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“The 47%


It wasn’t a “gaffe”; if anything, it understates Republican contempt for working people.

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  • c u n d gulag

    Maybe someday, Mitt and his rich base, may look down at the whicker basket, look up at the guillotine, and say to themselves, “Hmm… Maybe I should have listened to those Occupy people before they all got this pissed-of…”

    And that thought would die right then, along with the person.

    • Uncle Ebeneezer

      To make it even better, the “basket” should be a basketball hoop. Like all those parasites use in the city parks!

      Speaking of sports: Scott, when are we gonna get a baseball post? MVP race, triple-crown vs. WAR, Wildcard chases etc…

      • RedSquareBear

        That’s a good point. The fleet footed young bucks will need the baskets to carry all the T-bone steaks to their Cadillacs anyways.

    • Barry Freed

      Maybe I should go home and grease the axle of my tumbrel now. One can hope.

      • rea

        I’m taking up knitting . . .

      • sparks

        Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
        Keep those tumbrels rollin’

    • Wanderer

      The thought would live on for a few seconds in the sundered head. How delicious to imagine two coincident cognitive events: that thought and the view of the basket, from the basket.

  • Shut up, Takers.

    “Where does Krugman think the jobs come from? For the “ordinary working families.” They come from the employers and investors. Otherwise, the ordinary people would not have a job.

    Do you not get this?

    The only reason the Takers have anything to take is because the Makers created it. But if the Takers, take it all, the Makers will just drop out. And nothing more will be created. And there will be nothing more to take. “

    • MPAVictoria

      Poe’s law?

      • Joshua

        No, it’s a real comment to the op-ed (and a recommended one).

        If I had a NYT account, I would tell that guy that employers and investors aren’t “job creators”, customers are. Even the richest man alive will not hire someone to build a macguffin if nobody will buy it.

        This strikes me as so unbelievably obvious and so braindead simple that of course this country has forgotten it over the past 30 years.

        We went from “the purpose of business is to create a customer” to “the purpose of business is to enrich shareholders” in the 1970’s, what has happened since is no surprise.

        • I should have used block quote. That is not my mind-poo. It’s from a commenter who obviously enjoys huffing paint.

        • Barry Freed

          To be fair it’s only got 9 recommendations last I checked. There are rational comments supportive of Krugman’s point that have hundreds of recommendations.

      • spud

        Its a cut and paste from one of the comments in the Krugman article.

    • JosephW

      You’re such a tool. Where exactly are ALL those “makers” providing the jobs? They’ve had a FULL DECADE of tax cuts and tax breaks and yet, from Dec 2001 through July 2004, unemployment was at or above 5.5%, and then, during W’s last year in office (Feb 2008-Jan 2009), the rate skyrocketed from a beginning low of 4.9% to an ending high of 7.8%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points. Now, why oh why, would the unemployment rate jump so high when the “makers” were paying the ALL-TIME lowest tax rates? Could it be that the “makers” were KEEPING all that money, instead of investing in US workers to produce items?

      As for the “takers,” I trust you’re aware that a large percentage of those “takers” are GOP voters–like the retired elderly and military veterans who rely on GOVERNMENT money to live. Social Security, veterans’ benefits, Medicare. (Don’t forget the farmers who suffered through massive drought conditions and, for some reason, they expect the government to give them money. Oh. Did I forget to note that most of these farmers are whites who tend to vote for GOPers? I guess these are what you would call “makers” AND “takers.”)

      But, what you’re really overlooking is that, without GOOD-PAYING jobs, there’s nothing for the “makers” to sell. Folks without an income and folks with little income can’t afford to buy high-price items–many have difficulty buying common items (like bread and milk). And, in the US right now, most of the jobs that ARE available don’t offer “good pay.” They offer minimum wage (or just above minimum wage) without offering full-time work. Nor do they offer attractive benefits like health coverage or paid vacations or paid sick days or even overtime pay.

      You’re like all those GOP tools who believed the lies about Obama’s comment. What I’d love to see is some GOP tool who screams “I DID BUILD MY BUSINESS ON MY OWN!!!!” to explain just HOW he did that. I’ll bet he didn’t build his store. I’ll bet he took out a loan at some time. I’ll bet he uses the city’s electric grid and water supply. I’ll bet he has a clientele base. I’ll bet he has suppliers. Without OTHER people helping him along, he wouldn’t have that business. Yet, of course, he’ll scream how he DID do it by himself–with no help from anyone else.

      • spud

        Yes JosephW, you have illustrated quite clearly that it takes a good deal of chromosomal damage and/or heavy narcotics use to follow the Randian conservative line.

      • Cody

        I hope that you’re aware this isn’t really vacuumslayer’s opinion. It’s a copy-paste, but I was confused when I read it.

        The blockquote fail made it look like she was really typing this, but I’ve seen other comments so I’m pretty sure she isn’t that dumb.

        (P.S.: I suspect you’re just writing a response while knowing this, but not sure!)

        01110000 01100101 01100001 01100011 01100101

    • rea

      The only reason the Takers have anything to take is because the Makers created it.

      You know, this is exactly correct. It’s just that the author seems a bit confused as to who are the Makers and who are the Takers. The capitalists and property owners don’t make anything; instead they use their monopoly power as owners of the means of production to appropriate to themselves a portion of the product of other peoples’ labor.

      Mitt Romney hasn’t made anything since that fingerpainting in elementry school.

  • I would be stunned if any of the nuns I get to teach with at Our Lady of the ‘Hood pay any income tax, but I’ll punch anyone who calls them moochers or takers right in the groin.

    Yeah, there’s a group of people who don’t take responsibility for their lives, and who live parasitically off of others: nuns who teach at an inner-city school for a bag of peanuts and a pat on the head every two weeks.

    Get a job, you slackers.

  • Jason

    This is one of the best Krugman columns I’ve read in a while.

  • Linnaeus

    Yet another column I can use as a source for my theory of neofeudalism essay I keep promising myself I’ll write.

    • firefall

      I recommend getting a copy of Marc Bloch’s Feudal Europe, and changing out the names. That should do nicely.

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