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It Gets Funnier!

[ 56 ] March 21, 2012 |

Apparently, the Jets might be saved from their incompetence by their own incompetence.


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  1. sleepyirv says:

    Divine Intervention often looks like incompetent business policy.

  2. actor212 says:

    Jeez, did the Wilpons suddenly take over?

  3. Anderson says:

    I believe the technical rhetorical term here is BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA.

    But I can’t really imagine any serious undertaking’s being made for the trade without a “subject to our reviewing the relevant contracts” line in there. Legal malpractice otherwise.

  4. J.W. Hamner says:

    I wonder if they can get out of the Sanchez extension with the “you can’t expect us to read the contract!!!” excuse? Otherwise I expect they are going to have to buy him another pony.

  5. c u n d gulag says:

    Maybe the Jets were smart enough to release news of the trade before every “i” was crossed, and every “t” dotted (sic). for just this reason:
    To see the fan’s reaction.

    And if it was negative, they had a built-in excuse to back-off.

    After listening to NY sports radio this afternoon, it was DEFINITELY MOSTLY NEGATIVE!

    Nah, who am I kidding?
    Outside of the Islanders owner, and the Wilpon’s, Johnson’s the worst owner in the NYC area. (He’s a glory hound).
    And that’s saying a lot.
    The only reason Dolan’s not included in that list is that, after 10 years, the Rangers finally don’t totally suck, and the Knicks don’t either.
    The Rengers have a legit shot at the Stanley Cup, and the Knicks might, maybe, possibly, could be, win a play-off game for the first time in a decade.
    Please, don’t get me started on James Dolan. What a petty, evil, little f*cking idiot that man is!
    And I know. I met him!

    • actor212 says:

      The Knicks don’t suck?

      The Rangers fortune is that they finally decided to build a farm system, rather than go out and overpay for a player who was over-the-hill on the last team he played for but was surrounded with, you guessed it, talented youngsters from the farm system.

      The Dolans had nothing, NOTH-THING, to do with that, except be smart enough not to fire Sather’s assistant GMs, and to leave Tortorella alone to develop players.

  6. McKingford says:

    Dude’s so shitty, he can’t even complete a trade…

  7. wengler says:

    Jacksonville seems like the best place for Tebow to do. No expectation of winning and the thrill of football Jesus every week for the faithful.

    • Socraticsilence says:

      It’d also be one of the places where he’d represent a legitimate upgrade at QB both in terms of current play and in terms of potential.

      • Dirk Gently says:

        Agreed with both of you. I hope for Tebow’s sake this deal with JAX happens–NY would have been a horrific place for him to land.

        And the Jets: lol. If they don’t land Tebow after all, that still has to shake up the fans, right? Draft day should be hilarious.

        Meanwhile, the Broncos were getting decent value for him, and are probably going to get even better now that there’s a bidding war. Elway & Co. are looking like absolute geniuses during free agency this year…

        • Socraticsilence says:

          People talk about Tebow being over drafted but good god can someone please explain how Blaine Gabbert was a Top 15 pick last season. He played in a QB friendly spread offense and still verged on mediocre in college.

        • R Johnston says:

          Meanwhile, the Broncos were getting decent value for him, and are probably going to get even better now that there’s a bidding war.

          There’s no way the Broncos get better than they apparently thought they were getting for Tebow. If they want a team to pick up the $5M advance payments they’ve already made to Tebow they’ll be lucky to get a 7th round pick for him, much less a 4th and a 6th.

          • Dirk Gently says:

            Pish. They’d cover most of the $5mil in jersey sales alone. Tebow may not become a good QB, but he *might*, and for certain in the short term he’ll drive interest/sales and could make actual/useful contributions, particularly in the red zone (let’s not overlook what he’s legitimately good at).

            • Dirk Gently says:

              That said, I do take your point that the Broncos were getting a very good deal, and the Jets not so much. But for a team like Jacksonville….

            • R Johnston says:

              NFL jersey licensing fees go to the league and are distributed in equal shares to the teams.

