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Perry Endorses the Constitutional Vision of James McReynolds

[ 10 ] August 12, 2011 |

To reiterate, Rick Perry is if anything wingnuttier than Michelle Bachmann, and also isn’t very bright. None of which will stop him from being cast by the media as the Serious, Thinking Person’s Conservative in the GOP race.

In fairness, he’s not always reflexively anti-government; when it comes to state murders of innocent people, he’s all for it!


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  1. c u n d gulag says:

    Perry may end up being the Republican candidate because he’s everything the moronic lemmings in the base love:

    Ignorant – check.
    Fucking stupid – check.
    Incurious – check.
    Dominionist Jesusy Christian – check.
    White Southern Boy with good hair – check.
    Gun-carrying good old boy – check.
    Advocate of “States Rights” and the 10th Amendment – check.
    Expert in not calling a n*gger a n*gger ‘dog-whistle” – check.
    Anti-immigration – check.
    Anti-gay bona fides – check.
    Anti-abortion/anti-women – check.
    Anti-poor – check.
    Anti-labor – check.
    Pro-corporations and business – check.

    I think if they could create the perfect Teabagger candidate, Prick Perry would be the man.

    We may end up having to ‘hope’ that the American people aren’t fucking stupid enough to vote for a another former cheerleader who was also Governor from Texas. One who’s claim to fame is that he makes Little Boots looks intellectual, is more Jesusy than W., and speaks authentic western gibberish.

    I don’t think that was the kind of “Hope” for the future that I had in 2008.

    If he wins, let’s hope this fucking SOB doesn’t have any Daddy issues. Or Mommy issues.

    To quote Yakoff Smirnoff – “Amyerica, vat a kohntree!”

    • Incontinentia Buttocks says:

      A total fair and correct assessment of Governor Goodhair.

      Anyone counting on Perry not making it to the White House because the American people hate Dubya and wouldn’t want another incurious, wingnutty Texas governor to be president needs to get off the coasts a bit more. Those who are afraid of another Bush are the Democratic base who aren’t voting for any Republican under any circumstance. The folks who will decide this election will be thinking very, very short term. Not to sound like a broken record on this, but the economy will decide this election. Any GOP nominee will be the beneficiary of a shitty economy or the victim of a (relatively) good one.

    • mark f says:

      Where’d you get a copy of the National Review candidate questionnaire?

  2. mike in dc says:

    “How would you refund everyone’s contributions to the Social Security Fund, should it be phased out? What would you do with regard to the seniors currently receiving SS, and those who are due to start receiving it within the next 10 years? What system would you set up to ensure that seniors could actually afford to pay for their own health insurance?”

    As I understand it, all those tough questions would be referred to the Almighty for resolution. Perhaps we could also dismantle our military and rely on God for protection in that sphere as well.

    • Manju says:

      Look, you guys (new dealers) fucked us (rwingers) good. This is a prime example. Even if we were to convince the majority of Americans that SS is bad, there is nothing we can do about it. Since it was sold as a retirement account, even folks who want to dismantle it will still want their money back. But there are no assets (other than the surplus, and even that is iffy) to give back.

      So the program is defacto permanent. I know of no other example of this. You can talk about hostage-taking all you want, but this is brutal politics. The program is hyper-popular b/c who the hell is going to vote to strip themselves of a retirement account that they already contributed to? We RWingers have no choice but to tow the line, which we did by demagoging medicare cuts during the Health care Reform protests. And then you ride our asses for doing what you’ve done for decades.

      Add to that two other factors that enabled SS: Court Packing and Jim Crow. Thats right. I said it. Don’t tell me Dems don’t know how to play hardball.

  3. efgoldman says:

    And of course the MSM will have stories about this interview everywhere by the end of the weekend.

    Or maybe not.

    • Malaclypse says:

      “Democrats say Perry will dismantle Social Security. Perry says that his plan strengthens Social Security. We won’t tell you which side is lying, as we are obliged to pretend that truth is always in the middle. Also, the Perry campaign has an injunction prohibiting live footage by anybody but Fox.”

      • Scott Lemieux says:

        Stop playing the Socialsecurityscare card!

        • R, Johnston says:

          That’s right. It’s no fair quoting Republicans in context. They lie like rugs, can’t keep track of what they’ve said, and will pretty much say anything to appeal to the particular conservative subclan they’re speaking to at the moment.

          When a person’s a moron and a liar whose words have no meaning, adding truthful context to that person’s words is just unfair and misleading.

  4. […] his reading of the constitution. Rick believes Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. [Scott Lemieux/LGM] To reiterate, Rick Perry is if anything wingnuttier than Michelle Bachmann, and also isn’t very […]

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