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Texas: The Anti-Constitution State


Connecticut need not worry about Texas trying to steal its nickname. Because the Lone Star state does not care about the Constitution except for its grotesquely expansive view of the 2nd Amendment.

In the fall, Sissy Bradford took a public stand — unpopular with many in San Antonio — about separation of church and state. She was briefly in the news and her view prevailed. Since then, she has received e-mail threats because of her stance. This month, she told the story of those threats to the alt-weekly in San Antonio, which ran an article about them. And the day the article came out, Texas A&M University at San Antonio told her that she would not be teaching in the fall, despite her having previously been assigned four courses.

As the debate played out over church-state issues, Bradford started to receive threatening e-mails. One of the e-mails reflects the tone. It started with: “As a professor, do you have the right to live?” And it described Bradford ending up in a coffin, concluding “After that you will reign with your father Satan.” That e-mail message and a series of others were turned over to the university police department, Bradford said.

Bradford believes that the university did not take the threats seriously. She shared her frustrations with The Current, a San Antonio publication, which ran an article in which she discussed the threats, as did some students who backed her. The university police department confirmed for The Current that an investigation into the threats had been opened, and closed, and declined to discuss details.

The day the article appeared, Bradford received an e-mail from William S. Bush, interim head of the School of Arts and Sciences at Texas A&M-San Antonio, that said in its entirety: “I’m writing to inform you that the School of Arts and Sciences will not be able to offer you any classes in the fall semester. If you wish to discuss this matter further, please submit a written request to Dr. Brent Snow, provost and VP for academic affairs. Please note that he will be traveling abroad until Tuesday, May 29.”

There are other issues at play here too, particularly the lack of labor protection for the majority of academic labor. But of course a university in Texas would not support a faculty member noting something clearly laid out in the Constitution. Because in Texas, the Constitution only matters if it advances the agenda of right-wing conservatives. Otherwise, it is a document to eviscerate.

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  • Purely coincidence. And besides, both sides do it.

    • Sloan Lucas

      Purely coincidence. And besides, both sides do it.

      Don’t worry about it. It’s just Erik HATIN’ on Texas again. He does this with others as well. When a few act badly he paints the whole population with a broad brush.

      And then turns around when others do that with groups he likes.

      It’s just ol’ Erik being Erik. You’ll get used to it.

  • Epicurus

    Wishing people dead? A very “Christian” attitude, I must say. If Christ ever did come back to Earth, he would be very, very disappointed in what has been done in his name. Hypocrites and liars, every damn one of them. No surprise, let’s saw Texas off after we get rid of Florida.

    • Furious Jorge

      Speaking as a Floridian, let me just say go fuck yourself, asshole.

      • Stag Party Palin

        Speaking as a resident of one of the other states, let me say that we would be a lot better off now if Florida had successfully declared independence in 1999. Just sayin’.

        • rea

          Well, you’d have to reapportion 23 out of Florida’s 25 electoral votes to tell how this would work out–it’s not completely clear that Gore wins in that acenario.

          And as Lincoln would tell you, Florida does not belong to 50%+1 of Floridans–it’s all our country.

          • R Johnston

            No, you wouldn’t have to reapportion, beyond individual seats here and there that would have to move because of rounding errors. The size of the House is not constitutionally fixed. You could divvy up Florida’s House seats in such a scenario, but it’s in no way necessary. You could just reduce the size of the House.

        • Sloan Lucas

          Errr….those who disagreed with the northern Yankee states tried to secede once, but the North would not let them go.

          So, why now? Why not then?

          • Florida with nukes. It’d be excellent.

          • Because they didn’t learn their lesson from that whuppin’ we gave ’em. It’s called tough love.

            “Keep acting stupid & we will throw you out of the house, son!”

  • DrDick

    Molly I was not exaggerating when she called Texas the National Laboratory for Bad Government.

    • Eric Holder

      Molly I was not exaggerating when she called Texas the National Laboratory for Bad Government.

      I guess that’s why everbody’s fookin’ movin’ to Texas, then?

  • Dog San Vito

    The Texas A&M System is hideously corrupt, even by Texas standards, and is wholly owned by Rick Perry’s goons.

    • stevo67

      The Texas A&M System is hideously corrupt, even by Texas standards, and is wholly owned by Rick Perry’s goons.

