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What A Pathetic Operation Tucker Carlson Is Running

[ 124 ] October 3, 2012 |

The Daily Race-Baiter tries to come up with the “Whitey Tape” that didn’t exist in 2008, steps on a rake.   It’s impossible for a rational person to understand why anything Obama said is objectionable, but it does indeed reflect the familar conservative trope that noting racial injustice in America is far worse than racism could ever be.

For further amusement, see this particularly feeble Instapundit third stringer — last seen arguing that obligating law enforcement officals to enforce the law in a non-discriminatory manner violates their First Amendment rights — try to sell this with a bunch of “people who are aware of the existence of racism are the real racists” gibberish that concludes with her calling Kanye West “an uneducated, uncouth rapper.”

Still, when it comes to pathetic, nobody can hold a candle to Col. Mustard:

And based on this tease by Drudge, it should be big.

Clearly! It’s important to remember that he really has something big and isn’t playing his followers for massive rubes or anything. And still, the liberal media will supress the time Obama had tuna salad that was made with herbs and olive oil rather than Miracle Whip, which I’m pretty sure is an impeachable offense.


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  1. rea says:

    These guys heard that we were entering a “post-racial” society and decided that meant that they could be as racist as they wanted and never get called on it.

    • R. Porrofatto says:

      Exactly. Tucker Carlson and his troglodytes are racists. Period. They would undoubtably protest they are not, but their first weapon, whether it’s the white guy blaming black people for stealing his bicycle or this present insanity, is always race. For them Obama’s greatest flaw, and therefore their biggest target, is his blackness. The fact that any human being might be appalled and angry at the racist treatment of New Orleans residents during Katrina is beyond their ken — only black racists could feel this way, therefore, Obama is a racist because he is one of them, in every meaning of them. And when you come down to it, that’s all they’ve got.

  2. swearyanthony says:

    Clearly Jennie will be along soon to explain how This Changes Everything. Keep hope alive. Hope and Pancakes.

  3. Cody says:

    If Obama really doesn’t use Miracle Whip in his tuna salad…

    He has lost my vote. I can put up with a lot of issues, but disliking Miracle Whip is vital to my vote. I’m going to help Romney get elected because of this!

  4. Cody says:

    I would like the Republicans to bring up Jeremiah Wright more.

    If we’re going to make the President’s Church an issue, that means Romney’s Church is fair game! Quick, someone investigate Romney’s “leaders”. Wait, that’s too in-depth. We can just take some excerpts from his WHOLE RELIGION. Breaking News: Book of Mormon that Romney adheres too says black people are black because of unholiness. Not racist though!

  5. howard says:

    You aroused my curiosity: what would a third-string instapundit have to say? So I clicked the link.

    You overrated her.

  6. DanMulligan says:

    Wow. Cornell law must be one hell of a bargain.

  7. Jonas says:

    Obama lost my vote when he asked for delicious spicy mustard for his burger. Sure, I like spicy mustard, but real Americans eat burgers with ketchup, and MAYBE American cheese, and I only vote for real Americans.

    Also, too, the orange juice incident.

    • Scott Lemieux says:

      Cheez Whiz, surely. And that bun better have been made in a factory at least three states over!

      • The orange juice was Cheese Whiz?

        (Ever have days when you think you shouldn’t be on the internet?)

        • Jonas says:

          You’re forgetting your history. The orange juice incident was one of the first clues that Obama was Un-American. He was offered a cup of coffee, and asked for orange juice instead. Real Americans don’t drink OJ, they drink coffee!!! The Pundits were aghast, there was no way this man could relate to real Americans. It’s a good thing he’s black and thereby automatically entitled to the presidency, otherwise his political career would have been over at that point.

    • JazzBumpa says:

      I’ve been 4-sqaure behind Obama since he ate lunch at Rudy’s Hot Dog in Toledo.

      But I am a bit conflicted, since Mittens ate at the Senate Coney Island in Livonia, MI.

