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The American Stimulus


It cannot be pointed out often enough that there wasn’t one. The (too-small) federal stimulus was cancelled out by 50 little Hoovers.

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  • DrDick

    Now, now, Scott. Do not go trying to confuse elite media/conservative talking points (and, yes, they are the same thing) with little things like facts.

  • I bet all the money goes back to….Goldman Sachs!

  • maybe next economic unpleasantness, someone will try my approach: washington funds the equivalent of the highest year’s collection of sales tax receipts for any state that agrees to waive sales taxes until certain economic performance indicators are met.

    so you get revenue sharing and a spur to buying in the same package….

  • Walt

    I’m never going to stop loving that “Krugman” picture.

  • cpinva

    i knew this would happen eventually. now i’m going to have to put a guard on my car!

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