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Not So Important That She Would Be Qualified To Run For Office Or Anything, Of Course


Yes, the fact that the 2012 Republican nominee for president doesn’t seem to understand that many mothers actually have jobs other than the real job of motherhood demands more attention.

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  • JP Stormcrow

    Scott headline pretty one day.

  • Y’know, I’m betting there’s tens of millions of mothers sitting in offices and factories right now who wish they could stay home with the kids.

    Along with tens of millions of fathers. I’d be happy to let them fight over it, if only a single income paid enough to afford that.

    • Cody

      My fiancee often blames feminism for me not making enough to support both of us. I have a BSEE from Purdue and a good job. I can “support” a family of 4, but it wouldn’t be the lifestyle we want.

      She feels like feminism is what changed to make women have to work. I suspect a lot of conservatives feel this way.

      Of course, I try to explain to her that the wealth gap created by regressive taxing is more to blame than people being okay with women working…

      Also, I remind her I like really nice things.

      • wengler

        I know there’s this ’50s fantasy age of women tending home in the suburbs, but the truth is women of a certain class have always worked outside the home. And of course before those dirty hippie Progressives got power, children worked too.

        Chances are she isn’t from some ultra-rich family that prospers when the vast majority of people wallow in desperate poverty. Perhaps show her some of her clothes made in Bangladesh by the hands of women making 25 cents an hour all the while avoiding the dangerous siren call of ‘feminism’.

      • Ed

        I can “support” a family of 4, but it wouldn’t be the lifestyle we want.

        Then you and your lady have made your choice. If she really wants to stay at home and you don’t object to being sole breadwinner, then it’s possible to do without some lifestyle goodies. Couples do it all the time. And after all, feminism has not eliminated high-earning jobs for men. Perhaps she should be pestering you to work harder and/or get a better job.

  • gratuitous

    And also, all that ladies’ work is so important, but not important enough to, you know, get paid for it or anything. REALLY important work allows you to amass a personal fortune of a quarter billion dollars and it’s none of your got-dam bizness how all that money attached itself to Mitt Romney’s name.

    All clear now?

    • Warren Terra

      But remember, as a young married couple they had nothing to live on other than the several hundred thousand dollars (2012 value) Willard’s father had given him and the knowledge that in extremis they could count on their wealthy families to backstop them. Ann probably had to do the housework herself!

      • Malaclypse

        I remember Ann mentioning, back during his gubernatorial race, that they even had to sell some stock to keep afloat!

        • *GASP*

          They dipped into capital????

          Oh, those poor creatures! We must retroactively lower their tax rate to zero!

          • Warren Terra

            “zero”? We want to reward economic ambition, not to be indifferent to it! Negative taxes on Our Betters, or you’re a Moocher.

    • Cody

      That is an interesting contradiction. If money measures value, why doesn’t Ann Romney make more money than Mitt?

      If it doesn’t… why is Mitt making so much money a reason he can run the country?

      • Njorl

        Think how capable he must be to make so much money doing nothing useful. Indeed, it can be argued that Mitt did actual harm, not good, and still made a fortune.

        Don’t you want that kind of competence in the White House?

  • Also worth attention: the current president of the United States believes he has the power to order the death of any American citizen he wants, without conviction, trial, or due process of any kind.

    • Thlayli


    • Malaclypse

      Christ, even fucking Manju has three dead horses he flogs. Can’t you work your way to being 2/3rds the troll Manju is?

      • NonyNony

        Manju is only a part-time troll though. Manju occasionally brings the funny too, and I’ve read some actual insightful comments from Manju (which is more than I usually manage, honestly). Manju actually brings something to the blog, unlike the full-time trolls. I think we would probably miss him if Manju decided to leave for good.

        TK421, on the other hand, is workmanlike in his trolling. He’s like a trolling machine – he trolls and that’s all he does. Nobody would miss TK421 if he left because soon another workmanlike, personality-deficient troll would pop up in his place. In fact, you could replace TK421 with a script and no one would notice (this may have already happened, in fact, and we haven’t noticed).

        • rea

          Trollbots for Mittbot.

    • Holden Pattern

      I too am disturbed by this (for which I have earned endless contempt by those who are not disturbed by it).

      But I’m pretty sure that this problem not a reason to vote for Mittbot R-Money.

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