      Still, I eat at Rudy’s more often (though I probably like the Senate more) so on balance, I have to vote for Obama.

      Damn, this is hard.

  8. njorl says:

    I suppose this kind of tactic has some value for the right. It gets the racist rubes worked up so more will go out and vote against Obama rather than stay home and sulk. However, the execution in this case was so bad it might backfire. Poor JenBob came here yesterday boasting about the Earth-shaking video which would be released, and now everyone is laughing at her/him/it. It just makes it more likely that little JenBobs everywhere will stay home and sulk on election day.

    • NonyNony says:

      But look – JenBob got what he/she/it wanted – a response. Some of them very funny, granted, but that doesn’t matter. JenBob isn’t here to do anything but make people angry and, when that’s not possible, irritate people.

    • Richard says:

      Even Drudge is burying the story today

    • dan says:

      The purpose of this video/story/nonstory isn’t to fire up the base and it isn’t to influence undecided voters. The purpose is to establish a narrative after the election if Obama wins to explain it as a product of media bias and a lack of vetting. Expect to see impressive charts showing how many media hours were spent on the Romney secret video compared to how many (non-Fox) media hours were spent on the Obama video. See? Ignore the fact that one was an actual secret video saying controversial and offensive things and the other was a long available video saying ordinary, inoffensive things. The raw numbers show Bias(tm)!

      • saucyturtles says:

        When I was in college, the conservative student group surveyed the college bookstore’s shelves, and proved liberal bias in the curriculum by finding more books by or about Karl Marx than books by or about Milton Friedman. Can’t argue with the numbers.

  9. mark f says:

    I used to be a liberal Democrat, but ever since Barack Obama criticized the Bush administration’s handling of Hurrican Katrina I’ve been very outraged by . . . wait, what?

    • Joshua says:

      Clearly, Obama should have taken a note from the cartoon right-wing version of MLK Jr. and examined the content of Brownie’s character. Looked into his soul, if you will.

      • Teddy Bear Martin Luther King?

        The one who traveled around the country giving speeches full of patriotic imagery and telling black people not to be violent?

        The one who didn’t organize the first affirmative action effort in American history?

        Yeah, conservatives love that guy.

  10. Craigo says:

    Because if there’s a conversation that Mitt “George W. Who?” Romney really wants to have with America, it’s Katrina.

    • mark f says:

      If Romney were a more talented politician it might work out for him. It’s a rare area where he could dance far from Bush while still winking at that talk radio “It was really all the Real Racist Chocolate Ray Nagin’s fault” wallflower. Fortunately Romney is not a talented politician.

  11. Halloween Jack says:

    And, of course, Tucker has to double down with a howler like dismissing skeptics of his ooga-booga-mongering as “throne sniffers who instinctively suck up to power.” Pot, kettle, black, as they say.

  12. DrDick says:

    The Doiley Fucker is where the never-has-beens that do not meet the standards of PJ Media and the Zombie Breitbart empire go to moulder.

  13. vacuumslayer says:

    I’ve yet to understand what I’m supposed to find offensive about this tape or the Reverend Wright tape.

    I can see why the wingers get upset, though. They keep thinking “we’ve got him now!”…but they don’t understand that everyone is not of their mindset.

    • mark f says:

      NRO’s “Most Controversial Quotes from Obama’s Hampton University Speech”:

      1. “Hurricane Katrina was kinda crappy. Kinda really crappy.”
      2. “I like Jesus.”
      3. “People want to know how we can unite and do good stuff.”
      4. “We should help the poor understand professional decorum so they can get jobs.”
      5. “Let’s get kids out of gangs and into jobs.”

      What a nut that guy is!

      • vacuumslayer says:

        That is Grade A kooky talk.

      • Anon21 says:

        Honestly, don’t even do the “shorter.” Just present the actual quotes that they think will be the most controversial, and then ponder metaphysical questions like whether it’s possible that all the other remarks will begin canceling out actual controversies.

