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Today Among What Sadly Passes for the Conservative Intelligentsia


Shorter syndicated columnist William F. George: The only possible explanation for why a majority of the American electorate would vote for a candidate whose policies they substantially prefer is because of white guilt. A underprivileged guy like Mitt Romney just can’t catch a break.

Shorter Bobo: In the fall, a middle-aged fogie’s fancy turns to very conservative Republicans they can pretend are moderate Republicans.

To supplement Charles, this was my very favorite part of Brooks’s fantasy:

But, globally, the nations that successfully trim debt have raised $1 in new revenue for every $3 in spending cuts. I will bring Republicans around to that position. There’s no way President Obama can do that.

Right. Once Romney gets a hold of the BULLY PULPIT he’ll get congressional Republicans to support tax increases. Just like George H.W. Bush, who remains a hero among conservative Republicans to this very day, and whose budget deal is not any any way the political moment the modern Republican party defines itself against.

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