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I Always Wondered Why My Student Loan Checks Came With a Brown Shirt

[ 24 ] September 8, 2012 |

And now I know the answer thanks to Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican congressman representing Maryland’s 6th District:

“Not that it’s not a good idea to give students loans; it certainly is a good idea to give them loans,” Bartlett said. “But if you can ignore the Constitution to do something good today, tomorrow you will be ignoring the Constitution to do something bad. You could. There are more people in our, in America today of German ancestry than any other [inaudible]. The Holocaust that occurred in Germany — how in the heck could that happen? And when you start down the wrong road, it can be a very slippery slope.

Bartlett, spry and still with obviously sharp faculties at the tender age of 86, has many other sensible ideas such as his embrace of survivalism to prepare for upcoming disasters, which I sure range from seeing two dudes holding hands on the street to the impending North Korean invasion of Maryland. He, along with fellow Right-Thinking Anatomy hero Todd Akin, has also provided useful lessons on how women’s bodies actually work, claiming that very few rapes result in pregnancy.


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  1. John says:

    Bartlett, not Barrett.

    My understanding is that Democrats have gerrymandered his district such that he’ll likely lose this year.

    • Erik Loomis says:

      Hey, spelling a name right 2 out of 3 times ain’t too bad, right?

    • LoriK says:

      The fact that they had to gerrymander to get rid of this idiot says very bad things either about the Maryland 6th or the Dem candidates who have run against him.

      • LPBB says:

        Prior to redistricting, he represented Western Maryland, which butts up against West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, and rural north central Maryland. Bartlett does unfortunately represent the larger majority of voters in those regions, especially Western Maryland. For all that Maryland is a deep blue state, there are some frightening pockets of bright red, such as the Eastern Shore, my home county of Anne Arundel (otherwise a lovely place), and Western Maryland.

    • LPBB says:

      Whoops! I forgot to add that the gerrymandering may or may not stand.

      Maryland may continue to be embarrassed by Roscoe for more years to come.

  2. Amok92 says:

    Too lazy to look it up but I’m pretty sure ol’ Roscoe has a PhD in Physics and used to teach somewhere. He’s also a fellow “peaker” though he seems to be more of a doomer about it than myself.

  3. cjackb says:

    “The Holocaust that occurred in Germany — how in the heck could that happen?”

    Exactly. Who can say? Joe the Plumber says it was gun control, and historians say some boring stuff about socioeconomics in chaotic post-Versailles Germany. All we know is, just to be safe, expel all Germans.

  4. Davis says:

    Roscoe is best known for his attempts to ban Playboy from military POs. Something about military readiness.

  5. cpinva says:

    time, i think, for a non-ethical suicide parlor, put these clowns to sleep. they represent a danger, to themselves and others. it is a given that anyone who claims to be a republican is, by definition, a barking mad loon. barking mad loons are, by definition, a danger to themselves and society at large. therefore, they should be involuntarily committed. in rep. bartlett’s case, his age militates against wasting scarce, allocable treatment resources on him. the invisible hand of the free market mandates that he no longer be allowed to use up resources that should, by rights, be used by younger folk. time to take him to the parlor.

    while we’re at it, take the douchebag rep/baptist minister, emmitt brown (i think), also of md, who seems to think nfl players give up their constitutional rights, once they sign a contract. snuff him too, the world will be a better place for his being gone.

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