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Tucker, Still Drowning in the Great Sewer of FAIL


Former failed television host and current failed editor Tucker Carlson has an EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE of the most powerful institution in the country, Media Matters for America. Like his silly Journalist hacking, which produced “revelations” (people who write about politics for a living express political opinions in private! Skreeeeee!!!!!!!!) so stupid they could only impress Ann Althouse and a particularly cowardly editor at the Washington Post, this current one is so feeble it doesn’t even rise to the level of being a hatchet job.   Allow me to summarize the number of things MMFA has said that aren’t true, based on the Daily Tucker’s findings: none.   Although I can’t disagree with the implicit argument that quoting the arguments of various wingnuts is the harshest of all political tactics.

Also clear in these studies is Tucker’s real issue: people pay attention to MMFA, because their content is useful, and they ignore the Daily Tucker, because it publishes fourth-rate crap no different than what you can find at countless other sites.   Poor guy.

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  • DrDick

    Carlson and the Doily Fucker swirl down the bowl to ever greater bowtied irrelevance as he shows once again why no one pays him any attention.

  • TT

    Carlson’s entire career doesn’t even rise to the level of tits on a bull.

  • The “Journolist” thing is accepted as conventional wisdom among wingnut folk and that includes most of the assertions that were lies and misrepresentations of what the emails actually said. Of course, now it’s just used as a shorthand term to get the real ‘Murican red blood flowing.

    Many conservatives choose to inhibit their own alternate version of reality. Those who are smart enough to figure out something is bullshit stay quiet for the Greater Cause.

  • avoidswork

    According to Mediaite, *ucker Carlson told the Trifecta of Stupid (F&F), including Doocy, that MMFA planned to send investigators follow members of Fox et al.

    Which, if true ((snickers)) means that MMFA really must have had animosity towards their investigators if you were being asked/required to follow a Dooc(e) or Kilmeade around…


    • rea

      Classic wingnut projection. Just because the right sends investigators to follow lefties around, and peer through their windows looking for granite countertops, doesn’t mean that the left is planning to do the same thing, difficult as that may be for a rightwingnut to believe.

    • Warren Terra

      What would the point be in spying on one of the Fox News Clones? You might learn one secretly wasn’t an asshole?

      • firefall


  • c u n d gulag

    Well you have to give the right at least some credit – with MotherTucker Carlson’s site, they showed that Wingnut Welfare would translate into the internet age.

    Without WW, Carlson would be back home in his Mom’s basement, munching on Cheeto’s downed with Mountain Dew, while surfing porn sites.

    • mike in dc

      The makers of Cheeto’s, Mountain Dew and porn would like an apology for having their fine products associated in this way with Mr. Carlson. Also, Tucker’s Mom is still waiting for an apology from him for, well, everything he’s ever done in public life.

  • Tucker, if you don’t have anything nice to say about the people who whip you like a rented mule on a daily basis, don’t say anything.

    • Warren Terra

      Doesn’t have to be Something Nice; Something Interesting would also be appropriate, assuming it’s accurate.

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  • Miracle Max

    Don’t forget failed Dancing With the Stars dancer.

  • Njorl

    The post title sounds like an Elvis Costello lyric:

    Tucker’s still drowning in the (pause) great sewer of fai-l.
    Tucker’s still drowning in the (pause) great sewer of fai-l.

  • Carlson on the attack puts you in mind of being savaged by a dead website.

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