claim that he was proved fucking right.

  7. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    Jebus Christ. How old IS George Will?

    Truly he has always been yelling at clouds.

  8. DrDick:

    Most importantly making registration easier would lead to a substantial increase in blahs and other undesirables voting.

  9. thusbloggedanderson:

    That can’t be the real George Will. Where’s the bow-tie?

  10. Todd:

    I still feel like his columns are better than his minority-ownership track record with the Orioles.

  11. NonyNony:

    Ah – now we see what his deal with Satan entailed.

    I assume that this is also Tucker Carlson’s excuse.

  12. » “Voter fraud” descends from poll tax elitism A.Sarva.Co:

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  13. thebewilderness:

    Heavens forefend we encourage the most lackadaisical (blah) citizens to vote. That would not be good news for John McCain.

    Says I, sitting here in a mail ballot state, having cast my vote a week ago.

  14. DrDick:

    It is the sign of the beast!

  15. Njorl:

    I think Carlson didn’t read his contract before putting blood to paper. It must have the phrase “… or something like that.” where it describes his reward.

  16. JR:

    Bureaucracy is bad. Taking six hours off of work is a much easier solution for the common folk living paycheck to paycheck most effected by the election they’re trying to vote in. Their republcian bosses would have no problem with that.

  17. Lancelot Link:

    I wonder…does George Will sleep in a coffin filled with the soil of his native land?

  18. Bart:

    I see he used “modicum” early on, for which he gets extra credit. What about “Too clever by half” in the rest of the piece, which normally gets him several extras?

  19. Rhino:

    Hey I’m 47 and I was, god help me, a randroid when I was 20. It took me nearly 30 years to become a socialist, and in a few more years, probably a Marxist assassin.

  20. Bexley:

    Watch out for when he runs for Mayor of Sunnydale.

  21. Rain:

    It’s a joy to find somneoe who can think like that

  22. Does your indignation meet George Will’s approval? A test to find out. Erythangelse:

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