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That Man Knows How to Die


Makes me curious how he managed to make it through Ronin without dying, or even getting injured.

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  • Ronin was a much worse end for him. I mean, he was and went out like a little punk there. So much better (in the movies, that is) to be killed in hand-to-hand combat than to slink away crying.

    • strategichamlet

      “So what color *is* the boathouse at Hereford?”

  • Farewell, Sean. We’ll miss you.

    And, apparently, we’ll be the only ones ever to do so.

  • the cow-apult cliffotine one was the best.

    • Hogan

      Seriously. That was the point where I started wondering “is there any form of violent death that Sean Bean hasn’t experienced?”

      • ajay

        Actually, I think that’s the point at which I started to wonder “are there any films (other than Ronin, thanks RF) in which Sean Bean actually survives?”

        • John

          He survived in Troy. He was Zeus in the Percy Jackson movie, so he probably survived that. The plot description of North Country on Wikipedia gives no indication that he dies in it. He seems to survive Flightplan. He’s arrested at the end of National Treasure, rather than killed. He played Vronsky in Anna Karenina opposite Sophie Marceau – presumably he survived that, unless they changed the plot a lot.

          • Bozo

            As far as I know (Haven’t seen the last few) Sharp never died

            • allium

              You mean he’s still wandering around the Iberian Peninsula to this day? That poor man…

          • Hogan

            Stormy Monday.

  • Walt

    This may have actually ruined movies for me. Christ, how much time of my life have I spent watching simulations of people being killed? What the hell is wrong with me?

  • G

    FYI, in the director’s commentary for Ronin, John Frnakenheimer suggests that Sean Bean does get killed off-screen.

    • Robert Farley

      How is he supposed to die? The IRA?

      • FMguru

        Probably got run over crossing the street. Or he slipped in the tub and cracked his head.

        His character in Ronin was all kinds of useless.

  • Nigel


  • Stag Party Palin

    I’m betting Sean Bean doesn’t like ketchup on his burgers.

  • Murc

    Sean Bean has died so many times onscreen he may be immortal in real life now, Dorian Gray style.

    A month or two ago he got into a pub fight. Dude was stabbed in the street and then chased the guy off and went back inside for another pint.

    I disagree with some of the pacing in that death rell. I’d have capped it with Eddard Stark. He’s been shot so MANY times that the shotgun to the face, which for any other actor would be the logical way to close out, is sort of ‘oh, he was shot in the head. Again.’

    But he’s only been beheaded, old school, that one time.

  • Robert F–“I’d have paid the traitor and killed him much later/But that’s just the way that I am.” I thought it was clear that Bean will not get to enjoy his severance, and that it will be severance of body parts as well as body.

    Next: the great revelation that, with one exception, Jeroen Krabbe is Always a Villain.

  • “I sure hope that nice man Ned gets to be king.”

  • Bah. He’s a two-legged spoiler, he is.

    Although there are a few movies listed in the comments above where he doesn’t die.

  • I do like the movies where he survives on screen that his fate is actually worse than death.

    Ronin was mentioned. He survived in Troy, true … but he was freaking Odysseus in that! That’s a fate worse than death.

    • ajay

      he was freaking Odysseus in that! That’s a fate worse than death.

      Isn’t there a Pratchett scene in which one of the characters meets Odysseus, who just wants the war to be over:
      “Do I get to go home?”
      “Oh, yes. You go home alright. You’re famous for it. In fact, there’s whole legends about you going home.”

  • Maryanne

    Sean very much survives in “Lady Chatterley”, in “Tom and Thomas” and “When Saturday Comes”, there must be a few others. Must say, I prefer him alive!

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