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It’s award season

[ 4 ] December 27, 2011 |

The key to winning awards is to pretend to be indifferent to them.

Unless the award in question is based on internet voting. Then you have to bleg.


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  1. actor212 says:

    Was there blegging involved? I must have missed it, except for Ira Schacter’s obvious attempts to rig the vote. Again.

  2. Hogan says:

    You’ve got my vote, but Joe Amendola is gonna be tough to beat.

  3. rea says:

    Jeez, Paul, everyone else on the nomination list seems to be there for fairly discreditable things, as opposed to you.

  4. I gave you my vote out of loyalty. It’s one of my few positive traits. But I have to admit the guy with the dog made me hesitate.

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