      Correct. Slick Rick may be attempting to get UT’s board of regents to fire our current President, Bill Powers, because he didn’t back the Gov’s tuition freeze plan at the last BOR meeting. The tuition freeze was approved, but apparently even mild criticism is too much for Rick Perry.

  • Karen

    So, can we remaining Texas liberals get some help down here? The DNC refuses to spend a bleeding dime anywhere, even in friendly markets like Austin and the Rio Grande Valley; liberals from other states constantly deride us in the manner most designed to be the lead story on conservative websites, and we have fire ants. At least there’s barbecue and Fredricksburg peaches.

    • Murc

      … seriously? They don’t?

      It might be a long time before Texas votes for another Democrat for President but you’re a fucking enormous state with an equally enormous number of people, and electing a strong minority of the available seats as Democrats translates into raw numbers that are bigger than the entire congressional delegations of other states.

      You’d think you’d be a top priority.

      • Karen

        Exactly, Merc. We plop ourselves over a third of the Southern tier of the country, and have the 3rd largest population, and likely soon the 2nd. We have plenty of Congressional seats that ought to be competitive, especially in those EEEEvvvvilll cities, while the Republican strongholds in the Panhandle and East Texas lose population. Still, the DNC pretends we’re still part of Mexico or something.

      • Heron

        Obama lost Texas in 2008 by 3%. The end results were 43%-38%; if he had gotten 3% more of the vote, he’d have won. Not spending in Texas(and currently, not doing anything to fight vote suppression in Texas) is one of the biggest idiocies of the current DNC, and it’s one of the reasons that I, as a liberal Texan, give them such a hard time.

      • Heron

        This attitude has an old provenance. Just look at the way the Kennedy people treated LBJ, his staff, and Southern Democrats generally. Those attitudes really haven’t changed much, as some of the comments here demonstrate.

  • Karen

    I’m actually quite serious about this. It wasn’t that long ago that Texas routinely elected Democrats like Ann Richards while California elected Ronald Reagan. Houston has a lesbian mayor; Dallas County has a Latina lesbian sheriff; Austin, is, well, Austin. Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Travis (of course) counties as well as everything south of I-10 went for Obama in 2010. The suburbs around Houston and Dallas, Ft. Worth, and the rural areas keep the R’s in power down here, and the rural part is losing population daily. We could tip just like California with a little push.

    • Anonymous

      Those big city queers don’t have the guns, though, so when it comes down to the “nut-cuttin'”…

      • Karen

        Anonymous, you’ve never met anyone from Houston, have you? Our gay population is better armed than several entire countries.

      • Heron

        Big city? Plenty of the middling cities are ore liberal than you’d think. I grew up in B/CS -the “Heart of Aggie Land”- and Obama not only got 35% of the population’s vote (without any campaign spending on his behalf) here, he also won the recommendation of our local and regional newspapers, and the support of most of our local political officials, Democrat and Republican both.

  • J R in WV

    I drove thru Texas in early April, from Tucson east on I-10 to Fredricksburg, then north past Dallas to Texarcana.

    It was spring and green, the best I’ve ever seen Texas looking. But except for visiting family, I made the best time I could, and got in to the middle in a day and a half, and got out to Arkansas in one day.

    The Hill Country has interesting birds, and very odd agricultural habits, raising wild game in fenced pastures to be “harvested” via hi-powered rifles. I hear a whitetail with an odd/big rack may go for $5k…

    Not what I think of when I think of farming, but whatever. I spent a good deal of time in the Houston area a while back when Uncle was being treated at the M D Anderson Cancer Center with some success, the food was good, but too many Boosh 2004 sticker and signs for me.

    Interesting that they used to elect liberals, and now they don’t. Do you suppose Diebold voting machines with no paper trail might have something to do with it? Recall that the CEO of Diebold (which has changed its name since then) promised after 2000 that he would take care of the Republican problem of losing the occasional election.

    Amazing that he promised that, more amazing that he allowed the promise to become known publicly, Most Amazing that the machines are still being used!!

    It is an obvious fact that if every other democracy in the world can use paper ballots and pencils to vote, there’s only one reason we can’t, and that’s to control the vote totals without regard to how people vote.

    I don’t like Texas too much, and I can’t figure why my kinfolk do. I guess people can just grow apart until they have different preferences… or somefing like dat.

    Best of luck, Texans! Hang in there!

    • timb

      Since Texas fought Mexico for its right to hold slaves, errr, independence, it has never elected liberals.

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