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The Wrong Man?


One does have to think that there would have been a better chance of solving the anthrax attack mystery if it wasn’t for the Bush administration’s Iraq snipe hunt.

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  • Charlie Sweatpants

    When the Ivins suicide came to light, I remember thinking that it felt considerably less insane than the Hatfill thing just because they hadn’t been tarring the man in public (with the help of a gullible NY Times op-ed columnist, no less). But the more information that comes out, the more and more likely it seems that the Feds made the same mistake twice. Does Ivins has any survivors willing to press a Hatfill style lawsuit against the feds?

  • The anthrax letters were sent to three mainstream media outlets and two Democratic senators.

    Now what kind of person would go an do something like that?

    Shifting the blame to Iraqis served more than one purpose for the American right.

    • Jon H

      Didn’t the National Enquirer get one also?

  • c u n d gulag

    Slightly OT – I almost don’t give a shit what happens to any other newspapers in America except for McClatchy and the NY Times.

    And I’ll take McCaltchy over the Times, news-wise.

    Our local rag, once a good paper – about 30+ years ago, is a Gannett rag, and good God do they suck!

  • Kurzleg

    I’m sure Rove and Addington still think the anthrax scare was good for America.

  • Boudleaux

    It is axiomatic that “any Bush-era claims to be doing something about terrorism are false.”

    This can be applied, for example, to warrantless wiretapping, as in, how surprised were you that they were spying on Democrats, and not doing anything about terrorism?

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