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Teacher Pay In Comparative Perspective


This is very useful. I’d also love to see a comparison with a typical administrator in the Chicago school system.

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  • This table says the mayor makes a lot more than teachers in Chicago. But, what is really needed is something on the costs of living in Chicago. I have no idea what $70,000 will buy in Chicago. It sounds like a huge amount of money to me. But, if rents in Chicago are $65,000 a year for a one bed room flat and a hamburger costs $20 then it is not much.

    • Sherm

      This table says the mayor makes a lot more than teachers in Chicago.

      No. The table says that those who were actually responsible for the great recession — the political and investor classes — make a hell of a lot more than the people they are currently attempting to scapegoat.

      • TT

        Yes, but they were job creators. (Although my hunch is that only Republican investment bankers and corporate directors actually create jobs, so Rahm doesn’t cout.)

        • Scott Lemieux

          Jon Corzine is a gray area.

    • whetstone

      Chicago is much cheaper than New York and San Francisco, even with the premium for living in a safe neighborhoods (which isn’t very much as far as renting). Besides those outliers, it’s pretty typical for a big city.

      • This means nothing to me since I haven’t lived in a US city for over a decade.

        • Hogan

          Try this.

          • According to that rent alone comes close to making Chicago 20% more expensive than Tuscon. Maybe they could just give the teachers free housing rather than a raise? This is not uncommon outside the US.

            • Malaclypse

              In fact, we could simply have every person live in a town owned by their employer, rather than pay people a living wage. What could go wrong?

              • These are public not private employees. The concept of a company town does not apply. Rather it would be more along the lines of officer or diplomatic corp housing provided by the military or State Dept.

  • Malaclypse

    In terms of chart design, it is not. Throwing in the Wallerstein Perrela data point makes all the other columns seem identical.

  • Sly

    Back in 2010, the Chicago-Sun Times published all administration-related salaries the Chicago public school system. Principals, APs, program managers, district coordinators, etc.

    According to the data, the salaries for public school principals range from $114K to $154K, with the median appearing to be $133K. For an urban district, based on my own experience with the job duties of school administrators I’ve worked with, that seems… kinda low. Then again, the principals I know and have worked with have all been excellent.

    And I’d like to add that, in terms of practical politics, it would be really, really, really stupid for CTU to go after administrators. A core strategy of the ed reform movement has been to divide administrators from faculty; harp on the employer-related inefficiencies created by unions with regard to termination, and ignore or downplay the efficiencies created by unions in terms of hiring, contracts, and professional development.

    Plus, I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that when they’re done going after teachers, the ed reform movement will set their sights on administrators. So I think it would be far better to look for common ground with school administrators than to simply sit back and say “Hey, it’s not our fault! Blame the principals!” All that will do will piss of the principals and give the ed reformers the opportunity to tell them “See, I told you so.”

  • DrDick

    Ask and you shall receive. Here is an interactive tool to find administrative salaries in Chicago. School principals seem to make $110,000-125,000 and the CEO (Superintendent) of CPS makes $250,000.

    • DrDick

      Oops! Sly beat me to it and remembered to include the link.

    • Sherm

      Those numbers are entirely acceptable to me as well. Compare the superintendent’s salary with the income of a CEO of a public corporation with a similar size workforce and operating budget.

      • whetstone

        Yup. The highest-paid public servants in Chicago are doctors, topping out in the mid $300ks, IIRC.

        It’s pretty typical for the public sector–starting salaries are pretty good, but the premium for running things is not remotely comparable to the private sector.

        FWIW: compared to people in Cook County with bachelor’s and grad degrees, female teachers start above the median salary. For men, it takes a few years, even with a Ph.D.

  • apaaqaqalal


  • Mike S.

    So today Lemieux admits that some of Obama’s closest political allies are in fact greed driven corporatist shitbags?
    That’s odd, whenever Stoller says as much the response in this forum is so much pissing and moaning about how that’s not the case.

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