        • NonyNony says:

          Seriously – look at this one:

          2. “It was also there — at Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side of Chicago — that I met Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., who took me on another journey and introduced me to a man named Jesus Christ. It was the best education I ever had.”

          The only things “controversial” about this sentence are the words “Trinity United Church of Christ” and “Reverend Wright”. And they’re only “controversial” to the 27%-ers who live in their own pocket bubble universe where Reverend Wright was the guy who ran Josef Stalin’s work camps.

          I especially appreciate how “controversial” this one is:

          4. “[The poor] may need help with basic skills — how to show up to work on time, wear the right clothes, and act appropriately in an office. We have to help them get there. That’s why I have called for $50 million to begin innovative new job training and workforce development programs.”

          I guess the “job training and workforce development programs” must be the controversial part, because my Republican Dad has been saying something along the lines of that first sentence as far back as I can remember. In fact, I’m pretty sure that that particular observation has been made since the Civil War by Northern industrialists who observed quite often about the “poor work ethic” of the lower classes that they needed to operate their factories…

          • Cody says:

            Heh. Indeed. I like how the NRO sums up “There will be quite the controversy over these remarks”.

            I really want them to explain what this controversy would be. I guess they have Christians and don’t want to help the poor? I mean those might be true, but I’m doubtful they would say them out loud.

          • mark f says:

            I guess the “job training and workforce development programs” must be the controversial part

            As Jesus taught us:

            Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.

            But give a small fraction of hungry men a useless voucher for half-assed fishing lessons and you can stop pretending like you give a fuck about poor people.

            • NonyNony says:

              I always thought it was “give a man a fire and he’ll be warm for the night, but light a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”

              Republican Jesus always has words of wisdom!

      • commie atheist says:

        In #5 Obama refers to “5-E Youth Service Corps,” which is obviously code for the Nazi Youth storm troopers that will be forcing white people into concentration camps. Soon. Any day now.

      • I really like how “that’s just the prepared remarks” handwaves the goalposts to other time zones…. why haven’t they provided a proper transcript?

        Is it too hard?

    • thusbloggedanderson says:

      I’ve yet to understand what I’m supposed to find offensive about this tape or the Reverend Wright tape.

      Black people. That’s what.

  14. Joey Maloney says:

    I’ve read people joke about this, but it’s really true, isn’t it? Tucker just never recovered from the beating Jon Stewart laid on him.

  15. Joe says:

    For some reason, I’m think Blazing Saddles.

  16. James E. Powell says:

    Consider this. I don’t follow the right-wing blogs or news sources. This is the first time I have heard Tucker Carlson’s name in at least two years.

    He knows if he can raise his profile and establish bona fides with the right-wing audience by showing he is willing to stand up to that [insert racist epithet] then he will make some money. Not a ton of money, but more than he would if he had to live off his talent or productivity.

  17. JupiterPluvius says:

    Man, I am reconsidering my assessment of wingers as not being able to find their asses with both hands.

    After all, they found this secret video in its carefully constructed hiding place on YouTube, and it only took them five years!

  18. They are releasing this at 9PM on the evening of the first presidential debate.

    This is an attempt to step on the coverage of the debate, just like rolling out the Palin nomination was an attempt to step on the coverage of Obama’s acceptance speech.

    I guess they don’t have a great deal of confidence in Mitt “Zinger” Romney’s performance.

  19. Bitter Scribe says:

    Anyone want to bet when the next “game-changer” will come along?

    And the one after that? And the “really, really big one” after that? And the “no, really, no shit, this time we really mean it, THIS is the game changer!” one?

    Maybe we should just bet on the frequency. I’m guessing that in a couple of weeks, it’ll be one per day.

    • Cody says:

      Perhaps they’re counting on declaring “Game Changers” is enough to change the game. It probably works with their audience. Republicans are convinced Obama is done, because there was this huge secret video released.

      It’s not like they care what’s in it. They’ll just pretend it’s like a budget Paul Ryan made or something!

  20. […] Mark F., who does a good job explaining the apparent wingnut problem with “controversial” quote #4: As Jesus taught […]

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