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[ 34 ] November 30, 2011 |

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  1. actor212 says:

    The Senate may be making it more difficult to withdraw from Afghanistan

    This is in keeping with Cain’s refusal to withdraw from any woman, including Becki Stanstan

  2. Hogan says:

    Wrong Huntsman. Again.

  3. Uncle Kvetch says:

    Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” (“hope my boyfriend don’t mind it”) used as a coming-out song? Hmm, that would help to explain why my recent Glee-baiting didn’t attract any defenders.

    A gay friend raved about this last night on FaceBook. I don’t get it either.

  4. Ha says:

    “raved”? Or, “ranted”? In a Glee forum, lots of feminists and lesbians were very angry about that song choice and said that it just showed the writers/producers were idiots.

    • Murc says:

      The ironic thing is that all they’d have had to do is use Jill Sobule’s song of the same title and it would have been just fine.

      • Uncle Kvetch says:

        Murc: Indeed!

        Ha: No, he definitely raved — he loves the show and thought it was sending a great, uplifting message.

        I think Walt upthread has the right idea: a lot of people just want to praise the good intentions of the writers and don’t think too carefully about the actual lyrics of the song beyond “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” And the writers obviously didn’t think about it much either.

        But then I’m a gay man who doesn’t get Glee or Katy Perry so what do I know?

        • LoriK says:

          I think your friend may not have thought that through carefully enough. To quote my favorite gay uncles, Tom & Lorenzo,

          And can we just say? Staging an outing intervention, which is essentially what the glee club did, strikes us an incredibly bad idea when talking about troubled teenagers? You don’t force someone out of the closet in any situation, but its doubly worse when you’re dealing with someone so young and with so little in the way of resources to handle it. All that sincere singing at her to get her to accept herself was well-intentioned and worked out for the best, but it was a seriously bad idea.

        • Scott Lemieux says:

          Let’s not forget that Ryan Murphy will make a lot more money selling shitty versions of Katy Perry songs than selling shitty versions of Jill Sobule songs. For the kids, of course.

          • Uncle Kvetch says:

            shitty versions of Katy Perry songs

            I’m inclined to think that anyone doing a Katy Perry song who isn’t Katy Perry will be an improvement by definition. Hell, you could replace the vocal track on any of her songs with a recording of some feral alley cats, drench it in auto-tune, and it would be more pleasing to the ear than the original.

      • 4jkb4ia says:

        Not only would it have been just fine, it would have been absolutely sweet and the lesbian analogy of what the show is doing with Kurt and Blaine. It is not as if Team Glee has never introduced songs that were not exactly pop hits the first time.

  5. We’ve so far avoided digging the hole deeper with our detainee problem. The Guantanamo situation sucks, but it’s been limited to those detainees who’ve been held there since the Bush administration. Nobody new is going in, and Guantanamo rules aren’t being followed for new detainees. The rest of the government – the feds, the military, the police – have gone back to handling criminal and wartime prisoners the way they were handled pre-Bush.

    This Senate language threatens to break down the wall. This is a BFD.

    • Njorl says:

      The incredible thing is that there are apparently enough votes in the senate to override a veto. That’s about 20 Democratic senators so spineless and paranoid that they want personal assurance from the president, SecDef and DNI that each prisoner turned over to the Afghan authorities can not possibly ever attack the US in the future.

      I think the Senate isn’t going far enough. Men are fallible. They should insist that God approve each transfer. Otherwise, they might look like idiots.

    • Murc says:

      What the fuck is Carl Levin’s damage, anyway?

  6. thebewilderness says:

    All women who come forward in cases of rape, sexual harassment, abuse, domestic violence, are assumed to be bimbos until proven to be man hating feminazis.

    • Hold on.

      Nobody was calling the sexual harassment allegations “bimbo eruptions.”

      I think it’s notable that Huntsman made the comment about an affair.

      • thebewilderness says:

        “We’ve got real issues to talk about, not the latest bimbo eruption,” Huntsman said to the Boston Herald on Wednesday.

        So do you want to sort out what he meant by that? The latest in a series was what it sounded like to me. Since there has been an effort right along to conflate consensual sexual behavior with criminal sexual behavior it seemed dismissive of all accusations made against Cain.
        I should add that “bimbo eruption” originally applied to rumors, not accusations. So Huntsman seemed to me to be wrong in several ways, all in one sentence!

        I also wonder if men hear what women hear when someone says we have more important things to talk about than your half of the population.

  7. Njorl says:

    There’s a chance that Huntsman was referring to the press activity, “Bimbo eruption” being used as a term to describe the press feeding frenzy which occurs whenever there is a sex story involving a politician.

    Or perhaps not. He may consider any woman who has an affair with a married man a bimbo. I suppose if he has a derogatory term for her male counterpart, it would merely be judgemental rather than sexist, but he probably doesn’t.

    • Chingona says:

      “Bimbo eruption” is a tidy way of saying women are getting too much attention and distracting the masses from all the boys’ hard politicking. It’s a way of silencing future victims by ensuring them that they won’t be taken seriously if they try to come forward; they’re be merely one in a long line of irritating bimbos who are bothering us and need proper comeuppance. Same deal happens when there aren’t enough victims: no credibility. Too many, and they’re accused of conspiracy. We have since learned by way of this example that victims of rape and willing participants in consensual affairs are exactly the same: dumb bimbos who couldn’t keep their traps shut.

      • thebewilderness says:

        During the 1992 campaign, Betsey Wright coined the term “bimbo eruptions” to describe rumors alleging extramarital affairs by Clinton

        The press loved it, and it became the go to response of political teams. Figuring out how to get someone else to say it without the candidate having to come right out and say it has been interesting to watch.
        Particularly in light of the expansion of application of the term beyond rumor to include accusations.

  8. ploeg says:

    Who will win Iowa?

    Why, everyone will win, and all must have prizes.

    I mean, even in a normal year, it’s common to have at least two or three candidates to find some useful nugget that they can spin. This year, we might have a veritable bonanza on our hands!

  9. 4jkb4ia says:

    This week I saw the “Mash-Off” episode of Glee and it was actually completely enjoyable. This episode seems to have reverted to form.

  10. (the other) Davis says:

    Though your mention of it is a little late in coming, I’m glad you mentioned Glik (note that he’s technically seeking redress for the arrest, not the prosecution — the defendants here were the police officers). This decision is a fantastic result that deserves more attention,* and I hope this interpretation of First Amendment law spreads through the other circuits.

    *Full disclosure: As I co-wrote part of an amicus brief for this case, I’m admittedly biased on this point. But I felt confident 1CA was going to reverse Glik on the “clearly established” prong of qualified immunity without discussing the underlying constitutional right, so I’m understandably excited about the outcome.

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