              • Dirk Gently says:

                Really? I thought that after the licensing and distribution to the player’s association, it went back to the individual franchise.

                • R Johnston says:

                  I could well be wrong, but that’s what a quick search revealed, albeit from non-authoritative sources.

                  Of course even if I’m right teams can still act as retailers, so there would still be some money to be made selling jerseys off a Tebow signing.

                  On the other hand, I’d guess that if the Tebow trade goes through then anyone caught wearing a Tebow Jets jersey in the NY/NJ area would be taking his life into his own hands. Jacksonville is a much better match from a jersey sale perspective.

    • John says:

      The problem with Tebow going to Jacksonville is that it encourages the NFL to continue having a team in Jacksonville.

  8. rea says:

    He prayed to god to make the Broncos better, and found himself traded to Jets.

    His immediate reaction was to start praying for the Jets, which led inevitably to a problem cropping up with the trade.

    God’s will . . .

  9. M. Bouffant says:

    Not one of you com-symp libtards are fooling real Americans by pretending to give a shit about the NFL, running those stupid bracket deals, or typing about baseball.

    Just go back to worshiping Stalin & trying to destroy America.

  10. Paul Campos says:

    Looks like the Jets deal is going through. Adam Schefter tweeted that Tebow was given the choice of either taking the NY deal or going to Jacksonville, which I find even harder to believe than the fact that the Jets paid five million bucks to get him.

  11. Paul Campos says:

    Apparently NYJ have agreed to pick up half the five million dollars.

    • TT says:

      Deal’s done. Jets management now officially has the collective IQ of a turnip.

      • Erik Loomis says:

        This really is arguably the stupidest trade in the history of the NFL.

        At least Herschel Walker was a really good running back.

        • R Johnston says:

          It isn’t even the stupidest trade of the month. That goes to the Redskins for trading a second round and three first round picks, including a number six in this year’s draft, to move up to the second pick of the draft.

          • Erik Loomis says:

            Nah, if Griffin is great everyone will forget what the Redskins gave up.

            Big if, I know.

            • Socraticsilence says:

              And if Rickey Williams had been the second coming of Walter Payton, Dikta would’ve been a canny operator.

            • R Johnston says:

              Draft picks are really, really valuable. Your expectation out of three first rounders, including a six, and a second rounder is roughly to pick up one great player, one good starter, one moderately useful piece, and a bust. Griffin needs to be a Hall-of-Famer for the deal just not to be a complete disaster. He practically needs to be Peyton Manning for the deal to actually look good in retrospect.

              The Jets overpaid for Tebow, but they still paid only the equivalent of a third round pick or so so there’s only so bad the deal could be. Tebow always was a third or fourth round pick, and while his value has dropped he’s suffered more from phenomenal over-hype and misuse on the field than failing to live up to expectations. It’s not like the Jets traded up to pick Tebow in the first round of the draft; that would be completely insane, worst trade ever kind of stuff. If they handle him properly–and they’re in a better position to do so than the Broncos ever were–Tebow doesn’t even eat up a roster slot as he allows the Jets not to carry an emergency quarterback.

              I’m certainly not a fan of this deal, but it’s probably just an ordinary bad deal. It’s not picking Bowie over Jordan, trading the house for Herschel Walker, or giving up Mike Napoli for the right to assume Vernon Wells’ salary.

              • mpowell says:

                This is ridiculous. If RG3 is a top 10 QB for 10 years, this deal is worth it. It hurts real bad for about 3 years, but then those missing draft picks would be off their rookie contracts and you still have a franchise QB for over 5 years. Drew Brees is the closest thing to a sure franchise QB under 30 hitting free agency that I can remember ever happening. The only other way to get one is to get lucky. It takes a lot less luck with a #1 or #2 overall pick, though.

