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[ 50 ] September 1, 2012 |

Today starts another glorious run of University of Oregon football. I’m sure I speak for everyone (which means no one but Farley and myself) when I say that the Ducks are the official college football team of LGM.

Today’s victim is the Arkansas State Red Wolves. I hate those guys. Why? Well, uh, I’m not actually sure. No wait, I do have an Arkansas State story. A friend of mine had a job interview there last year. While on campus, he met with a group of students. One asked a question that went something like this, “So I see you’re from Massachusetts. We don’t like Massachusetts and their liberal ways down here. Are you one of those professors who tries to brainwash students to be liberals.” I swear to god (or Phil Knight) that this is true.

You’d never see such behavior at the University of Oregon, a school of only the most renowned academics and a student body, of which you could never find one as committed or serious to academics (except for most every other big state school and various other private schools, some good high schools, etc). And you’ll never find a billionaire as committed to social change and workplace justice as Uncle Phil Knight. I mean, I usually never support the exploitation of labor, but with rare notable exceptions…..

Anyway, Go Ducks!


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  1. Brian O'C says:

    As always, I’ll be rooting for whomever is playing against the University of Oregon Fighting Uniforms. Go Red Wolves!

    Hopefully, when Phil finally croaks, his wife will start to shovel some of that money to PSU. I know, I know, someone brings up Viking football, I talk about our Engineering School. Sigh! 加油!

  2. CI says:

    My Oregon flag flies today. As the official spokesman of the Unofficial Northern Virginia Chapter of Displaced Quacker-Backers….I hereby pronounce this day the greatest day of the year since January 2nd!

  3. Stag Party Palin says:

    As you were fulminating about Ducks and Wolves all I could think of was Prokofiev. Here’s hoping your Ducks don’t get swallowed ……. alive!!!

  4. Robert Farley says:

    Hey, not every university can maintain an 870 SAT for entering freshmen. Three further points:

    1. As I have explained to my girls, very few animals combine the ability to swim, fly, and score touchdowns in a package as efficient as the Duck. It truly is a wonder of nature.

    2. I hate the Red Wolves so much!!!

    3. The wife rewarded my commitment to the Ducks by acquiring a Kentucky “Ducks Unlimited” license plate for the minivan. I believe that this is revenge for my long-standing anti-Yankee attitudes.

  5. dave3544 says:

    No other Pac-12 school can brag about having a unionized faculty!

  6. dave brockington says:

    I obviously can’t sign off on the Oregon Ducks being the official college football team of LGM, but we might receive majority support for the Pac 10 Pac 12 being the official football conference of LGM.

    Go Arkansas State . . . (scrolls up) . . . Red Wolves. And down with the mighty San Diego State Aztecs.

  7. JazzBumpa says:

    This post brought a nostalgic tear to my eye (though it might be a chalazion.) Though I am a Rocket through and through, I do love the ducks.

    Especially with a nice cherry sauce and a side of asparagus tips.


  8. jimintampa says:

    The Red Wolves were the Indians, but changed their name after being called out for it. That said, they’re the only college I know where you can come out dumber than when you went in. Full disclosure – Razorback ’65 and ’70.

  9. efgoldman says:

    Are the Rams playing today? Do you know, or care? Me too.

  10. Sherri says:

    Just don’t run up the score on my Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles too badly next week, and I’ll be happy to cheer for the Ducks to win the Pac-12 over the Trojans of USC. Well, I’ll cheer for anybody to win the Pac-12 over the Trojans, but I’ll be happier about the Ducks if you don’t destroy my Golden Eagles.

    (I hope a big chunk of the Phil Knight largesse is going to both Arkansas State and Tennessee Tech for being sacrificial victims.)

  11. cpinva says:

    i know this is a crock:

    “So I see you’re from Massachusetts. We don’t like Massachusetts and their liberal ways down here. Are you one of those professors who tries to brainwash students to be liberals.”

    no one in arkansas would be able to put two well constructed sentences together like that, so it must be made up. although, they did leave out the question mark, at the end of the second sentence………… plus, they spelled all the words correctly!

    • delurking says:

      Well, cpinva, it was *reported* speech. Who knows how the dean (or whoever the interviewer was) thought Massachusetts was spelled. Or where it was.

      OTOH, where’s the bless-your-heart? This is a little too openly rude to be actual Southern speech. Not that Southerners won’t talk this way — they will! But usually, especially in an interview situation, they’ll say it ever so much sweeter.

      In bars and in your backyard, once they’ve known you for about ten years, or right before they’re about to punch you, *then* they’ll talk this rude.

      So I’m guessing this is reported, summarized speech.

      (Although, who knows, I have met Good Old Boys who were just tools. This could have been one of them.)

  12. encephalopath says:

    In Yoogene, headed to the game tonight. Looking forward to seeing Mariota.

  13. Matt says:

    Now that BSU is officially out of the running (*), I’ll back the Ducks as the closest school to my home town w/ a chance that isn’t in the hated Utah. Plus, BSU owns Oregon, so I can tell myself that if Oregon wins, BSU would have beaten them. Does Oregon have a real chance this year?

    (*) I hope BSU’s offense isn’t really as bad as it looked last night or this year will be harder than I thought.

    • djw says:

      I was looking at some preseason lines a few weeks ago, and was surprised to see Oregon’s national title chances at only 20-1, and even more surprised to see USC rated at about four times as likely to win the Pac-12 than Oregon.

  14. Warren Terra says:

    As an UW alumnus firmly committed to the proposition that professionalized college sports is in many ways a destructive abomination, I am perfectly happy to wish success in the field of professionalized college sport to a rival school, as it’s not a fate I’d wish on a school for which I feel a personal affection.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Duck? No! Go Oregon State Beavers!

  16. MBW says:

    Having just relocated to Eugene 9 days ago, I have to admit I was more than a little overwhelmed by all the yellow and green as I did my morning errands. I thought I’d be relatively safe from crazed college sports fans here in Hippyland — guess I was mistaken. Well, at least there were grass-fed steaks still available at MoC when I got there at noon – I expect that the vast majority of tailgating here consists of vegan patties and tofu dogs.

    Go Ducks.

  17. Bill Murray says:

    good to see the Nittany Lions go down to ignominious defeat to the Bobcats of Ohio. Tyler Tettleton and Beau Blankenship led Ohio to a 24-24 win after going down 14-3. Eh, oh way to go Ohio

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