                • R Johnston says:

                  First of all, that if is doing a whole lot of work. If your trade needs an unestablished rookie to be quality quarterback for ten seasons in order to look good, your trade rates not to look good. Even absent injury considerations, no NFL rookie projects reliably out that far. Can’t miss prospects miss or suffer through injury all the time, and prospects with the potential to be great more often hit their 25th-75th percentile projections and are merely good to very good. In the NFL, if you’re trading up from the six slot to the two slot there’s not a draftee out there who’s ever existed who’s worth throwing in two extra first rounders and a second rounder.

                  Second of all, that’s not nearly enough. Almost a third of the starting quarterbacks in the league are top ten quarterbacks. With three first round picks including a 6 and a second round pick you should be able to establish considerably more than a top ten quarterback. Even if the Redskins were one good quarterback away from being a great team a top ten quarterback wouldn’t be enough, but the Redskins aren’t there, not by a longshot.

                  If the Redskins had offered the same package to move up to pick Luck that would have been overpaying by at least a first round pick.

                • mpowell says:

                  See Njorl’s comment. A top 10 QB is pretty much the key to winning regularly in the NFL. And I picked that particular threshold for a reason. If you are substituting the 10th best QB for the 20th, you aren’t going to make up it for it, even with a pro bowler and a decent starter. There is just a huge dropoff in performance at the QB position at a certain point.

                  But actually, I do think it’s a bad trade, just not as bad as you’re making it out to be. There are a number of problems I think: assuming that either Luck or RG3 are really that good, which I don’t think they are, assuming RG3 is basically as valuable as Luck (which I think is what the Redskins think despite a QB whose value is partly based on rushing having a shorter lifetime) and discounting the value of future draft picks, which leads to the overpaying aspect. This is really in response to your claim that if RG3 is a borderline HoFer that deal barely avoids being a disaster. And that’s ridiculous. A HoF calibre QB is easily worth 4 or 5 first round picks. Both the Patriots and the Colts have had a string of first round busts over the last several years and while it has hurt, they were still playoff teams and a legitimate threat to win the SB every season their star QB was healthy. If RG3 is not nearly that good, just very good for 10 or more years (which is not that long for a good QB), the trade is probably above parity. The problem with the trade is not the draft picks for QB aspect, it is the very reasonable likelihood that RG3 won’t become a plus starter at QB.

              • Njorl says:

                “one great player, one good starter, one moderately useful piece, and a bust” plus an average quarterback leaves the Redskins in last place.

          • TT says:

            When I think of Redskins management over the past two decades, but especially under Snyder, I am reminded of one of those Playboy surveys back in the ’80s of the top party schools in the US. I believe one year they put an asterisk on the list, noting that the University of Virginia was not included because they were considered to be professionals. Now granted, there are some epically terrible owners and GMs in the NFL, but, to paraphrase Hunter Thompson, Snyder plays in a league where those guys will never be anything but batboys.

        • kerry says:

          People frequently talk of “addition-by-subtraction” trades. You don’t often see “subtraction-by-addition” trades like this one.

        • Sherm says:

          Not enough compensation involved to be considered historically stupid. More silly than stupid

        • Socraticsilence says:

          Carson Palmer for a 1st and a Conditional 1st-

  12. Jim Lynch says:

    Any talk about T-Bo’s long term future as a QB in the NFL is academic. Sure, he managed to razzle dazzle his way through the second half of a season last year, and what he accomplished will be long remembered. But he’s doomed. Running like he does he’s bound to get badly pulverized, and likely sooner rather than later (granted, I also predicted he wouldn’t finish out last season). And although the God stuff annoys me, I wish him well. Well enough, anyway, to hope he carves out a professional niche for himself and enjoys a long career. Still, NY? Well, if he can make it there, etc., etc.

  13. J.W. Hamner says:

    The saddest part about the Jets here is that it’s not entirely clear that it would be a bad idea to turn the offense over to Tebow.

  14. 4jkb4ia says:

    The national championship game will be Kentucky and Ohio State, and completely and utterly not worth watching. You heard it here first.

    I am trying desperately to think, “How bad can it be if he stays in the backup spot where he belongs?” Still a stupid and unnecessary trade.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This post simply made me join your “lab” Kim

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